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Please please PLEASE
Fix the progression system to include campaign. I HATE multiplayer with a passion and I just want to customize my spartan like the old days.
In halo Reaches last mission where the camera goes to the damaged helmet lying on the ground, it appeared as a different helmet then bouth of us had ( i were playign coop with a mate ) in fact it was a non existing variant of the commando helmet ( in white ) with an atachment that looks like the CNM 1 atachment from the Hazop helmet ( with that camera on the head )

FEEDBACK: Nothing major but your custom emblem doesn't appear on Noble 6's armour in the campaign. Instead it's some form of smiley face emblem. Not a massive issue but does slightly break immersion. Thanks
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach MCC on PC
  • ISSUE: The mission "The Pillar of Autumn" won't load for me. After I finish the previous mission and get to "The Pillar of Autumn" I will get a quick loading screen then be booted to the main menu. I've tried even launching the mission separately but to no avail.
  • REPRO STEPS: No current repro steps discovered.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: I had the "IWHBYD" skull on for the whole duration of the campaign and played on the Heroic difficulty.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: During the Long Night of Solace mission, seraph shields will completely deflect locked-on missiles almost every time.
REPRO STEPS: Possibly hitbox issue? I've noticed this with the main cannon shots as well but not as much. Playing on Legendary solo if that has any effect.
ADDITIONAL INFO: Here's a video showcasing the issue. As you can see, seraph shields are a little TOO efficient at deflecting missiles. I don't know what shield tech the Covies ripped from the Forerunners but damn it's good.
Also the auto aim of the seraphs are insane! You cant dodge 4 seraphs shooting at you at the same time from 4 different directions.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: I got banned from quitting a unbalanced social game? The 1 minute I could not enter match making should not be there at all.
  2. ISSUES/FEEDBACK: There is a largely noticeable amount of input lag on mouse & keyboard when playing Campaign Co-Op, first encountered on Winter Contingency. It doesn't seem to affect the host of the match but it does affect the rest of the party.
  3. REPRO STEPS: Get into the game, load into another host's campaign lobby, start the game, then start walking around and if you aren't the host, there's up a second of noticeable input lag.
  4. ADDITIONAL INFO: When I changed the hosts, the new host and the one other person in our party no longer had the input lag but I was still experiencing it.
+1 for this. Tried playing online co-op with a friend but the lag was considerable, despite us playing on the same network in the same house. Both on PC. Switched to LAN and it was better, but my friend on wifi still had occasional lag spikes. Another friend was considering picking up the game to play through co-op with me but we live several hundred miles apart and I'm reluctant to recommend the game to him if this is what the co-op experience will be like.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach MCC on PC
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: I cannot play the Pillar of Autumn mission (9th Mission). I can load the mission but it will take me back to the campaign menu after loading. I've beaten all missions before this one, when I tried to resume the campaign I get the same problem. I tried launching the mission over the save I had and still had this issue even after relaunching the game aswell.
  • REPRO STEPS: It just happens any time I try and load the mission.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: I have no error messages, and achievments have been unlocked up until this point for the previous missions completed.
It would be great to get xp in the campaign again
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The game boots me back to the main menu when trying to continue the legendary playlist. As soon as the game finishes loading, the screen turns white and then loads back to the main menu with no error code or issue statements.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Video Link so you can see what im talking about. 2 attempts made to load the campaign in the video.
DJNEKKO wrote:
1. MCC Halo Game: REACH
2. ISSUES/FEEDBACK: ONI: Sword Base Doesn't load properly
3. REPRO STEPS: Start mission with Oni: Sword Base selected OR beat winter contingency and begin next map
4. ADDITIONAL INFO: once you start the map it takes me to the loading screen and after it is fully loaded it flashes to the halo MCC screen (with the MCC logo and halo spinning) which the flight test used as the main screen (the last flight test) then it takes me back to the select mission screen lobby.
I have this exact same issue but for the level The Pillar of Autmn. I tried posting this on the Halo Support site and haven't gotten any response besides them telling me they're investigating it.
MCC halo game : Reach on Xbox One

Issue-feedback : In the last mission of the Reach campaign, The Pillar of Autumn, there is a huge lag. In legendary we were 3 in the mission and three time in a row the moment before going into the big turret, if somebody die (in it or not), we were having freezing screen and we got no choice to close the game and we lost our progression. This happen three times at the same moment in that mission at the exact moment someone die from the turret... It happen to my boyfriend first, the second time to him and me and the last time to our friend. Really annoying when it's happening on the last mission and you are trying to do it under three hours.

