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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC on PC.
  • Campaign Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC on PC. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket

  • 4v4 objective auto starts: 4v4 auto slayer was a welcomed addition but I see no reason we can’t have 4v4 auto objective. It is clear that auto starts offers a very different game experience than the one offered by precision start; it is also clear that part of the community looks for that kind of gameplay whilst the other one prefer precision start. So why not just splitting every playlist in auto and precision start? There’s no harm in that; people who don’t care will just include both in their selection. As of now people who like auto starts are forced to play slayer. That’s like 1/10th of what this game can offer.
  • 8v8 auto starts playlist across all the games and gamemodes:  currently auto 8v8 is featured in Halo Reach alone. Please extend this playlist to all the games, in addition to making it for every gamemode of course.
  • 6 players FFA: 8 players DOES NOT work in small to midsized maps in Free For All. It works for team slayer because you’ve got 4 people against 4 people. The maps are not designed for 8 different players shooting each other, it’s too much of a mayhem. You could argue that FFA is supposed to be mayhem but I’d argue back that then you should include 8 players FFA in rumble pit, and put a 6 players FFA in place instead. You can feel how 6 players FFA works better especially in objective based modes, like king of the hill and oddball. I wouldn’t even call 8 players oddball chaotic, it’s straight off silly; you can tell it should be in rumble pit, not in a “normal” playlist. Please give us a 6 players FFA playlist (and while you are at it, please also make an infection playlist with less players).
  • Population counter for each matchmaking playlist:  it is such an useful feature, which I’ve noticed people keep asking for. I too would love to see a population counter for each playlist; matchmaking search times might not be a problem for NA but they sure are for EU/AU players.
  • Cross-platform as soon as possible: I cannot stress this enough: cross-play would be a life saver for the MCC, it could possibly delay the game death by 2 or even 3 years. In my opinion it should be the top priority right now and as such it needs to be implemented as soon as possible. I mean the game is already there, it’s not even a matter of aim assist since we have that already on PC for controller users. Please focus on implementing cross-platform playability!
  • About the match composer: let us select more than one player count: I don’t like that you have to pick either 8v8 or 4v4 in the match composer. Let us pick both of them at the same time; it would also considerably shorten the time required to find a match. Also let us include/exclude games for each multiplayer gamemode.
  • Longer quit bans: I read people suggesting mid-match join but I’d hate to see that in Halo. The fact my team was able to beat another team without random players quitting and leaving makes my victories more worth it (if that makes any sense). It also helps giving me a feeling of playing against real people, instead of a bunch of gamertags. On the contrary I suggest to increase the duration of quit bans. 1 minute ban for leaving is ridiculous. It should be like 15 minutes for the first quit, 1 hour for the second one during the same day, and 24 hours for the third. If the quit is caused by the game crashing or whatever, well though luck. The fact the developers can’t make a stable version of the game (hypothetically speaking) is not a good reason to ruin everybody’s experience. If the quit was caused by a connection problem on the player’s part, then it’s up to the player to fix his connection before playing online games.
  • Rework the season pass system: NO ONE likes it. And I mean it. Not a single person does. The best opinion about it I’ve read so far is “I don’t mind it”. You need to either get rid of it or somehow work on it/make it work alongside a classic credit system Halo Reach style and/or achievements unlocks Halo 3 style. Come on man the season system is hideous. I’ve never felt so little joy unlocking stuff in a videogame. Also, I feel like the season pass system makes the newly introduced challenges less rewarding... the whole concept of challenges went from "Now that I accomplished this, I'm one step closer to that piece of armor I really want" to "now that I accomplished this, I went through stuff I don't care about faster".
  • Player ID unlocks progression tracker: let us check how close we are to unlocking a certain player ID item (banner, emblem, etc.). Not only that but let us see what we have done to unlock something once we have unlocked it.
  • Game specific menu themes (UI) and tracks: it would be great to have game-specific “themes” we can choose, not only for the main menu but also for the lobbies and in-game menus. As of now the UI feels pretty generic. How about unlocking a theme every time a game comes out?
  • Reworked nameplates, Halo Reach style: compared with the other nameplates, Reach nameplates are gorgeous and have character; on the other hand, the rest of the nameplates feels very generic and bland. The difference between Reach nameplates and MCC nameplates is striking when they are next to each other, it feels like they are not even supposed to be in the same category.
  • Let us manually select the matchmaking region: I hate that you have to wait for peak hours to have a chance to find a match in some of the gamemodes. I also hate that the game sometimes puts me (EU) in a NA server even in EU peak hours. Let us include/exclude specific regions in our research. A game like Rocket League for example allows you to manually tick/untick each individual region.
  • Centered/classic crosshair for each separate game: the only game in the MCC that originally used centered crosshair is Halo CE; every other game used the lowered classic crosshair. As such, I choose classic crosshair but Halo CE feels off with that. So let us choose a certain crosshair setting for each individual game so we don’t have to manually switch every time.
  • Make use of the featured matchmaking playlist: since you rotate a matchmaking playlist on weekly basis, use it as a playground to test gamemodes that the community asks for. No one cares about minigames like freeze tag or power slayer, except for the nameplates you unlock by playing them. There are lots of custom gamemodes/mini games out there already. Instead, experiment with gamemodes people would actually like to see in matchmaking; gather data to check if the community actually enjoy those; if they do, make it a regular playlist.
  • Reworked rank insignia:  I can hardly tell how skilled my teammates/opponents are by looking at their rank insignia in the lobby. They just all look the same, except for the color of the background. Let’s compare MCC ranks with the Halo 3 ranks. Notice how the latter have fewer, more simplistic and distinct shapes? You can tell at a glance which rank is higher than the other. You probably don’t even need to know a thing about military insignia, you can just tell. Please rework the ranks icons they are pretty much useless at the moment, and ranks have always been a detail I loved in Halo 3.

