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OP ske7ch

If you're experiencing an issue or problem with Halo Wars 2 please help us help you.

When posting your issue, please include the following:

1. What is the issue? Please provide as much information as possible - is there an error code? Does it only happen in specific circumstances? If so, what are those steps? If you have error logs or screenshots or DVR clips please share or point us to it in your post.

2. What platform are you playing on? Xbox One? Windows 10 PC?
* If on PC - What are your system specs? Please include as much as possible: CPU / GPU / RAM / DirectX Version / Windows 10 Version

3. What's your gamertag?

4. What region are you playing from?

Our team is actively working on many improvements and fixes for upcoming patches and this information helps us ensure that issues are accounted for and being addressed.

343 Industries doesn't have in-house customer support staff so we're not able to provide real-time support to players in these forums. While we will continue to monitor these threads and offer help when we can, if you require technical support please visit: to find support documents and the right path to contact a support agent for further help.