Issue-feedback : A couple days after the update for Halo Reach all the voice and the dialogue of the campaign became in english. I speak french and my game is in french except for the dialogue... it was not like that before december 6th (it was in french like the rest of the game). I don't know what happen but it will be nice to have the right language for the dialogue.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach LASO campaign playlist
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When loading into Long Night of Solace, I would get a white screen and then get launched back into the playlist selector. I verified the integrity of my game on steam then I attempted to load into Long Night of Solice again only to be thrown into a random spot on ONI: Sword Base.
  • REPRO STEPS: I can continuously load into ONI: Sword Base from the Long Night of Solace level in the LASO playlist. Steps in video.
Currently having an issue on PC in the campaign mission The Package.

My friends and I are trying to do the campaign on legendary in under 3 hours. We were well on track to doing so until we got about 4 minutes into the mission The Package.
Right after we kill the AA guns on the ridge, and move toward the ghosts and sniper tower, we get booted from the game with the following error message:

Game Error
An error occurred while playing co-op

We've tried the mission about 5 times now, and its like clockwork. Right as we turn that corner the error appears and we get put back in the main menu.

We're playing 3 player co-op, on the Legendary Campaign Playlist. We haven't had any problems like this so far in any other level, and we've previously completed the level on LASO with the exact same group of people. We have no idea what could be causing the problem.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Hitting resume on the campaign screen brings me to the loading screen. When the loading is done the screen flashes white and sends me back to the menu.
REPRO STEPS: Hitting resume on the campaign screen will produce the gltich.
ADDITIONAL INFO: This was not happening yesterday when I was playing the game.
Same issue here.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Halo: Reach mission 6 Long night of Solace not loading properly.
  • REPRO STEPS: Open Halo MCC. Go to Campaigns, Halo: Reach, then resume. The game will then load. After the game has finished loading, it will throw you back into the campaign menu for Halo: Reach.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Proof of bug existence -->


At some point of the level the campaign scoring just turns off. You still lose points for dying/resetting checkpoint but you get zero(0) points for every kill etc. So far this has happened to me on every level. Other times I have had time to still cross the par score limit, but on Long Night of Solace I couldn't get the par score because of this.
MCC Halo Game: Reach
Issue/Feedback: The modified XP/leveling system. Could you (devs) PLEASE alter the XP system so we can gain/earn XP from playing Offline, in the campaign, and in custom/solo firefight modes. The ability to earn xp these ways on the xbox version of Reach added so much replayability to the campaign and encouraged me to survive in firefight solo. I beg of you... add the ability to do these things again lol! If you are really worried about people cheating to unlock the cosmetics then you might alter the profile system to allow an "Offline Play" and an "Online Play" option when making a profile in-game. Offline version will not be able to play ranked/matchmaking, but will allow the unlocking of gear/XP gain via offline campaign/firefight, online is the current system.
Repro Steps: None.
Additional Info: None.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Input lag and some freeze frames when playing co-op campaign make it unplayable. Sometimes the lag gets worse the farther my in-game character is from the host's in-game character but, that may have just been a coincidence. I have no problems when playing the campaign by myself or when playing multiplayer matches. I never had lag be this consistent and bad when playing other peer-to-peer connected games.
Other Notes: I pre-ordered Halo Reach back in 2010 when it was released for the Xbox 360. I've always loved the game and some of my fondest memories come from playing the campaign with my friends. The PC port has no split screen so the only option is to play online but the peer-to peer is so bad that I, and others I know, can't. I'd prefer that dedicated servers for co-op campaigns be made but that may be out of your control. I feel that to do right by the community you should at least optimize peer-to peer connections.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach
  • ISSUE: The Mission The Pillar of Autumn doesnt save for me.
    I played through the game without problems. Every mission saved perfectly. The pillar of autumn does not. In fact both missions afterwards save as well and all ralley points for the mission are available. I played the whole mission on legendary two times and the last ralley point on normal. No change.
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