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Maj download on the windows store...


Hello guys

I contact you because my game want to download the last patchs but with the Windows store impossible to download the patchs. (I've been trying for a week)... I would like to know if any one have this problem too? Or is it to possible to download the last patchs on an other site ?
Thanks in advance.
Well the latest update was a server side up date, so you don't need to download a patch?
When i launch the game he tells me that the download of the last patch is mandatory to play... I must download it to play. When i click on next in the game, the game closed and he open the Windows store and start the download. Maybe i can play in solo if i turn off internet connexion but i can't play in multiplayer if i do that. So i ask me that the package of latest patchs aren't too big for Windows store i can't download it the store crash always so maybe i can download the latest patchs on other sites one by one not in a package no?