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OP ske7ch

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Yeah I've had an ~80% disconnect rate from anything with more people than a 1v1 on pc, it seems like it coincides generally with a significant time delay/latency on actions, ~5 seconds delay usually. If I don't disconnect there's almost always at least one other person who does, to this point after playing since ultimate edition release I've had maybe two games without a player disconnecting which really sucks because I really like this game it being restricted to basically only 1v1s and skirmishes is really frustrating right now :c
I played multiple games last night post patch with no help. I have yet to play a 3v3 match that actually has 3 players on each team. There is always a disconnect or insane FPS lag where I need to disconnect or game desyncs.
Playing from North America
Intel i7 6700
nvidia 1060
ske7ch wrote:
lsAembo wrote:
Game keeps freezing and crashing in the middle of matches. Keeps happening every match I play. I restarted my Xbox and my internet and it keeps saying I lose sync with the match.
Hey Istanu - Very sorry to hear. Would you mind telling me what region you're playing in? Is this one particular game mode or all? Thank you - the team is actively investigating and working on potential causes/solutions to some of these reported issues.
I live in California and this happens in the Team Deathmatch playlist. This barely started happening since your server update yesterday. Thanks for responding. Love 343i btw
It's really inconsistent for me

sometimes its fine with only occasional spikes (in single player skirmish I get 80-100 fps)

other times it's totally unplayable level of lag

i just played a blitz game where i was getting like 10-20 fps with drops all the way down to 3 fps with 2-4 seconds of lag between issuing commands like select units, order move, deploy card and when they are executed

edit: btw I played the blitz beta prob like 20+ games and never had any lag issues
More games work, but there is still a lot of low FPS even in Blitz 2v2s.
3v3 skirmish is still unplayable on PC. After loading in, the game freezes up for about a minute, then briefly works for ~10 seconds before disconnecting me.
Exactly this for me too on every attempt, now happens 100% of the time since the 'fix'

I'm in UK btw
Honestly, it got worse for me with patch.

My buddy is central US, i'm east coast. playing together, we typically have no issues in coop, vs ai, etc...

soon as we queue up for multiplayer and blitz, the game takes a dump. stuttering, MAJOR input lag, just 100% unplayable matches.
then the random crashes to desktop, group disconnects, halo service loss of connection...

Blitz beta, played FLAWLESSLY... FLAW-LESS-LY... how, is it even possible, that the prelaunch a few weeks later completely tanked? and has since then, stayed tanked up through official launch?

i still haven't seen any official confirmation on the method of matchmaking and hosting, cause all signs point to open region & local hosting... the only thing i can think of was the bulk of my beta opponents were state side, or the beta used a few dedicated servers... cause this all feels like i'm connecting to somebody hosting on a potato across the globe.
blitz beta > halo wars 2 sad truth ;(
I played another game of Blitz multiplayer today after the update and I am still having the poor framerate issues. My region is North America, specifically Caifornia USA.
ske7ch wrote:
lsAembo wrote:
Game keeps freezing and crashing in the middle of matches. Keeps happening every match I play. I restarted my Xbox and my internet and it keeps saying I lose sync with the match.
Hey Istanu - Very sorry to hear. Would you mind telling me what region you're playing in? Is this one particular game mode or all? Thank you - the team is actively investigating and working on potential causes/solutions to some of these reported issues.
You haven't replied for 20 can "us" the people who paid for early access get a refund from this monstrosity of a game release? I haven't been able to enjoy this game that i was so hyped to play. By the time you fix is the game will be dead...really sad TBH!
Still runs like -Yoink- on MP even on low settings. PC.
Having an issue where i'll be playing with my friends in VS games, the game will freeze for a minute or so then i'll be greeted by me being disconnected from the game, I'm hoping this is just an issue with the servers being new n all and it gets fixed soon.

Platform: Xbox one
The issue i'm having is that when im connected online i get stuttering and fps drops for all game modes, including singleplayer, this is however only when online. when I'm offline it runs like a dream. My PC specs are:
Intel i7-4790
32gb RAM
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 Ti
Windows 10 64bit

My region is Australia.
wanted to play a good RTS game since c&c 3 this game has potential but looks like we are never gona find out how good it is been trying to play from 17/2 the online stutter and lag is prob gona put off a lot of people and im one of them and kill the game.. waste of money and sad just sad
my game keeps crashing after the intro video, I have yet to play it since I got the early release, can I lower the frames per second on the game for now to atleast possibly play it? or whats going on, lots of people complaining about crashes!!!
Hi. Im from Korea. I really love to play Halo wars 2.
When I play Halo wars 2 by computer, there are lots of problems, especially Multi play.
Today I played Blitz mode and 3vs3 death Match. I clicked mouse lots of time, but it doesnt work.
Its too slow to move.
Honestly, I regret to buy this game. I hope you guys fix this situation as soon as possible, or please refund my money.
This is waste of money.