  • About the playlists in social matchmaking: what’s up with that? 1v1 and 2v2 categories that no one plays, but no 4v4 auto objective? You recently split FFA in precision and auto, despite ABSOLUTELY NO ONE asking for that in the feedback threads (or even mentioning it on the steam forums), and yet no vanilla reach, no auto objective 4v4, no auto BTB? May I ask WHO is actually calling the shots for the multiplayer playlists and what reasons are actually behind these decisions? Because it certainly isn’t the community, and these decisions look nonsensical to me. What exactly are the reasons for not introducing auto start playlists?
  • Find a way to let us "appreciate more" the players we are playing with before a match starts: it was cool how you had the chance to check out your teammates/opponents names, rank, etc. in the pre-game lobby in the original games (it was also useful for both giving you an idea of what kind of teams you were dealing with, and it also allowed you to memorize your teammates name so that in the kill feed you'd know who is killing who). Now you just get thrown into a game, and the only chance you have to appreciate the other players is in the carnage report. But at that point you don't care anymore because you are probably getting into another match.
  • Custom matchmaking playlist presets: can’t speak for other people but I never used your presets. Let us make our matchmaking queue presets. Currently I always keep the preset on custom and change the individual settings to switch between FFA, 4v4 and BTB. So I’ve got like 8 default presents that I never use just sitting there and a single custom preset that is always on. Please let us make and save our personal presets.
  • Server browser: having an hard time finding matches in less popular games like Halo CE, and it will only get worse when Halo 3 drops. It usually takes me more than 20 minutes to find a BTB match in Halo CE at peak times in Central Europe, if I actually find one (that was until a week ago though, now I’m not even dreaming to find Halo CE BTB). I refuse to believe there are no 15 other players trying to play a match of BTB in CE at peak times. Either fix the matchmaking system to work with a small playerbase, or make a server browser so the few people left playing a certain game can all join the same few servers that run it.
  • Overhaul ranked playlists and ranks: I'd like to point out a couple of issues here, in order of importance:
  1. Make the playlists input based: let us queue for either mouse and keyboard matches, controller matches, or both. Personally I don’t really care about the aim assist debate, I’m not even sure who has it easier between controller and mouse and keyboard. What I am sure about though, is the fact that to have two different kinds of shooting mechanics in gamemodes that people play to enjoy being more skilled at the game than other players, is just stupid. That is I’m afraid the main reason competitive playlists die so fast in your games.
  2. Streamline the playlists: can we just have an MLG 4v4 (2v2 for CE) and a 6 players FFA “lone wolves” for each game? That would also “formalize” the competitive scene in the game, which in turn would make it more appealing.
  3. About the 1-50 rank system: it needs to be overhauled in my opinion. Personally, I couldn’t care less to be a 10, or 30, or 50 in a competitive playlist. A number means absolutely nothing to me. I know the color and a couple of stuff in the background change with the rank, but that’s not nearly enough to make the current rank system appealing to me. Can we have, like 10 tiers in which you need to go through 3 or four divisions or something like that? Also, some proper competitive rank insignia wouldn’t hurt.
  4. Remove invasion from competitive: invasion feels out of place in competitive. Plus I’m sure more people would play it if it was social.
  • Post-game party up: not only it would make match-making faster, but it’s also a good way to make new friends and it would also help me feel like I’m playing with real people, instead of 7 new gamertags each game.
  • Steam achievements categories: 700+ in a single game are a MESS. A game like Team Fortress has a similar problem, that is solved by making categories. I think this one is especially easy to do, since in your case the categories are already there: the single games and a general category for achievements shared between games. Wouldn’t hurt to also differentiate between single player and multiplayer achievements.
  • Graphic settings for each individual game: in addition to the crosshair position I mentioned above, can we get graphic settings for each individual game? Personally I like to play Halo CE and Halo 2 in 800x600 since it feels closer to the original, whilst I would like to play Halo 3 in 720p and the others in 1080p. Adjusting it each match when playing multiplayer is a pain.
  • Let campaign selection default to the last one played, so that to resume a campaign you just need to repeatedly press the A button from the main menu.
  • Option to hide/resize the chat box.
  • Rework the UI because it feels so minimal and barebones. Hate navigating through it.
  • Chat set to [ALL] by default instead of [SQUAD] when not playing in a party.
  • New gamertag system: not even sure if it is even possibile, but doesn’t hurt to ask: can we get rid of the numbers at the end of our gamertags?


