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[Locked] Armor unlocks SUCK

OP tankerboo

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Honestly the unlocks haven't really been an issue for me. I hit T100 pretty quickly without even paying too much attention to the "grind". Just play the game and have fun. The unlocks will come. They've already said they're going to let people unlock stuff in whatever order they want on a page-by-page basis. You would know this if you read the development updates plastered across the main page of the forum. Just be patient
tankerboo wrote:
great battlepass system, oh wait just kidding its F U C K __ I N GTRASH.
If you're in it to just grind, you'll feel a whole lot more impatient through the BP System, just play with friends and have fun dude!
I said it already, but I will say it again.

Having a delayed, non-satisfsctory and slow grind included can make something fun (playing halo) feel like a chore and create a negative feedback.

This is a serious problem that affect most of the people. Yeah, you might just play for fun and ignore the unlocks, but thats not a common user scenario. Most of the people see that their time spent in the game is rewarded with something frustrating and slow, so the "prize" per match feels more like a punishment.

They implemented common videogamey stuff without realizing what makes it fun, and that made it not fun. Which is basically 343 in a nutshell.
People really have to just play the game. It goes a lot faster when you are not focusing on it. Just enjoy playing Halo not focusing when you will get a flaming helmet.