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To many DC’s / Lag issues.


Season 15 and we still have DC / lag issues !?

if you have a game with yap yap / 2x yap yap in a 3v3 the The shipmasters powers are usable.

Not being able to use teleport / displacement is a serious problem.

This is game has been out almost 3 years...
It’s ridiculous that DCing / lag / unnecessary patches are still knees deep in the game.

You’ve lost a lot of the community due to this
this flip flopping. The game should be ‘fixed’ / finished.

As posted previously

I have to agree!

I hadn't played Halo Wars 2 in a while due to the disconnections in Matchmaking, so with new patch and fixes, i jumped straight back in. Played one firefight game with a MM player and after 9 minutes the other player disconnected. Normal crap as before the game lags the sound stutters and then the other player disappears.

Thought to give it the benefit of the doubt and tried again, this time a 3v3 and guess what 7 minutes into the game, the game lags sound stutters and one of the players disconnects.

Shame but I won't be back