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Trepex3812 wrote:
Halo Reach

Big Team Battle

Something was recently changed with the friendly fire where it won't betray teammates but it will destroy their vehicles. It seems this has caused peoole to start destroying all of their own teams vehicles.
Unfortunately, there are going to be folks that fall under the category of "that guy" in every game.

343, if you're listening, there are some creative ways to deal with these troublemakers. Is there a way you could, I dunno... cause the crosshairs to randomly slide in places, or cause a funny animation or vuvuzela noises? Or a giant red arrow that shows said troublemaker's location? Typically, the best way to deal with trolls like this who enjoy making others miserable for their entertainment is to embarrass the crap out of them.
BLIND Rane wrote:

These games desperately need crossplay. It should be your top priority after H2A launches. I have loads of friends who adore Halo, but that isn't the game we are playing right now. We are playing COD, because it is cross plat.
While I agree that cross-play is definitely a huge thing they should look into implementing, I absolutely do not agree that they should focus on it right now, as not all the games are even on PC yet. that's something that you work on after the entire collection is available.
Game: All (reach and ce on pc as of posting)
Issue: competitive timer is broken.
Additional info: Dying or reverting checkpoints sometimes fixes it but it still is bugged.

Is there any fix? Any updates on this ever?
Game:Halo MCC and reach.

MCC: I was thinking about the player ID unlocks like the avatars and nameplates, that its weird how its shows how to unlock it, but it would also be good if you could go back and see what you did to unlock it as all the stuff you unlock doesnt say how you achieved it. If you get me.
I agree, this is one feature I really wish was present.
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Full loading bar, but still takes a little longer to load; adjust loading bar?
Not all textures are fully rendered, some look very blurry.
A reload that failed to play the animation.
When in the thank firing it takes quarter and half a second to actually fire.
A NPC would go idle after moving or combat, even the covenant.
Destroying the phantoms cannons don't dissapear after a second, no explosion or animation just idle.
The NPC Marines don't jump in passenger, driver, or Gunner when you get in one of the seats.
A possibility of a jackal shield not functioning (won't appear).
During Metropolis, at the structure where you assassinate a hackle from behind, the contains 6 Jackals one after another that normal!?!?!
Some elietes have neon green lights all around there armor and you can see them right through the armor playing ghost vehicle when it's facing you.
Halo 2 classic mode NPC's don't appear at certain distance but there plasma weapons that glow at the firing spout can be seen it looks like a bouncing glowing ball, when you zoom in enough they do appear. remastered though you can see the NPC From afar ,maybe it also applies to materials?
On metropolis where you fight your first wraith, on remastered there are some of these wide grey doors on the left and right side of the walls, there is a delay in appearing in game, also moving around causes them to dissapear and reappear.
The flood on the elevator (the first go around) were unresponsive, they just stood still for a 5 seconds, the sentinales were fine.
Some flood deaths where they don't fall they just fall apart similar to exploding, they just dissapear leaving the green puff cloud.
When the heritic shot back at the arbiter with the banshee, no gunshot sounds were played
The wraith boost graphic animation that comes out of the fins still play after being destroyed.
On the gravemind scene there is audio issues of distorted and slight scratch buzz every other second and loud static noise.
Halo Game: CE & Reach (Multiplayer)

Feedback: When my PC is loading multiplayer games (after we are matched with other players and the map is loading) my screen goes completely black. It stays like this until several moments after the match has started. I'd say this happens about 33% of the time and I mainly notice it when I am in a party with my friends. They have also had this issue.

Additional Info: We use Discord to chat while we play. And this may be irrelevant, but we have also had random issues with our party getting split up between matches. There are usually 2-3 players including myself. I am running modern hardware and have about 100 Mbs internet connection. Started noticing problem about two weeks ago. I can't really include screenshots since it's just a black screen.
im not sure about the second part of your rant but I get accepted into flights regularly for the xbox side and im rarely here in the forums.
  • FEEDBACK: Can sensitivity be more granular than tenths? In Valorant, I can be extremely granular (believe the limit is thousandths). If it wouldn't be difficult, would it be possible to make sensitivity granular to the hundredths?
It would be nice to convert my sensitivity 1:1 across UE4 games and MCC/Source. Currently I want to use 1.08, but I am stuck on 1.1. Not a big deal, but it'd be nice!

