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Weird graphic bug


Hi, recently I got a high end PC. (shortly, i9 9900K, 32GB, RTX 2070) and I have been having a blast with Halo Wars 2 in high settings, I have been playing for the last years in an Xbox One and the change has been mind blowing for me. Anyway, the problem comes when I get closer to one specific unit, CYCLOPS, for some reason I noticed that there is a weird effect in the surface of the Cyclops. The metallic surface is kind of clipping contantly with other reflective surface, I dont really know how to explain. It is impossible to notice in battle of if you dont take attention to details... The whole damn game is fine, every little detail of the graphic is amazing, zero problems and super fast load times. It is just this CYCLOP unit. You have to build one, let it stand and get really closed to it. If someone does it for me I could be really really thankful. Thanks.