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Dedicated Servers for Reach

OP Shrinp1450

Does anyone know if this is a future possibility for halo reach? having dedicated servers hosted by the community would make the game a million times better. Games like Gmod are still being played years later because of their thriving community and I really wish halo could have that kind of community. 24/7 Halo RP servers would be amazing.
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There's a 3rd party custom game browser. I don't think I can put up links here yet so just google thebeerkeg with 'halo' and it will probably be the first one. It hasn't gain as much traction as an in-game version would have unfortunately so the more the merrier. You might only see 3-6 servers at once during busier times but a fair ratio of those rooms are at least playing non-standard modes / minigames.

I hope you like slogging for XP on US servers otherwise because that's the only experience that the game offers on a plate at the moment. The way they've been dancing around it I don't think we'll see full multiplayer implementation until after Halo 4.