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Stuck at 99% collectible completion

OP Sp00kyM0nk

So, in game, in the Missions tab, I have all 65 sub-objective completed. I also unlocked the "A Lot Extra" achievement. But in Waypoint, I am only at 64/65 sub-objectives.
Anyone else having the same issue?
I have the exact same thing, When i actually go look at my record it shows i dont have some gold medals and also some bonus objectives that i have clearly done. I really hope they roll out a patch to fix these achievement bugs. It sucks having to do stuff over and over hoping it just works eventually
Little update: found some little differences between the Halo app, Halo Wars 2 and Waypoint.
Here is the Halo app.
It states that I have 4/5 Sub Objectives completed on the "A New Enemy" mission. All other missions are complete.
Here is a screen cap from the A New Enemy mission screen in HW2.
It states that I have 3/3 Optional Objectives and 4/4 Bonus Objectives. So 7/7.
And here is A New Enemy on Waypoint.
It states that I have 3/8 Objectives (because it only uses the highest difficulty completed). Technically I would be 7/8 then.

So, is there a ultra-hidden objective or is it just a Halo Wars 2 issue?
I have looked at my buddies halo wars 2 guide. There are not any crazy hidden objectives. I literally did all of them in the book, then looked up countless videos and other writing to find out there are no more objectives. It's a halo wars things, i.e. having issues syncing our account data for single player, or the achievements are legit bugged. There are some bonus objectives you have to trigger to get them to start so that could possibly be your issue, but I doubt it
I'm having the same issue as Sp00kyM0nk, looks like you achieved it in 2017 though, how'd ya do it? I've done multiple playthroughs and haven't been awarded the achievement. It's my last one.