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I don't know if Halo Online is a unwelcomed topic here, but this is something I miss greatly. Ever since that game's departure, fun game nights have been scarce. No more dedicated servers meant no more 24/7 gamemodes that people could vote to play on and have a blast. I got to play Fat Kid or Duck Hunt all I wanted. Hearing that Halo was coming to PC I thought maybe this is the time dedicated servers will be official. Finally we would have our Forge maps be published to MCC for everyone to rate and play. Constant playing unique gamemodes across all Halo titles in the MCC. It would of been heaven on Earth. But instead, all it did is strip us of it. Back to our old methods of getting our friends to hopefully have enough for a specific gamemode. But it's all too restrictive now and unappealing. I have too many hopes for this game, after all these years I feel we've barely tapped into the real potential of Halo. Maybe one day it will change.
I hope the custom game browser fixes this.
343i finally said something about it in the latest development blog! I think it's a good idea to keep talking about it so they can show that it matters to their higher ups. The custom games browser is probably going to help a lot when it comes to hosting and sharing custom games, but a dedicated server can do even more and host stuff without someone on the other end being involved as a player!
LoveArrowShooto: One of the things 343 has not mentioned in the MCC Dev blogs regarding the server browser is if 343 will be providing some sort of headless server tool that would allow players to host their own dedicated servers? This is something that already exists in Halo Custom Edition, H2V, and Eldewrito.

Max: The custom game browser will require a minimum number of players to run and all games will be public at game launch. There is a lot of additional work to be done to allow for flexible game creation on dedicated servers and we will be updating the feature over time based on community feedback.
I miss the idea of being able to manage my owner server instead of having to jump in with a bunch of people I do not know.
You can tell by Max's answer in the October MCC blog update that they are over thinking this.

There is so much prior artwork out there, and the community has been outspoken about the ability to host without a player since forever, yet somehow they are going to ignore all of that and manage to swing and completely whiff yet again.