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[Locked] Halo MCC flight 3 PC freezes

OP SakuraUchiha630

When I play Halo MCC Insider on PC, the game freezes after a certain time. All the movements, HUD elements and even the controls freeze. Just a few animations still work.
Has someone else this bug? And is this bug already known?
If you haven't already, please check the known issues list on the support site in case this is a bug that the devs are aware of.
If it isn't, submit a ticket detailing the issue - this is the best way to bring it to their attention.
I have the same issues. I also noticed a spike in CPU usage (70-80%) when the game freezes.
Already made a ticket regarding this freeze.
Same here. I can still hear the in game chat going too.
Same here, the game crashes while playing the Reach campaign.
Try capping your framerate at 60 and updating your video card drivers, I find that it will keep the game running more stable.
Im having the issue a launch now
Closing as this pertains to Reach flighting and not the final game