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Halo MCC PC: Team 'Campaign' or Team 'Mutiplayer'?

OP OutbackBlueJay

Due to the recent 'September Update', my hype meter may have broken through the roof and reached the upper stratosphere...

So, I was wondering, upon the launch of 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' on computer, what is the mode you're jumping into first?
Campaign or Multiplayer?

Personally, I'm on heading straight towards the campaign. I've always adored playing games with friends and almost falling out of my chair in laughter and 'Halo 1-3' has always been a blast to play with others however, I never got around to 'Reach' so I'm unspeakably excited to experience it's story, characters and gun-play with some of my close mates on call with me.
I always hit up campaign first, regardless of the game!
I've never understood people who don't bother touching the campaign and go on to log 300 hours in a games multiplayer alone
I have to play Reach on legendary before I can play multiplayer.
Run through the campaign first as a refresher, enjoy the scenery and story, then go to multiplayer.
Campaign so I can de-rust and take in the updated graphics without someone blowing my head off.
team legendary campaign all the way to the end
I'm really excited to replay the campaigns. I've intentionally stopped replaying halo campaigns since the announcement so playing it for the first time on pc can be that much more special.
I usually play campaign first, but I'll play multiplayer in this instance first since I already completed the campaign on legendary years ago.
Since they are going with TU ill stick with campaign. There is a reason that the TU playlists are empty on reach right now (0-10 players) while the traditional playlists still have a few thousand.