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Dedicated servers are a must to raise longevity

OP Tutatris

Yes, I am aware that dedicated servers are part of the planning for CE at least. But I would like to stress why dedicated servers are important, and what must be done to further increase longevity of MCC.

The situation:
With the recent release of Halo 3 on PC, a surge of players have come in to play the game again. But, just like the other games that were released, that surge will come to a grinding halt and yet again will we experience issues finding matchmaking games. Right now the amount of matchmaking playlists just keep increasing and increasing, and the player base gets diluted as a result. Finding a game within becomes frustrating and people will opt to play other games instead.

The solution (opinion):
With dedicated servers, not only will we be able to play forge maps or wacky game modes that we normally wouldn't be able to play in matchmaking. The greatest strength of dedicated servers is it allows players to hop on to a game in a matter of seconds, putting you right into the halo action you want when starting up MCC. Accidental disconnects are simply met with a rejoin of the server. You can select a server that has low ping, further improving your experience. I think it is important that dedicated servers are there for all halo games.
Of course people will still want to play matchmaking as well, to have a fair and competitive fight. But right now the playlists simply dilute the playerbase!
If dedicated servers are added, I recommend streamlining the matchmaking playlists into no more than 8. You can still indicate which halo games you would like to play, but if we drastically reduce the playlists we can bring together people to find them a game. Have a playlist that only features 4v4 precision weapons only, and another playlist that has all other 4v4 modes including the more wacky ones. Have one free-for-all playlist, and one infection playlist. Put in a single 8v8 playlist, and also put in a rotational playlist that changes every week. Weird modes like heavy weapons could be given a 5% chance of popping up in 8v8 for example; the people that deeply care for these modes can simply find a server that has this 24/7!

I'm sure some opinions will be divided, but I sincerely think dedicated servers (and changing matchmaking) is crucial to making sure the game doesn't die out after Halo 4 is released. I want to be able to play Halo on pc for years to come! Maybe the company wants to be able to monetize directly from the game and don't really care what happens after Infinite, but I really hope this isn't the case.
Where did you hear that dedicated servers are coming for CE?
bam9762 wrote:
Where did you hear that dedicated servers are coming for CE?
I thought that was part of the planning because it was the case for CE on pc back in the day.