This video is what I played halo wars2 and you can see lots of problems when I play with 5 people.
If you guys are not ready, please do not sell games.
It makes people mad.
Here also still stutter, in all multiplayer play. The problem has existed since the pre-release. Patch brought only minimal improvement. Sometimes more times less, but very disturbing. Also all my friends have these lags.

I7 6700k 4.6 ghz OC, Asus Z170-P (bios 3017), gtx 1070 (Beta 378.72 Hotfix), 32 gb ram ddr4 3200, 960 gb ssd, win 10 64 bit; Version: 1607. Latest network and audio driver installed. 50 mbit Internet. Region Austria, Europe
yeah same it goes to a black screen for me then after 2 seconds goes to the desktop and acts like the game was never running and it does it after 10 minutes of playing then sometimes 2 hours its random. I have noticed that it hasn't done it in blitz mode yet or skirmish but in multiplayer vs AI or vs players it crashes, and doesn't even give you a reason or anything just crashes. game runs perfect 60+ fps always, system is WELL beyond the recommeneded specs so just curious if this is a common thing so I know its not a pc related thing? its a fresh install of windows also.

intel-i7 6850K
x2 Msi GeForce gtx 980TI golden editions (SLI)
32 GB corsair vengeance LED 3000 MHZ RAM
x2 Samsung SSD 850 EVO (500GB each)
Even after the update, I still abruptly disconnect from halo wars 2 servers. Without any lag, I immediately disconnect from a game. it returns me to the main menu with a pop up that says I have "disconnected" and am "out of Sync with the other players". It doesn't matter whether I am playing blitz, rumble, or domination. Either Me or one of my other 2 teammates disconnects the exact way I did. And now, my win percentage is misleading.

I am playing on Xbox One. I am on pacific US time/West Coast. Please help. It's really unfair how I spent extra on a sequel to a game so I could get early when it doesn't even end up working...

Thank-you for being in touch with us on forums.

GT: EnemyJordano
In regard to my previous post of my connection issues, I would like to say that as for xbox one, whether it was before or after the update, I have never experienced any sort of lag or choppy frame rate. The game seems to work perfectly until I - or one of my other two friends - abruptly disconnect mid-game. As for the small update to the servers, it might have helped my issue to a certain degree. I have not yet played enough since the update to know for sure, but I have still experienced the "out of sync with other players" issue and randomly disconnect. I don't know for sure yet if it has happened less frequently. I will check up later today to notify.
After multiple hours of playing on xbox one before and after the server update, I am still experiencing the "out of sync with other players" issue. There has not been much improvement... Please fix ASAP. This 4-day early special edition has been a thumbs down...

Xbox One
Pacific US time
Continuous "lost connection error" on all multilayer games. I loose connection to the server within 10 seconds of stating any online game. I am based in the UK.
I paid £65 for this game. So I could play early

I have tried to play maybe 30 odd games now.
I have managed to complete 3 or 4 of those multilayer games.

I have not touched the campaign.
My win to loose ratio is ridiculously bad. (because it counts the disconnects as losses)

Lately I've been trying to play on-line to no avail. I really feel sorry for the other 3 players. Because after waiting for so long to find a game I disconnect on them. They must think I'm a troll and I've probably been blocked by dozens of players, which isn't fair!

I feel cheated out of my money. I paid for early access and instead I've been plagued with stress. I've re-installed the game multiple times. I've tried to trouble shoot the problem. Basically I've waisted allot of time and money for nothing.

i7 cpu, gtx 980, 8gig ram, 50Mbps broadband plugged directly into the router. (My internet is ridiculously fast)

So to sum up my cons.
- Continuous disconnects on online matches.
- Long wait times to find a game
- I've probably been blocked by allot of players because they think I'm a troll who likes to disconnect or has a potato for a PC (partly explains long load times)
- My online halo wars reputation was been ruined.
- A lot of stress and wasted time I spent on this game.
- I've missed out on probably 16 (so far by my count, growing each day) of challenges and blitz packs. Which I'm really annoyed about!

My pro's
- Game looks visually good.
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