  • Vanilla (non-TU) matchmaking playlist: what TU does is making Reach play more like the classic Halos (it introduced bleedthrough and reduced bloom). It would be nice to have a vanilla playlist because now that we have all the Halos at once, Reach would stand out with its unique pre-TU features. It’s not about whether TU makes the game better or worse, it’s just that there’s no point to an Halo Reach made to resemble Halo 3 when we can play Halo 3 itself. No one will play Halo Reach when the “good halos” will come out, so I think a Reach vanilla playlist would be beneficial since it adds to variety. It would give people a reason to still play Halo Reach from time to time.
  • Versus and unlimited firefight matchmaking playlist: limited firefight gets really boring really fast since it’s so easy to beat. Let us pick other variations, not everybody likes to steamroll the Covenant ending with 15 lives left. The survival aspect of firefight is actually one of the things that made people like it in the first place. We need matchmaking for these two since custom games get laggy when the AI is involved (firefight and campaign), no matter the physical distance between players and the connection quality. Also, as I mentioned above the Xbox app doesn't really let you socialize with randoms so we need matchmaking for this.
  • Fix smiley face on Six’s chest.
  • Post-processing effects (AO, bloom…) on a par with the original: as I understand it, PP effects don’t scale with resolution so they look worse on 1080p and 4K when compared with the 720p version on the X360. Actually, I use to play the game in 720p because it looks better that way.
  • Let us play as elites in more gamemodes: I might be wrong, but as of now I can play as elite only in invasion. What’s up with that? Halo 2 and Halo 2 Anniversary let you play as elite whenever you want, so why does that not work in Halo Reach?
  • Custom player model colors in invasion: it would be so cool to have each player model looking different in invasion, it would make people feel like they are fighting the human-covenant war which is exactly what the gamemode is about. Fixed red and blue are immersion breaking from that point of view; also Spartans and elites are very easy to tell apart so there’s no need to have team colors.

  • Enable radar in matchmaking multiplayer: apparently the motion sensor was removed in matchmaking games because the majority of the competitive part of the community wanted it removed. So why not disable it in the ranked playlist and leave it as default (enabled) in the social playlist? What’s even the point of a ranked playlist if you remove core features of the game across all matchmaking just to appeal the competitive community anyway? The radar is SUPPOSED to be enabled in multiplayer; I understand that it might make the game less skill-based, but for competitive gameplay there’s a whole playlist already. Playing without radar feels off. Quite literally every Halo had motion sensor and to me it became one of the features that defines the gameplay of Halo. Honestly I think it’s quite an idiotic decision to disable it across every matchmaking playlist.
  • 3D sound with reverb, and other Gearbox port related issues: since the game is based off the Gearbox port, it lacks the original sound quality it had on Xbox console Halo CE. The same goes for various graphical shortcomings the game has when compared with the console version.
  • Put the original map weapons in auto starts back in: the fact you replaced every power weapon with flamethrowers and shotguns makes auto starts in Halo CE feel like it’s a mini game. Please put the original weapons back in the maps.
  • Video settings: gamma feels very wrong in Halo 2 Anniversary. Most of the time maps are too dark I have an hard time even seeing. I’m not even sure if I like the textures in most multiplayer maps because the lighting is so weird I can’t really look at them. An option to change contrast/saturation for H2A specifically would be appreciated.
  • Audio settings: audio volume in Halo 2 Anniversary is clearly higher than the other games.
A couple of final notes that I’m BEGGING the devs to read:

