Yo, not sure if this is just me but in the MCC version of Halo CE, say FOV is at 120 it just feels so off. It's like as if the weapon is still upfront despite me being able to see more of my surroundings. In Custom Edition, this wasn't a problem as HAC2 and Opensauce FOV sliders felt like everything was widened up including your weapon which made visibility even greater if that makes sense? Sorry, I just don't know the proper terminology but is anyone able to feel the same way or is it just me? Maybe it's the positioning of the weapons not changing as well with the FOV probably to prevent viewmodel glitches? I'm not sure haha. Someone out there? Anyone?
Apparently, the viewmodel for the equipped weapon does not change in accordance with the selected Field of View value. So in other words, it remains at the same distance from the screen regardless of your FOV.
No its not of at all if yes it makes sense what you are saying higher fov the more you should be able to see your weapons but i think i would look weird on mcc