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[Locked] MCC Feedback (PC) - March 2020

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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC on PC.
  • Campaign Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Firefight Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC on PC. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket
MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach
FEEDBACK: Permanently add all of the Halo: CEA game modes (including Forge and Firefight) to custom games. These game modes were all included in the original Xbox 360 Halo: CEA disk, but are absent in this re-release for some reason. It's a bummer that I'm unable to start a custom Halo: CEA match with my friends, but I hope that I will be able to soon.

MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
FEEDBACK: Have us be able to toggle between classic and remastered audio and graphics simultaneously in real-time like in Halo 2: Anniversary. Halo: CEA currently only allows us to toggle between classic and remastered graphics, but If I want to switch to classic or remastered audio I have to exit the game and toggle it in the menu (possibly having to make me restart the game). Halo 2: Anniversary doesn't have this problem. You can toggle between classic and remastered graphics and audio on the fly (with classic graphics having classic sounds and remastered graphics having remastered sounds). I'm not sure if this will ever happen, but I can only dream!

Thank you for reading my feedback!
MCC Halo Game: All of them
Feedback: Add Split-Screen Campaign and (at least) local Multiplayer or at least tell us if you are planning to do this at all. It becomes very frustrating to not even see it mentioned at the development updates :(
PS Please don't delete this post because I am rather sure people are with me on that and you can't see that if there is only that one thread on the whole Website where you are allowed to mention it.
MCC Halo Game: Halo 3/Halo 4
Misc: Will you be bringing back the modular system of armor customisation for halos 3 and 4? It feels like such a significant downgrade that I will sorely miss from the original games.
MCC Halo Game: Halo CE
Feedback: Add anti aliasing and fix the hud so it is the same as the original.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Multiplayer Feedback
General Feedback
  • Matchmaking Rating (MMR): The current state of Halo Reach matchmaking feels as if there is no real MMR. I'm on my sixth tour and I'm often paired up with new players who are within their first tour. These types of match-ups lead to blowout wins, losses while going extremely positive, teammates who lack general knowledge, and overall poor matchmaking experience. When looking at the ranked playlist, you would assume the ranking structure would prevent these issues. However, that doesn't seem to be the case as it's based on winning the "X" number of games to gain your next rank. A player can be carried to any rank when they play with a solid team. Having a real MMR within the ranked playlist would prevent the issues stated above. I have stopped searching ranked as a solo because of being matched with unskilled players.
NOTE: The XP tour example was meant to showcase the difference in my skills versus a new player. A highly skilled player should not be paired with a new player. The real MMR system would take your stats into account and would try to match you with the players who closely match you. If there is an MMR within the game, data on how the ranked playlist is managed, or anything anyone wants to share, I'll be happy to read it and learn more about it. I'm going based on what I can see within the game.
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I want Halo infinity release
First time forum posting (been playing halo since 2004, been playing competitively online since 2006). Not really sure if devs/CR read any of these, here goes. Keywords bolded for skimming purposes.
A lot of small issues, mostly stuff that shows the game hasn't changed/improved since it was released almost a decade ago. It was frustrating then, it feels a little EMBARASSING now.

Sounds like devs know that ppl are upset about MAP SELECTION.
Maps in Reach are not especially good compared to other Halo titles. Some are great, but when you have to play the same 5 repeatedly, if three of them are mediocre, the whole experience sucks. People would like to vote, but devs think people will just pick the same maps over and over. well, that would be an improvement given the way things are right now. there's no perfect solution to this problem, and it's been a topic of debate as long as multiplayer FPS games have existed. I would love to be able to IGNORE GAME TYPES altogether and just PICK THE MAP I want to play, that's more important to me than the game type if I'm sick of playing the same three maps over and over, and wouldn't further fraction the player numbers in any playlist. This is something that is accomplished by picking servers in other PC multiplayer games, but it seems that matchmaking in Halo will never work that way. Still, the PC crowd would like to pick the map.
Halo 3 had a perfect system for ADDING/JOINING PEOPLE when it was released on the 360: hit a button to "PARTY UP". This was very easy and encouraged people to keep playing with players that they vibed well with. Why this was ever changed is beyond me, and I would love to see it in MCC on PC. It really needs to be fast and easy, you only really have about 20 seconds to do this after the end of a match before people leave the lobby, and that doesn't include the time you want to take yourself to look over your last game's K/D and stats.

Looking through COSMETICS is something very simple that is also somehow cumbersome. When I select a helmet to look at, and then decide I want to go back to the list, it returns my position in the list to the very beginning, meaning I have to scroll through the list again to find which place I was in. Even this isn't too bad, except that I don't know all the names of the helmets, so it's nearly impossible to navigate the list without visuals. Not a big issue, but one of many little things that make the experience of playing the game irritating.