FEEDBACK: Overall, I was impressed at how well everything played for both Classic and Anniversary.. brought back some great memories, and I like the updated feel of Anniversary. That being said, I noticed a few things..
  • H2A MP: Colours are very bright, and textures almost feel/look plasticky. Picking up the energy sword on Lockout is missing the activation/energizing audio.
  • H2A Campaign: played smoothly, some slight collision issues.. grunt walking through a barrier, getting sparks from firing, despite being an inch or so out from the doorway. 2nd mission, the tank wasn't always firing where the reticle was.
  • H2C MP: Ghost experienced intermittent issues with plasma bolts not converging on a single point, instead just fired directly forward. Using the stationary machine gun turret causes the user player model to "vibrate" comically.
  • MCC MP: Unable to ever find a match via the ranked playlist, even after letting it "search" for 20 minutes.
This was a great flight! Looking forward to more, and the release!
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo reach and halo combat evolved.
  • FEEDBACK: Binding the "ZOOM IN" and "ZOOM OUT" keys to mouse5 (also known as "forward") and mouse4 (also known as "back") does not work and even though the game registers that the keys have been bound. It wont let you zoom in or out using the keys while holding a sniper rifle. I've tested this in both halo CE and Halo reach on multiplayer. This issue is has been consistent for every time that I have tried sing mouse4 and 5.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: In case you aren't familiar with what mouse4 and mouse5 are, here is a picture: Also, here's what it looks like to have the keys bound in-game:
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a wonderful day!
im sick and tired of 343 and the halo community -Yoink- . these flighting programs are Whitelisted and is deep state as f..... every past flight was always givin to the pros or "community" faces first got the flight .. it allways has been a deepstate to choose 343's favorites just like the halo global championship with the sign out glitch which broke fair competition act and halo infinity challenge where players lost half of there points. Did 343 give a reason for any of this no because they sit back and collect there paychecks while the average joe gets s^%$ on by 343 for there blatant favoritism .......halo need s a custom browser to support the competitive side as a whole not just the same people every -Yoinking!- year u need to grow your pro player base not keep having invitationals every time . my greatest example for favoritism is the community creator GreenSk i cant stand that mindcraft person who suckd off 343 to get in the global champion ship free ride did not qualify it was favoritism and that was bullshi... wake up ! 343 is a corporate company out for your pocket and to fill there pockets deep state actors who try and give the narrative they are just like u no they are slimeballs

BanishedONE DarkDaygon
The ramblings of a mad man.

Content creators get the flight to advertise and there aren't very many so it's not like it takes away much space at all. If you're not a content creator they pick you based on your specs and it's not a rare thing to get into a flight so you really shouldn't be jealous or anything since the game will come out 2-3 weeks after the flight ends.

For the final part of the rant, if you've been following MCC news over the past year or so, they are planning to add a customs browser like they did for 5 so you can participate in as many competitions as you please.

Also I highly doubt the deep state would be interested in Halo at all.
The multiplayer is the most boring thing I have ever seen. Game lasts less than 5mins then you have to wait for 5min to search and load another one. So half your time is spent in the lobby or loading screen. Make capture the flag last for nine flags, or a set time not only three flags. Let slayer be for a set amount of time like 20mins, or score differential rather than only 50 deaths. 50 comes so quickly in 4x4. Multiplayer would be so much more fun if games were not so stupidly short. Teams also need to be balanced based on ranking. Right now you often end up with one good team and one horrible and it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Being killed five seconds after spawning and the one team at 50 kills while the other is at 5. I have never seen anything so bad.
Halo Reach Multiplayer

Just went through a game yesterday on multiplayer where a troll "teammate" who had an issue with another player from the previous round proceeded to onehit melee all of us on his team for the first 3-4 minutes. Once we were down by more than 15 kills he typed "Enjoy your loss. I'm going to take my one minute ban now", TK'd and disconnected. A later game that afternoon a "teammate" was running around with a magnum doing a single headshot as you were engaging enemy players, either killing you outright or weakening you enough that you die. This is NOT the first time I've seen this nonsense either. There have been lots of suggestions for dealing with trolls, you can't just ignore them. That WILL kill the playerbase. The current system DOES NOT WORK, you need to do something!
  • FEEDBACK: Feedback for better mouse 1,2,3 visibility (shown on new Halo ODST PC screenshot)
Relating to the overall menus of the game, here's what I'd like to suggest:
  • Have each players custom spartan viewable within the lobby, comparable to how it is handled in Halo 5.
  • Be able to vote/veto for a select few maps when in matchmaking.
  • Reach and CE
  • When a matchmade game starts, the sound in game completely stops until the game finishes.
  • Had it happen a couple of times when it came out, but has now happened 6 times this week, I'm not doing anything else while queued or have anything else running in the background.
The update posted today was welcome. I am really happy to see the progress the team is making with fixing bugs, responding to community requests, and still pushing out the new games. However, I saw three items on the bottom of the priority list that I think need to be escalated:
  • Cross-Play between Xbox & PC
  • VFR Improvements
  • Custom Game Browser
Because there is already controller and mouse Cross-Play on PC, I cannot think of any reason to not make this the biggest priority for the project. The Xbox/PC being a unified platform is one of the most important things about the brand and it will be the factor that lets Halo live or die as a franchise in the upcoming generation. In order to keep PC players engaged at higher player counts it really helps to have a significantly larger console player-base to engage with.

For VFR, this is honestly the most important feature that makes PC a special platform. I am aware that each game poses unique challenges but Halo CE seems to be handling them pretty well, and even the modded version of the 2003 Gearbox release handles it better. I think that making every animation present smoothly at every possible framerate is the single biggest feature separating the Master Chief Collection from true PC games, because 99.9% of all AAA titles on PC can do this without problems.

And for custom games browser, this is what's going to let MCC live on auto-pilot when 343 no longer gives it the support it has now. 2003's Halo CE had a respectable player base until gamespy shutdown and even after that maintained enough activity afterwards that it never truly "died." Upcoming PC releases like Halo 3 especially are famous for their custom games and a lot of people are looking for the magic to happen again.

These are just my thoughts, but I think they represent the feelings of the PC community at large.
If you allow all game armor to be customizable like they were in the games so more options but make it so that the armor is unlocked based on how many missions you do in there own games. the seasons could be used for some of the more unique armor.
I can't take the latest flight because the key sent to me has been used, is there any solution?
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