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Bug: ODST PC, mouse inverted in VISR Map

OP Alyeska23

Control of the VISR map is inverted when using a Mouse. When I click to move and drag down, the map moves down. This is wrong. For example, load Google Maps or Bing Maps. Click and drag down and the map scrolls up. So ODST mouse behavior on the map is opposite of default click to move behavior behavior. That makes navigating the VISR map extremely disorienting.

I have searched through the settings and I cannot find an option to change the scroll orientation for the map.

From talking to a friend, he says this behavior replicates the original console behavior. That might be fine for a controller. But the map movement configuration feels incredibly wrong when using a mouse.
Yeah, I wouldn't call it a bug though. Just an oversight. But I agree, it felt suuuper wonky to use. I honestly avoided using it most of the time, because it was just frustrating. I don't know who at 343i was like "nah, this feels natural. This is fine!" But whoever it was needs to be demoted from QC'ing things like that. Not the biggest deal, just mildly annoying.
Yea, I don't know if it's a bug, but I hate it.