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Ranked Disconnections


Today I have been disconnected from games over and over. Is anyone else having these issues? If so please comment below so the devs know and understand the issues we are facing,

RIP M000SEY's number one rank in threes.......
I have been playing all morning and I haven't disconnected at all.
Had game crashes and d/c twice in a row so i gave up for the day. Dropped from 96% Diamond 6 to 40%ish Diamond 4 from 2 straight disconnects. Really peed me off
Someone else made a thread about it just before this one too
I went from champ 1 to onyx 1787.... so annoyed lol (rage)
I have dashboarded twice and had 1 network error disconnect. It def seems less stable.
yep, me and my crew had several "out of sync" drops today. Needs to be addressed ASAP.
M000SEY wrote:
I went from champ 1 to onyx 1787.... so annoyed lol (rage)
All that time and effort taken away so easily
The nerd rage is real today boys. Why do I play this game lol fml fml fml
I usually never get them but have had three disconnects in ranked 1v1s tonight, soo frustrating!
Yep frequently disconnecting, worse now since yap yap update. Probably 20 times this weekend...😠😤 been playing blitz because it seems more stable then deathmatch.
This has been happening since day one, just hppened to my brother twice
At the beginning of this season in 3's I was disconnecting constantly, now it just lags bad. Only happens in 3's so far, no issues in 1's but haven't tried 2's yet.
Yeah had the same issue got disconnected four times in ranked 3 v 3