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Halo CE on MCC PC is still the broken Gearbox Port


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FS2587 wrote:
JUAV ON3 wrote:
Not Only that, but Halo CE multiplayer is broken too, the bad respawns and how much NERFED the magnum is by being a 4 shot weapon instead of being a 3 shot one and having more recoil than the OG Xbox version makes this Halo CE PC/MCC on Xbox One version unfaithful to the Xbox version

A multiplayer setting that is faithful to the OG Xbox version and the PC multiplayer version

First off, your ultimate premise is right, Halo CE on MCC is based on the TERRIBLY BROKEN Gearbox port. The community PLEADED with 343 to NOT use this broken port and was totally ignored. However, MCC does not change the pistol from a 3 shot to a 4 shot.

chriva404 wrote:
THE OG GAME WAS A BUGFESTI'm sorry but it's the truth.
The OG game was not a bugfest, it was nearly flawless. Even after 18 years of play, some of the (extremely minor) flaws in OG are just now being discovered, and they are really only networking related and due to some old xboxes being faster/slower than others. Once again, someone is spewing from their mouth that they have no idea about. See the bottom of this post for several bugs not in OG.

JUAV ON3 wrote:
chriva404 wrote:
They most likely used the OG Xbox version because it's the original, It was a Halo:CE Tournament not an MCC tournament, and also PC MCC wasn't even announced in 2018
NO! What is it with so many people insisting on spewing out stuff on Halo 1 that is blatantly false?

UGC used the original Halo because the MCC version is INCREDIBLY broken. They were wise enough to consult with the Halo 1 community in order to have the proper equipment, rules, and version of the game being played. The Halo 1 community doesn't use MCC because it has tons and tons of bugs, inconsistencies, and is an all around disaster. In fact, almost every single player at the revered Beach LAN agrees: MCC is a piece of pure garbage.

I have taken the time to type out a few of the bugs that exist in MCC, but this is not a comprehensive list. There is more wrong with the game than this.

Condensed bug list:
1. Horrible shot/melee/damage registration. Game knows to blow a person through the air from a rocket blast, but not to damage them. Some players eat bullets at will.
2. Inconsistency in magnetism with the pistol through games. Seems that different magnetisms are given to players. One game the pistol can be extremely easy to use, legitimately cannot miss. The next game you can miss every single bullet in two clips. Most players experience extreme "anti-aim" while the other team may have the magnetism.
3. Input lag for shots spawning on map
4. Plasma rifle and other projectile weapons do not work.
5. Phantom melee, last ditch grenades being thrown on respawn.
6. Player has active camo and stands on the old one until his current runs out. New one is picked up but player is no longer camo.
7. Physics desyncs: when an item (powerup, weapon, etc) is moved from its original location due to an explosion, there seems to be a disagreement between server and client about its final location.
8. Minimum re-entry distance for teleporters is broken: in the original, when going through a two-way teleporter, the player needs to move away a certain distance before he can re-enter the teleporter.
9. Everything feels "off" somehow. Walking is not the same as in OG.
10. Original aiming curves from OG are unavailable.
11. Original map geometries are altered, making some maps easier.
12. Graphical downgrades apparent in campaign.
13. Pistol spread and overall behavior nothing like OG.
14+. And many more that I can't think of right now.
This bug list is SOME of the things that make the OG CE community not want to play the absolute trash version of CE that is present on MCC.

They used the Gearbox version for it's netcode that CE Xbox didn't have.
This is probably the only accurate post in this thread. Yes, that is exactly why they used it. But, lets set the record straight. Well before the launch of MCC, a Halo 1 expert and talented programmer, Insidious, contacted 343 and told them that the Gearbox port has an incredible amount of bugs, and that they would be chasing these bugs for the rest of their careers if they used the Gearbox port. 343 consulted with Insidious on this, and then ignored him when he told them that it is ESSENTIAL to use the OG Xbox version of Halo 1.
In the future, I recommend that people who don't know what they are talking about when it comes to Halo 1 to be sure and only post factual information. Pointing out bugs that don't exist (like a 4 shot pistol) only reduces the credibility of the movement to fix Halo 1. Stating that UGC only used OG cause it was "not an MCC tournament" is just more nonsense being spewed out of someones rear end, because I went to the UGC website for atlantic city and saw the first thing on the page was "Halo 3 to be played on master chief collection." If people here want to talk about Halo 1, I recommend that you either put pressure on 343 to fix the VERIFIED bug list, to port OG, or to release the OG source code to the greater Halo community so that they can fix it. Do not make up bugs, downplay current bugs, or in general spew nonsense out of your mouth.

I will also quote a post by forum user xxcloud7xx, who has compiled a ton of information for people who don't know anything about the state of Halo CE in my next post.
Thanks for the information, I´m really impressed about it and even though Gearbox Software port didn´t made Halo CE Pistol a 4 shot weapon, this still means that the Pistol is broken, another thing that worries me the most, is that 343 is probably porting Halo 2: Anniversary with the Windows Vista version, and we all know that Halo 2 Vista was more broken than Halo CE on PC, ¿And what about Halo 3? Because I think Halo 3 still will be broken at launch on PC
343 might fix the bugs in the gearbox port and the sound effects in classic graphics is mixed with anniversary I hope they fix it.
I am praying for halo ce that the gearbox port is fixed
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