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I have to disagree. Killcams just give away your position. Being a stealthy sniper wouldn't work anymore.
I would like killcams
Terg500 wrote:
Dunno. I love seeing my ragdoll fly around into weird places and positions and other players t-bagging my corpse.
honestly.... same
I would like no changes to the MCC or reach other than the updated graphics IMO. If there was no killcam, no killcam. This ain't CoD nor was it ever meant to be. If you don't know how you died or where your killer was that's on you.
I'm going to have to agree with everyone that killcams on MCC feels wrong, screws up having secretive positioning and the game is just too fast paced for it. Honestly the only games that I think need a kill cam are battle royale's because you only have one life so knowing how you died makes it a ton less frustrating and gives you an opportunity to learn from your mistakes in a game that makes that very hard.
Yeah they tried this in halo 4 and 5 and it plays out poorly in both games and the shots dont match up with the body 90% of the time. It would not only be a big waste of time but it would be embarrassing and wont work.
I hope not, mostly because it gives away position and like seeing my body ragdoll everywhere. In most cases I'd rather watch my body get thrown across the map then watch myself run into the grenade i just ran into.
I'd prefer not to have them, especially since just about every kill cam I get just has me skipping them. And typically, it's not like most Halo maps make it difficult to figure out where somebody killed you from and how they did it. Your ragdolling body (in most cases) lets you rotate your camera around for a decent view of the map around where you died anyways, and you generally see the person who killed you, excluding getting sniped by somebody on a Big Team map.
I personally don't like killcams especially in Halo. If anything they could possibly make it an option for custom games if there's a big enough demand for them but certainly not in matchmaking.
A killcam is not halo. Watching your ragdolled body get t-bagged is halo. If you want call of duty, then play call of duty.
Funny flying ragdolls >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Your death from the killer's perspective
Yeah no killcam. Feels to much like COD or Rainbow Six Siege. Halo is supposed to be different from these classic shooters.
Entropy91 wrote:
I'd rather keep the classic games as they are. A lot of people disliked the addition of the killcam into Halo 4 because it felt like 343 was trying to chase Call of Duty instead of making a Halo game. Adding these elements into the older games would likely not go over well with the fanbase.
Agreed, kill cams need to stay away from's nearly as bad as the Promethean Vision and both of those abilities feel like cheating, would prefer they never return.
since halo mcc comes to pc would be a good opportunity to include killcam in some halo that do not have this option, also a viewer mode (like battlefield) would be useful, both to know how they killed you and also serve as control of cheaters.
Why change something that would require a lot of work when it is not needed at all? In halo it is pretty easy to figure out who killed you without needing to use kill cam. Adding spectate mode would also be not practical as there is a theater system that will be implemented later on serves a good purpose. The spectate mode will not make a difference if there is a cheater or not in the game as no one has the ability to kick another player from the game, and they already talked a lot about there anti cheat measures. BTW battlefield v is still having a major cheater problem where many people will pay $40 a month to have access to an unlimited number of accounts to cheat on.
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