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[Locked] Flight 2 report:Changing resolution crashes game


Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but here goes.

Got my first crash. I haven't experienced anything other than this in a few games.

I have a ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR, 2560 x 1440,165hz.

I have a up rezzed 4K custom resolution calibrated which I use to take screenshots in other games. However, most games sometimes default to that resolution instead of my preffered 2560x1440p; this game was no different. I switched it back, but it wouldn't stay on that resolution.

Went into a game and tried to change resolution, the game promptly became unresponsive, and wouldn't respond to any input including alt-F4, or going to task manager (wouldn't minimize). Only signing out of my desktop go it to shutdown.

343i sort of knows about this already. However, I thought they should know that this also crashes the game.

Keybinding and Settings issues:
  • When changing the resolution, the setting updates but the string does not update to reflect the new value.
Vid included: is the site you want to use for Insider bug reporting. is the site you want to use for Insider bug reporting.
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