PLAYER BASE has almost completely DIED. I don't need to play the latest and greatest games with 100k users, but I can't even find matches on weekends now, and never really found matches for 2v2s, even back in the beginning of january. 2v2s was my favorite in the H3 days so that was disappointing. About 4 weeks after the game came out, the player pool was already too small to have a working ranking system, so competitive has actually suffered the most from the small player base I think.
I've noticed a couple of small changes to the game since the start of the year, like new playlists. Heavies is dedicated now, which is nice, and not being able to BETRAY ppl (obviously an issue because of the Gauss Warthog) silently slipped in there, hard not to notice. I can't say if it's good or bad to have changed it, betraying has always been part of the halo experience for me, even if it's frustrating sometimes. The fact that a change like that, which wasn't even requested by the community (that i'm aware of) was silently made, while something like a REBIND FOR PUSH-TO-TALK hasn't happened, utterly baffles me.
Reach was my least favorite Halo back in the day, and I still think bloom and armor lock detract massively from the experience, but that's more of a personal preference I think. However, i think it's fair to say that those features are why REACH IS A BIT MORE POLARIZING. That, combined with the aged graphics (especially on forge maps) really makes me wonder why Reach was the first game in the MCC that 343 released on PC.
Other halo veterans are gonna stick with the series at this point regardless, and are probably more interested in news about Infinite than the MCC stuff. But I'm mostly a little disappointed in the overall showing of MCC on PC because it could've brought in (and retained) a lot of new players from a younger generation. Halo players (myself included) can be really angry and unwelcoming sometimes, so the community probably shoulders more of the blame for that than the developers. I just love the games, and wish the best for the franchise.
Also, the LACK OF FORGE/THEATER is a bummer, and really the sort of thing that PC is built for vs. consoles. Seems like the game was just ported to PC without much real thought put into how Halo can take advantage of the different controls/user base. I'm a game developer too, so I know that just the act of porting the game to new architecture was a massive undertaking involving late nights and weekends.
Some sort of LIMITED TIME EVENT/THING would be nice between now and the CEA release, something to get people playing again once or twice more in the next month. Maybe a single new map, but I doubt that's in the works, I know that stuff takes a long time to do well, but again, no map creation tools, and we can't pick maps :( so things are getting old very fast. To put it mildly, I don't think adding some new badge for Black History Month or Valentine's day or w/e is the slightest incentive for most ppl to open up the game. Hell, even A SINGLE NEW HELMET that isn't ported from the original version would've been an incentive.
I'll try and end on a high note, because I'm a longtime fanboy and Halo is very near and dear to my heart. It's really WONDERFUL to be able to play Halo on the PC with the m&kb. I've wanted this for a long time and can't wait for the other halo games (Especially 3) to hit steam.

TL;DR game is okay, but just a basic port without much love and care put into it. ppl stopped playing and it's a little embarrassing to even bring up the game at this point. :/
Thanks for your time <3
So is this game seriously going to launch on PC with the Dropship turret bug? It's not listed in known / resolved issues, and it's frankly below the standard of Halo.
Multiplayer Feedback Competitive Playlist
Game: Halo MCC: Reach (PC) and upcoming titles

Issue/Feedback: As a long term die hard Halo fan (since halo 2), and an FPS competitive player of many games on Console and PC, I am expressing my concern on behalf of the competitive community.
The AA advantage with controllers that is not being addressed, silenced and brushed off each development update is destroying any chance of a competitive scene to thrive on PC. Halo has an enormous potential for pro circuit and a competitive community on PC and can be obtained by adjusting one issue in competitive.

Supporting Factors
  • This has been the most controversial topic on the waypoint forums by far
  • Amateurs, pros and streamers alike have agreed it is an unfair advantage.
  • Countless youtube demonstrations shown.
  • Players like myself who have tried both in a competitive setting and can feel how much easier it is have expressed their feedback
  • The 1st Halo Reach PC Tournament Finals was 4 controllers vs 4 controllers
  • Players can rarely find games (if at all) in competitive playlists on PC now. It should be blatantly obvious the competitive scene on PC should be already thriving even with just reach.
I am not here to "complain" for my own sake. But for the sake of all of my friends and peers who have been excited to play this game on PC for years and to play in a competitive balanced unbiased environment.

I am the only PC KB/M player on my friends list remaining. My "team" of 8 players that wanted to pursue the competitive scene (some x-pro fps pc players) have long passed and laughed it away as if it were nothing.

Competitive PC players are not going to stick with any game that doesn't address balancing issues or unfair advantages.

