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UMMM the game is not laoding my DLC all the time

OP NickB447

so I own the complete edition the one with the game season pass and awakened nightmare all included but recently when I enter the game it either is loading serina and Spartan Jerome or just awakened nightmare and it takes multiple restarts of the game for then to laod in saying I own them both why is this??? its very odd because when I click on them in game it brings me to store page which then says I already own them which I know because I have played them in the past.................what is going on? please fix
For the past week or so Xbox Live has had a service alert out for Purchase and Content Usage. Looks like that alert was only removed either yesterday or today, could still be some latent caching issues. If you haven't already, try completely turning your Xbox off and unplugging the power cable. Wait a minute and then turn it back on again then boot up the game