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will there be esports on pc in halo?
iam really looking forward to a new esports-game without heroescallofdutybattleyroyale-gameplay on pc :-)
Depends on a lot of factors. Sales, general public interest, views on Twitch, pros and teams that enjoy playing the game on a professional level... the list goes on. Hopefully there will be a pro scene, but there's no guarantee.
There will absolutely be a big esports following for PC Halo. Bet you any money, a lot of Halo pros that play on console may even switch over to PC. A lot of pros that had roots for esports started with Halo on console, and then moved to PC in some way, and now play Siege or Counter-Strike on PC, of course, assuming they started on console. Usually esports gamers that start on PC started with Counter-Strike, but if they start on console they usually came from Halo, and my guess would be those who started with Halo and then went to PC will go back to Halo on PC.

For example, Ninja started with Halo on PC, and now he plays PC games professionally for Twitch, mainly Fortnite.

I have high hopes for esports for PC Halo anyway, but maybe I'm wrong, but I highly doubt it.
Well right now halo esports is kind of a joke. but having a more arcade experience on pc will definitely be interesting because only r6 and cs go is getting boring
I hope that MCC on PC (especially Steam) will spark a revival of the competitive Halo scene. I'd hope to see it sit with the likes of R6 Siege and CS:GO, where the average player tries to be at least slightly competitive.
I hope so, halo in pc will reach another level, it would be a league even more competitive, every time I think about it I get excited
It would be cool, but I doubt it would work unless 343 makes radical changes.
I think it is a possibility. Hopefully it does become a thing.
There needs to be actually good hit registration for that. Too many people will play Halo 3 and see people eating shots and not want to deal with it.
sounds nice...iam really looking forward to reach!
I'd be down to grind and get better. I've been looking for a new game to get competitive at and Halo Reach seems like the perfect fit for me. Can't wait to go back to those days
me too! did no play acitve since shootmania storm...iam very hungry
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I played halo pc competitively back in 2005. I hope some others from back then come back to this game too.