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Add XP back for Firefight and Campaign

OP Sharp8Xer7746

Title should be enough but, yeah it'd really help plus it would give more of a point to play the modes instead of forcing myself to go into matchmaking just to unlock some stuff
I'm a huge fan of Firefight. I tend to play a few rounds every day, but I do find that the gap in skill required between Firefight Arcade and Heroic Firefight Limited is fairly large. My friends and I go from steamrolling through Arcade to seriously struggling in Heroic. Would be nice to have something in between that gives appropriate XP and allows us to progress. :)
Or just bring back credits.
Or just bring back credits.
To be honest, I could live with either system as long as my campaign runs are supported. I'm very much looking forward to working my through all the playlists in Reach, but it just feels antithetical to the original game when it won't help me unlock armour. Why should I have to play multiplayer to unlock armour for my campaign character? It wasn't necessary in the original game, and shouldn't be necessary now.
With matchmaking basiclly becoming picking off players with DMR , I strongly agree with this .
it would be great to get xp for playing the campaign adn also adding more option to firefight .
Sure campaign exp will return eventually when they figure out ways to avoid people exploiting 'exp' also Firefight online already gives out exp but either way local games should be the minimum exp or it would defeat the point of online.