Lookin forward to Reach, and was gonna use a 360 controller for nostalgia's sake. Kinda sad to see that your in game tag is only 3 letters, not 4. Also, the menus really suck, why couldn't we get the old menu? Why can't we vote for maps like we used to... and most of all...


Instead of saving up to buy what I want, I know have to look like all the other spartans running around, like you gotta be kidding me. Just port Halo Reach as it was on the 360 and I'd be 1000x happier.
This has been a major complaint with most fans, and I 100% agree about the customization being locked the way it is. Its utter -Yoink- in my eyes.
Personally, I think this is a good idea on 343’s part. It gets people to play the game and because you earn points outside of multiplayer you’re not restricted. If you enjoy playing Halo then I don’t see how its a problem because you’re going to earn points anyways and if you’re just a casual player it may be a grind but it’s not like you can’t come back to a season and continue earning the rewards.

And this is coming from someone who needs to get to tier 89 to get all the old Reach customization items I used, not including Blue Flame.
I hope they bring back the 4 character service ID for in game call outs. I’ve had to completely change mine.
I love this game but am also disappointed with the menu system. The look and feel is archaic and I am not as excited to unlock armor because it’s so drab. I hope they develop an update and face lift to look current gen.
I will say, I’ve missed playing this game and it will be fun to play again.
Well Halo Reach is definitely incomplete as of right now, Map voting would be a god send for sure. I will attempt to remain patient and hopefully once forge, and theater mode come out we’ll see some other stuff fixed as well. At least I’m hoping that we’ll see some older features return. There’s only so many times I can play on the same map the randomizer keep throwing me on in infection, especially when I know there’s more.