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OP ske7ch

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stuttering and long load times in all MP matches and typed.

conputer system as followed

inter i7 5930k @ 4.2ghz
16gb ddr4 panram ninja-v
gigabyte gtx980 ti 6gb
1tb SSHD
fibre 80/20 broadband connection.
I solved (i hope so) problem with update, and hanging after few MB downloaded....
I even re-install game few times from DVDs and re-install windows....
Solved when delete game from HDD (hard DELETE), and start DL it from Windows Store (i know it's 26GB) but problem is - first few MB is ...
CREATING over 64.000 files in 4700 folders (it's over 1GB of "empty" data) then it starts to DL a files :) So creating that is hard for hard drive (you can see in Manager how HDD works during "pause in DL" ;)
Now I DL 2,5 GB , so I have to wait few hours to know is that correct...
Sorry for poor english :D
See you in the game :D Hope to ;)
Need help my Games frozes always in Mutliplayer and i get a disconnect after 1 minute
I cant even play the game on pc. it lags even in skirmish then to the point where you cant even move. any ideas? I'm running it on the surface book on the lowest settings and its not making a difference. I have an i7 and 16GB of ram
Smh... where's that patch upgrade... can't even get through a single whole match... smh $80 for the ultimate edition.

i expect the update by this weekend

edit... this is for Xbox
I have this problem where i get a black screen before i load into an actual match. I get this black screen for a few seconds then load in. If the match is a 3v3 then i crash and i normally get into 2v2s. Also sometimes (most) there is a lot of lag.
I think they will clean the lag and fps drops in 2+ days ;(
still having fps drops thought this would be fixed by now. paid for ultimate edition with beta issues waste of time 343 needs to step it up or lose this franchise all together. they said patches with in 2 days of release and iam not even seeing a slight improvement in performance. played three 1v1 matches today and again disconnected on all three 1 minute into the game. i do hope they realize they will lose a lot of players just because they take there sweet time with patches and updates disappointed.
Having an issue where i'll be playing with my friends in VS games, the game will freeze for a minute or so then i'll be greeted by me being disconnected from the game, I'm hoping this is just an issue with the servers being new n all and it gets fixed soon.

Platform: Xbox one
Bit of an update to mine issue, it seems the freeze ups only happen in 3V3 games, as I was able to do 2v2 blitz, firefight blitz and 2v2 rumble without any issues.
Plz 343 fast react update or patch ?
I cant play all mode because all mods online freeze and drop + bug card blitz, Cursor disappears and more more bugs !
i play with 2friends but we wait for an improvement for 5 days..
This game tires me because it is great but everything concerning the multiplayer is a purge of the year
What are you doing wrong?
Is there any ETA on fix any answer from 343 or did they just give up on the game?
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The Game keeps crashing after initially loading into a game and then the match exits and and says that lost connection, however i am still connected to the internet with no packet loss. as all the other programs requiting internet including Microsoft's party is still active and talking to my friends. i think that this may be happening to multiple people as there seems to always be one person who disconnects at the very start of a match. this doesnt happen every game but so far it has happened in everyone of my lost games. if you can pull the data from that i dunno.
It just froze on my last two blitz game, and I lost connection during team war. I've only been able to complete one online game so far. Games gets crazy good though!
look on twitch is so funny ! all people have lags on this broken game... nice publicity 343
ske7ch wrote:
Update Feb. 20 - 7:50PM PSTTo players who have been running into consistent high latency and/or poor performance while playing online - the team just rolled out some changes to the servers that we hope will alleviate these issues.

Please allow a little time for these server-side changes to propagate across the Halo Wars 2 data centers and let us know if your online experience is improved.

The team is continuing to investigate and work on a number of other issues that some players have reported.

thank you

Update Feb. 21 - 4:30PM PSTWhile we've seen some significant improvements in the metrics and data coming out of the datacenters following yesterday's server updates we're aware that quite a few players are still experiencing high latency and poor performance when playing online. Work continues and the team is still investigating. Please note that an oddity was found that's resulting in what appears to be a massive spike in server resource at approx. 3AM GMT for one hour daily - anyone playing during this timeframe is surely being negatively affected. The team is working on identifying and sorting that issue out. Lastly, PC players should note that some client-side logging was enabled yesterday to help the team gather critical data to help with a variety of issues being reported by players. You may find that PC performance is slightly degraded but it's a necessary evil and will only be for a day or two at most. Thank you for your detailed reports in this thread, it's very helpful to the team. More updates when I have them!
Can we get some information regarding the update that's currently in progress? Will this fix these issues? Or should we be looking for mass refunds? Because to be quite frank I bought the ultimate edition and for 5 days I haven't really been able to play the game I paid £65 for
after update i have a SAME problem DROPS,LAGS and co ... my friend too
Nothing has happened to me personally, but I lose a teammate every game it seems to end up a 2v3.
after update i have 2 new problems.. black screen before the menu (30sec) and back to windows after multiplayer game.. 3 friends same issue.. same lag and co..

I start to no longer believe in this game so now the update broke this game too

sorry for my english
I've been waiting since the 17th to play multiplayer but they still haven't fixed the issues. Issues which mind you really shouldn't be present in a freshly published game that I spent 80 dollars on.
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