I would really, REALLY love the option to play the multiplayer as it originally came out. I’m talking about vanilla Reach, radar in Halo CE, auto starts across every single mode in each single game.
I don’t want to play TU Reach, I want to play the same game I played when I bought it at launch day back then.
I don’t want to play MLG no radar Halo CE, I want to play the same game I played with my friends on the OG Xbox back then.
I don’t want to play BRs Halo 2, I want to play SMG Halo 2, which despite all its flaws, was exactly what the game meant for me when I played it split screen with my friend, his brother and his brother’s friend back then.
And most of all: I DON’T WANT TO PLAY BRs HALO 3!!! When I bought the game in 2007 I had no access to fast internet so I wasn’t able to play the game online, all I could do was playing in split screen and watching videos like this one and that was the game for me. I was so happy when the MCC on PC was first announced since I knew it was my chance to go back in time and finally play the game online. But I CAN’T because in Halo 3 every single mode (BTB in particular!) is BRs only, and BRs is not the kind of gameplay I was so dying to play back in the day. ARs is.
So please, please, make matchmaking playlists that mirror the same experience we had when we played the games for the first time! Isn’t that the purpose of a remaster? I know for a fact that at launch day AR start was the standard in every single matchmaking playlist in Halo 3 (the same goes for SMG start in Halo 2), so can we please have that on the MCC as well?
I’m not asking to replace the TU and precision playlists already in the game with these playlists, I’m just asking for another set of playlists. We’ve got 1v1 and 2v2 playlists that I’m sure barely no one plays but we don’t have vanilla Reach for -Yoink-‘s sake.

Please listen to feedback: you guys really need to listen to the feedback we are leaving in these threads. No joke I’ve yet to see a single thing suggested in these threads make it into the game. Well maybe actually something made it in, but you get the point. The only noteworthy change that the feedback threads determined was AR starts in Halo Reach, and that took HUNDREDS of different people (and a considerable amount of bans in the forums due to non constructive posts and whatnot) and THREE months of time, during which 90% of the playerbase was gone already, without a doubt in part due to no response to our feedback. Also I wonder how many players would have actually asked for AR starts in the feedback threads if wasn’t for the efforts of people who spread the word, sharing the link to the thread around (steam, Reddit, these very same forums), asking players unhappy with forced DMRs to post their opinion here. So let me point out something you guys might or might not be aware of: when a player doesn’t like a game he doesn’t look for a feedback thread. He just leaves. So please don’t make the same mistakes again, don’t wait for every single player to come here before making a change to your game.

I hope the fact I post stuff I already posted in the previous feedback threads is not considered spam, but I think I should keep giving you feedback about things that don't make into the game. It is also a testament to the fact that a lot of reasonable changes to the game, especially those that require almost no effort on your part, somehow have not been made yet.
I also hope you guys at 343 make good use of my feedback and appreciate the time I'm spending to write this down. I think a lot things I've mentioned would be very welcomed by the community.
My take on the current MCC launch and the upcoming games. Please, take into account most of these suggestions would actually improve the Halo 3 launch and keep population consistent, specially the bug fixing, crossplay, server browser, ranked redesign and quality of match features / options:

