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New update broke PC functionality - Fixes needed


Text scalings in game for high resolutions are ruined, HP bars and Labels take up the whole screen at 1440p.
What's happening is that the health bars, names, etc. are correctly sized when fully zoomed in, but when zooming out, the texts stay the same size relative to the screen (they get bigger relative to the game.)

Compared to how they used to be:

These awful building control group hot keys are not rebindable, but it doesnt really matter because they are basically useless. It takes 2 button presses just to bring up the same xbox-ported menus, and of course it's impossible to bind multiple buildings to a control group. The patch notes state you can set control group rally points with Y. That is a lie, Y is the global rally point.

Also, cancelling selections is now force bound to Escape, and fast mouse scrolling is force bound to shift and can't be disabled (no one wants this). For that alone I can't play this game.

Also, this is not something new to this patch, but you can do a single move command on the minimap, but you can't queue any multiple move commands with shift held on the minimap. This would be a nice feature to have and I don't understand why its not possible.

To summarize, this update added nothing for PC and removed key functionality for me making the game unplayable.
Some simple fixes that are needed are:
1. Add cancel selection hotkey back
2. Create an option to disable fast mouse scrolling
3. Fix the text zooming unscaling bug.
I don't understand why they only made half of the UI scale, I hope we don't have to wait for the Xbox One X for UI that works right in higher resolutions.