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Lost medals, not correct stats, save file problems

OP D 347

Since the update the game tries to tell me I did not play the campaign on Heroic or sometimes it denies acess to all the Skulls I already found. It wants me to read all the logs all over again and so on ... And reloading the game only fixes some of the Problems. PLS fix this problem, its annoying and frustrating to see that your progress isn t saved or shown.
I play on the Xbox one and the game is saved on my intern hard drive, since I couldnt download it onto my extern hard drive (because of the problem in August).
There is also the Problem that Halo Wars 2 tries to install it self on the external hard drive while its on the intern hard drive, but it doesn t get past 6,9GB and I cant remove it because then I would have to deinstall the whole game and reinstall it....
I just got the same problem =< find any solutions yet?
No, I am going to deinstall Halo Wars 2 and reinstall it again. Maybe that will work...
Just noticed this thread after I had created another one - I had the same problem after the hotfix today. Says I never read any campaign logs, completed optional/bonus objectives, etc. It seems to only have affected the DLC missions for me. Any luck with fixing this?
No not yet. For me it affected all campaign missions that I played on my own (coop stats are still there ) and some oft the ATN DLC missions wich I played before the HotFix.
I have just experienced a similar problem. I play this game on Xbox One. My DLC campaign progress (the best time and medal stays untouched) has been reset FOR THE FOURTH TIME. I completed every mission with the bonus and optional objectives about four times and for a while the game decided to keep the progress. Then comes a new patch (in october 3rd I guess) and the second time I launched the game IT RESET THE PROGRESS AGAIN. The game also locks the final two cinematics of the original campaign in the theater. My Phoenix Logs are shown "unread" and some locked because it resets the DLC collectibles too and it affects my career stats also. I swear I'm never playing the campaign again just to lose my 8+ hour progress. Please fix this problem. It's really frustrating to see my progress lost and I'm sure it's that way for anyone. And please fix the 41GB game download for a 2MB patch problem too, it still goes on. I'm afraid to look at the updates section.
Just now I looked at my online stats on Halowaypoint and they ARE NOT correct. So I can only assume that the game somehow didn t save my old stats and just updated itself with the ones that are saved online, wich like I said aren t up to date...
This is still a problem. Last night I bought the Ultimate edition (had regular before) and also bought the awaking the nightmare DLC and played 4 missions of DLC none have any bonus objectives or optional objectives complete on either my Xbox or waypoint when I completed them 100%. No logs either. Best time and medal are there and that's it. I don't want to redo these missions over and over again WTF is going on 343i? Is this being fixed or no?

Let's just add halo wars 2 to the list of broken games put out by 343i.
Same problem here, dlc missions say 0 bonus objectives, 0 logs etc completed :/
After I had this problem I have uninstalled halo wars 2, redownloaded it and all the DLC, played another game, same thing. no bonus or optional objectives saved.

I've lost about 5 hours of gameplay, who do I contact to fix this?