- Prioritize bug fixing for previous games before passing onto the next games. To clarify, there are now three lists of bugs, which are not small, and some are game-breaking (such as the Elite texture glitch) or extremely annoying (think about the CE Plasma Pistol). Make more flight/beta rounds before release to ensure the list of bugs is severely decreased.
- Launch Forge with Halo 3. The flight at the moment is said to include it, so I'm confident about that.
- It seems Crossplay (input-based matchmaking should be added at the same time to keep controller players and M&KB players separated on demand), a Customs Game Browser and a Server Selector are being currently designing. Those are perfect news, just contine through that path and take time to include all three at H3 launch if we want this to succeed. A manual way is already there to skip some servers, so the latter could be kept for Halo 4, but only works for PC.
- Revamp the Ranked section with a new Match Composer that includes 2v2, 4v4 and 6v6 (Invasion + Squad Battle) with selectable modes, just like the Social one. You would have a rank for each Halo game and size. Right now, the amount of versatility and freedom Social offers makes Ranked obsolete and boring. I don't wanna see there are virtually no playlists for H2A and just an H2C Hardcore section (where is FFA, doubles, everything?), which is the current situation on Xbox One. This could be fixed by following the previous stated steps.
- Implement an optional Join in Progress system paired with stricter and automatic bans for quitters and AFKers. Joining an already matchmade game would give you extra experience in your global rank, faster search times and more valuable matches that are not lost after someone leaves.
- Include skill matching/fast matching/good connection options, just like the original Xbox 360 games. Also, add party matching in the objective playlists.
- How to deal with low population (this one could be included before Halo 3): allow 3v3 and 6v6/7v7 games in 4v4 and 8v8, respectively, if there aren't enough players to begin a match. For FFA, decrease the maximum player count to 6 and the minimum to 4, just like the original Lone Wolves playlist. This could help for those who don't choose crossplay if it's made optional.
- Give all maps in the whole game the same weighting, or add a Veto system to avoid the same maps over and over. Voting was a problem when there were crossgame playlists; as those are gone, there's no reason not to have some choice. If that's not possible, at least let players check the maps they want in each playlist. The current system is just kind of a fixed voting with unclear weighting, and some gametypes or combinations get entirely removed randomly (Ascension from 4v4 Auto Slayer, 4v4 BR Zanzibar CTF/Bomb...).
- Increase the ways to report players, aswell as inviting people to games.
- A H2A multiplayer rebalance and a objectively better customization are necessary. It's the flagship of MCC. This link may serve as a guide for gameplay improvements: How to make H2A an actual successor, and this one for customization: H2A Customization.
- Fix Halo CE textures quality and classic audio. While it's cool to have the option to switch to classic audio effects, they constantly stutter, muffle and are extremely low-pitched. Fix the Plasma Pistol sound.
- Enhance the options the PC has right now: fine tuning mouse sensitivity (by adding more digits) and making it alike in all the different games is a good start. Then, a FPS limit (which starts from 30 FPS for low-end machines) could be implemented, in addition to a HUD rescale from H2C and gun visual adjustments. After that, things like mouse input support or a FOV bar could be added to the newer Xbox consoles for easier transitioning.
- Add a single vanilla Reach playlist with all modes (Flag, Bomb, Slayer, Headhunter...), at least in 4v4 as in 8v8 may affect population too much. There's no reason an Xbox 360 10-year-old game should have more options than a newly released PC game. The only game that preserves Reach original gameplay is Invasion, which is in competitive and is a different concept.
- 4v4 Auto Slayer should include the same modes as the 8v8 Reach Assault Rifle starts playlist. Some people may want to play objective games in a more passive way and it's currently not possible. It was a good start, but needs improvements. Do not make individual categories or everything will be empty.
- Make CE Anniversary a multiplayer permanent category and expand its functionality to at least 2v2, 4v4 and 8v8.
- Add a Race hopper in the Social Match Composer. In addition, mix Gungoose CTF (upcoming H2A) with the CTF/Bomb/Ricochet 8v8 category. They should be more easily accesible. Dominion would be a cool addition for H2A, and could replace Territories or just be along them and KOTH in the Match Composer category.

If you would like to see a reasoning behind these improvements and suggestions, you can do so by entering this thread: "State of MCC and what it needs to improve"
Auto-start playlists are the the 'Yin' to the Custom-browser 'Yang' that keeps me happy & excited to play Halo.

