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Something went wrong. 0x80073CF0 (Store Update)

OP coolconnor131

Hello all, having some issues downloading an update for Halo Wars 2.

I get into the game, prompted to press any key to continue, and it tells me to update my game via the store. But whenever I try to update the game (Which is 1MB in the blue little progress bar/box thing) I get told there was an "Error, see details" and that "Try that again, Something went wrong. The error code is 0x80073CF0.

I've got in contact with Microsoft in case it was a store error, one of the techs even took remote control of my PC and did a system scan for corrupted files. She managed to get other apps installed but not this update?

Any ideas on what to do? Anyone had the same issue?

Specs - Windows 10, Sabertooth 990FX, FX8320, HD7850, 8GB DDR3 RAM (I think)

If anyone needs any more info, feel free to ask.
*UPDATE (and maybe a bump :D)*

I've had two Microsoft technicians remote access my PC today and they've both failed to identify a problem with the download. Both said that it is most likely on 343's end and its a case of waiting for an update or hotfix to come out so anyone who has the issue can be able to download once again.

I'll keep this updated if I hear any other news, feel free to follow or whatever! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I am having the same issue as well on my Xbox, uninstalled the game to hopefully just install the full package when it wouldn't install the update. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? I've been on Xbox support chat 3 times now trying.
I am also having this issue on Xbox one. Microsoft just sends me here.