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Halo MCC PC Multiplayer Pricing?

OP Auraven2572

Hey all, question for you guys,

I know that Halo MCC PCs pricing has been announced at 9.99 USD per game & 4.99 USD for Halo ODST. Very reasonable, and a lot better than I was anticipating!

However, and maybe this is a dumb question & is explained somewhere in detail, but does this mean that each game's multiplayer suite is attached? Asking because I thought I had read somewhere early on after the initial announcement that they were selling each game's campaign & firefight mode/other campaign mode (if available) individually...but that the multiplayer would be separate from that in order to not split the multiplayer community into haves & have-nots. Was I wrong?

Would this mean that if I had only purchased, say, Halo Reach & Halo 3 for 9.99 USD each, I would not be able to play Halo CE, Halo 2, & Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer games in matchmaking?

Not that I think that is unreasonable, 10 buckaroons is still a ridiculous deal for all that content but it will mean that the matchmaking system will have to sort players based on what games they purchased.
Purchasing a game includes its version of MP, forge, and theater if they have it. So if you purchase Halo Reach and Halo 3, you will have access to all the features included in the original game. I'm not 100% sure on the some of the map packs for Reach and others but I believe they will also be included.
You are correct that you will not be able to play the MP of games you have not purchased. Even installed, honestly.
What you may have heard/read/skimmed was in reference to the xbox. Reach multiplayer will be a free update on xbox, but the campaign and firefight will be a paid dlc like odst is, but at a higher $10 price.