Edit: Thank you for all the support & effort you guys are putting into this series!!
If you launch Halo 3 with controller aim assist and there's no way for mouse and keyboard to not play against aim bot... Halo 3 and the entire multiplayer Halo MCC PC will die. EVEN the tournaments are banning controllers Vs Mouse and Keyboard. It isn't fun, it isn't fair. make a setting for controllers and M/KB to NOT play with each other.
I agree! Please Please PLEASE adjust the ban length. See this image
This (to a lesser degree most of the time) happens all too often and then I see them the next game like no penalty was in place at all.
  • MCC HALO GAMES: Halo 3 ODST and Reach Firefights (and Halo 4 Spartan Ops)
  • FEEDBACK: Now that Halo 3: ODST Firefight has been announced to be joining the collection, I have a few more detailed requests I would like to make for the mode but it also would affect Reach as well (and Halo 4 Spartan Ops indirectly but it is related somewhat):
  1. I want to see a Firefight Achievement update for both ODST and Reach with more achievements to get specifically for the mode only when ODST Drops on PC (and updated for Xbox). We could have up to 100 more achievements maybe up to 800 achievements / 8000 Gamerscore for just Firefight only (you could create some crazy ones that would be brand new like doing certain crazy stuff that is in Firefight only) as Reach Firefight right now in the collection has one specific firefight achievement which is "Enemies Everywhere" which is pretty easy to get actually and that is all. If that is too many to ask, maybe do like 25 achievement for ODST Firefight, 25 for Reach Firefight and 50 more new ones for PvP multiplayer. There is a harken achievement back to Firefight on the Campaign mission for Reach: Lone Wolf, which is "One Final Firefight" but that is a Campaign only achievement, I want to see more achievements added to all the Firefight Halo games that are specific to it to get people to have an incentive to play the mode so they can get more Gamerscore for your account. With ODST Firefight, the Endure Achievement has to return definitely as that achievement was a big staple of ODST Firefight (I kind of hope not as a challenge, think of other things for Firefight challenges and keep certain challenges to being achievements for your account). With this addition for achievements to Firefight, every game mode in the collection would have a substantial amount of achievements to work for no matter which game mode you want to play (Campaign, Multiplayer, Firefight, etc.).
  2. ODST Firefight MUST GET MATCHMAKING SUPPORT WITH DEDICATED SERVER SUPPORT, EXACTLY LIKE REACH FIREFIGHT MATCHMAKING!!! This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for people to continue playing the mode over the long term, years into the future and now modding is a thing on PC, we can then even customize the experience even further than before. I would like to see a Normal Difficulty Playlist and a Heroic Playlist for ODST Firefight.
  3. I would like to see the Reach Custom Firefight toggle options for customizing your experience for a match to be brought into ODST Firefight for the first time. Right now the original ODST Firefight experience is EXTREMELY BAREBONES for customization, similar to Halo 4 Spartan Ops in a way. New game modes or as many of the same game modes from Reach Firefight, should be brought in ODST Firefight (like Gruntpocalyse). This basically would require a huge update to the mode for the first time, basically a brand new version of ODST Firefight. Keep the original survival endless wave mode like the original as the default mode for ODST when you enter the ODST Custom Firefight menu.
  4. Please utilize the Progression system coming up for Halo 3 (since Armor Customization has been confirmed coming up next month) and include the Character customization characters to be unlockable from ODST for Firefight (and don't forget the toggle Helmet option and Sargent Johnson) in the same Season as Halo 3.
  5. I would like to see the introduction of the match composer system from PvP into the Firefight menu for the first time to choose what kind of gametypes specifically you want to play, would be great between Reach and ODST!
  6. In the installation menu for Installing which components for each Halo game between Campaign and Multiplayer, under the Campaign option for ODST, please have the option to install/uninstall Firefight as a separate option!
  7. In the Careers Menu for Achievements, please for god sakes, SEPARATE OUT HALO 3: ODST Achievements from Halo 3 in the list!! It makes no sense now anymore to have them in the same list as Halo 3, I know it probably was done as a rushed job back in 2015 with the ODST Campaign because of a lack of time, but ODST now will be complete in the MCC as its own game pretty much now standalone and needs its own standalone list. Inside the ODST Achievement list, please have Campaign Achievements in one list tab, and Firefight labled (not multiplayer) in its own list, maybe an update for Reach's list could have Firefight get its own tab if a substantial Firefight Achievement update were added to the collection for Reach and ODST?
  8. If Halo 4 Spartan Ops can get its Matchmaking support brought back from OG Halo 4 (with dedicated server support), please include this in the firefight menu somehow to play missions randomly up to 4 players. Now I know customizing Spartan Ops is not really that customizable in the lobby menu but the missions most of the time are basically defending against waves of enemies or on the offensive against waves of enemies through a level (even though every mission has a continuous story element) and choosing randomly from the 50 missions in a random order, you don't have to follow the story but only just play the mission like its a "Firefight mission" for XP. Also it would relief the achievement grind quite a bit for most of the Spartan Ops achievements when playing in a random order (that we have currently rather than necessarily playing through the whole thing by yourself, which is an achievement on Legendary solo currently). If you want to know the story of Spartan Ops, just play it in the Custom Firefight section where you can play the mission continuously as it is currently. Spartan Ops does not need anymore achievements added, there are enough there on its own in the MCC. Halo 3 ODST and Reach need a new list for sure for there firefights!
MMC Halo Game: Halo 2 Anniversary
Feedback: Add a skull to take away restart checkpoint when someone dies while playing Co-Op on legendary.
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jeez mane. halo 5 was a game that could've been better lore wise, but I honestly have hope for future progression to lore-based content classic fans will ejoy!
  • MCC Game: The Entire MCC Collection
  • FeedBack: Please fix the achievement on Steam some achievements are broken such for example the "And So it begins..." it pop up that you did it on the Companion App but it doesn't pop up that i did it on steam but this achievement is not the only one that is broken other achievments are also broken, also just want to add, if you bring Halo 4 to the PC bring Spartan ops to be able to be played in matchmaking instead of playing it by yourself.
Remove AA at launch for Halo 3.
I am all for One keeping things fresh and interesting, I played a lot of World of Warcraft as a child, but sadly I don't think that constantly changing the playlists each and every single week is a good, now I know I'm a little late on this call as it has been happening since Halo 5, what it feels like for me is I have to be constantly in touch with the game just to know what is and isn't available for playing, things like Christmas special events and the recent yappyapp I can allow because it's every now and then, but it means I can't simply leave the game for a while, take a break and come back to it with it all being the same, familiarity is key, so sometimes adding griffball, then taking it away again out of the blue?
Personally not hitting with me, sorry guys, I say it because I love Halo and want it to succeed, so it may come across as moaning but I am trying to help it :).
campaign: Halo Reach
Mission: Long Night of Solace

