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My friend and I are playing through every mission on every game on Legendary.

On Halo 2 mission 10 we have run into a problem, constant legging and glitches where my friend says I'm running into a wall shooting when I am really continuing the mission playing as I normally would.

Every other mission is fine, our connections are fine and we havent had this problem until now. Keep letting us join each other, and then as soon as the mission begins we start it separately.

We really just want to be able to continue this nostalgic journey and obtain our achievement for the legendary win, but we cant if this mission continues to let us down.

Please help, I can start it easy on my own but co-op just isint working.
This might just be one of the thousands of issues with MCC. Seeing as you guys only have this problem in a specific section, I can't really say much that might help other than wait. It sucks and a game should never be released in a broken state like this, but the summer update should sort out most of the problems and you should be able to play that level smoothly.
Desynchronizing is a fairly uncommon glitch on Quarantine Zone and Sacred Icon. I would suggest staying close together for most of the mission to help keep the game session synchronized, but the mission can still be finished when desynchronization occurs.
Happened to me ehen me and my buddy played through h2 on legendary last year
what me and my friend did was stand my a ledge or get a grenade ready and count down from 3.
kill yourselves at the same time and when you respawn tell your partner to jump or something so you know its him