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[Locked] Can't unlock any success in the game


Hello everyone,

I was given Halo MCC as a "Christmas gift" on Steam. I installed it and started to play.

I first installed only Reach campaign thinking it will download all games. Then i downloaded Halo 1 then all the Halo games campaigns and finally the Halo 4 multiplayer.

But, the games tells me i play 00:00 on both Halo 1 and 2 which is not true because I already finished Halo 1 legendary and started Halo 2.

I played almost 20 hours (steam). Plus, when i shoot stuff, i see my progression within the missions but when I search for any "success" in the menu, I see sh... every stats recorder display zeros.

My question is simple, how to unlock achievements in this game, how to start them ? Should I connect steam to halo waypoint in some way ? etc.

P.S : I logged with xbox live the first time I launch the game.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

Good evening.
If you by chance have something like a Windows 10 anti-spy program set up or a modified network hosts file that blocks tons of ad providers, that can often prevent stat tracking. At least that's what was causing this problem for me back when I first got MCC PC.

If that ain't it, then I apologize and wish you luck in getting to the bottom of this.
This topic can be locked.

The anwser to the issue is here :
Closing per above comment