Report: when entering the sabre and fighting, all audio begins to crackle and slow down, making it very hard to hear what is being said, when the fights commence, they clear up however, it sadly is unbearable and hard to listen to.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Core Game
    • FEEDBACK: First off I want to say I'm about 300 hours in and I'm loving the nostalgic feel from all the games, and I can't say I have many complaints about the multiplayer experience at all. The only thing that irks me about this port is how difficult and unfriendly it is to invite/add people that you have recently played with. With the many new players that have bought the game brings a high skill gap in social play and I sometimes find it frustrating having a team of players that don't necessarily have the core fundamentals down, (This is nobodies fault, I just like to win!). Would it be possible to implement an addition to integrate the Xbox Console Companion/Xbox App into the game, meaning I can view a good team-mates Player card -> View Xbox profile -> Add friend(I assume that's how the console version works?). Like-wise with steam. I know you can share Steam friend codes but the likely hood of sharing with somebody before the game ends is minimal. An easier/more effective way to team up with players and add friends is the only thing bothering me! (The party up system from previous Halo's could also work!)
After a game, we are greeted with the following screen when viewing a player after a game has ended -

I created a bad Photoshop mock-up of what I mean in the paragraph above -

I think with the addition of a system like this it would increase my enjoyment 10 fold. The ability to play with, add and invite players outside instantly outside of Discord servers would be great.
Excited for the future, keep up the great work!
MCC Halo game: Halo 3 PC / Reach

Feedback: I'm hoping the audio will be fixed for Halo 3 PC. The sound compression on the MCC xbox version is unbearable to hear when I watch twitch streamers play especially since I started wearing headphones. Everytime I listen, it makes me feel like cringing and gritting my teeth. Sound is a core feature and very important to many montagers, competitive players and especially PC players because of the amount of people going to use headphones.

A comment I read in a video about the Halo 3 xbox 360 audio summed it up perfectly, "The original version makes you feel powerful".

When I used theater on Reach, rewinding on films skips back too much and vice versa. 2 presses of the back button near the end of a 7 minute gameplay and i'm already back at the very beginning. There should be 1 minute interval rewinds and fast forwards in my opinion.
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