I fear if this is not addressed a HUGE opportunity for 343 and for Halo as a whole on PC will be missed.
People still seem to be afking in game modes and I know they're handing out bans pretty well now but it still seems to be a problem

  • 4v4 objective auto starts: 4v4 auto slayer is a great (and necessary) addition but I see no reason we can’t have 4v4 auto objective. It is clear that auto starts offers a very different game experience than the one offered by precision start; it is also clear that part of the community looks for that kind of gameplay whilst the other one prefer precision start. So why not just splitting every playlist in auto and precision start? There’s no harm in that; people who don’t care will just include both in their selection. As it is right now people who like auto starts are forced to play slayer. That’s like 1/10th of what this game can offer.
  • Player ID unlocks progression tracker: let us check how close we are to unlocking a certain player ID item (banner, emblem, etc.). Not only that but let us see what we have done to unlock something once we have unlocked it.
  • Game specific menu themes (UI) and soundtracks: it would be great to have game-specific “themes” we can choose, not only for the main menu but also for in-game menus you navigate when you press start. As of now the UI feels pretty generic. How about unlocking a theme every time a game comes out? For example: right now only Halo Reach is out, so we could be able to choose between a Reach inspired theme (a copy paste of OG Reach UI) and the generic MCC theme. When Halo CEA comes out, we gain access to the Halo CE inspired theme. There are already mods out there that replace the background of the menu with Reach background, so I guess I’m not the only one asking for this.
  • Reworked nameplates, Halo Reach style: compared with the other nameplates, the Reach nameplates are gorgeous and have character; on the other hand, the rest of the nameplates feels very generic and bland. The difference between Reach nameplates and MCC nameplates is striking when they are next to each other, it feels like they are not even supposed to be in the same category.
  • Let us select more than one player limit option in the match composer: I don’t like that you have to pick either 8v8 or 4v4 in the match composer. Let us pick both of them at the same time; it would also considerably shorten the time required to find a match.
  • Let us manually select the matchmaking region: I hate that you have to wait for peak hours to have a chance to find a match. I also hate that the game sometimes puts me (EU) in a NA server even in EU peak hours. Let us include/exclude specific regions in our research. A game like Rocket League for example allows you to manually tick/untick each individual region.
  • Cross-platform as soon as possible: I cannot stress this enough: cross-play would be a life saver for the MCC, it could possibily delay the game death by 2 or even 3 years. In my opinion it should be the top priority right now and as such it needs to be implemented as soon as possible. I mean the game is already there, it’s not even a matter of aim assist since we have that already on PC for controller users. Please focus on implementing cross-platform playability!
  • Custom bindings for controller (especially push-to-talk): how am I even supposed to use voice chat as a controller user?
  • Centered/classic crosshair for each individual game: the only game in the MCC that originally used centered crosshair is Halo CE; every other game used the lowered classic crosshair. As such, I choose classic crosshair but Halo CE feels off with that. So let us choose a certain crosshair setting for each individual game so we don’t have to manually switch every time.
  • Make use of the featured matchmaking playlist: since you rotate a matchmaking playlist on weekly basis, use it as a playground to test gamemodes that the community asks for. No one cares about minigames, except for the nameplates you unlock by playing them. There are lots of custom gamemodes/mini games out there already. Instead, experiment with gamemodes people would actually like to see in matchmaking; gather data to check if the community actually enjoy those; if they do, make it a regular playlist.
  • Let Steam friends appear in your in-game friends list (with their Xbox name).
  • Rework the UI, especially the match composer.
  • Chat set to [ALL] by default instead of [SQUAD].
  • Option to hide/resize the chat box.
Halo Reach
  • Vanilla (non-TU) matchmaking playlist: what TU did was making Reach play more like the classic Halos (it introduced bleedthrough and reduced bloom). It would be nice to have a vanilla playlist because now that we have all the Halos at once, Reach would stand out with its unique pre-TU features. It’s not about whether TU makes the game better or worse, it’s just that there’s no point to an Halo Reach made to resemble Halo 3 when we can play Halo 3 itself. No one will play Halo Reach when the “good halos” will come out, so I think a Reach vanilla playlist would be beneficial since it adds to variety. It would give people a reason to still play Halo Reach from time to time.
  • Versus and unlimited firefight matchmaking playlist: limited firefight gets really boring really fast since it’s so easy to beat. Let us pick other variations, not everybody likes to steamroll the covenants ending with 15 lives left. The survival aspect of firefight is actually one of the things that made people like it in the first place. We need matchmaking for these two since custom games get laggy when the AI is involved (firefight and campaign), no matter the physical distance between players and the connection quality.
  • Fix the audio.
  • Fix smiley face on Six’s chest.
  • Post-processing effects (AO, bloom…) on a par with the original: as I understand it, PP effects don’t scale with resolution so they look worse on 1080p and 4K when compared with the 720p version on the X360.
Halo: CEA
  • Enable radar in matchmaking multiplayer: apparently the motion sensor was removed in matchmaking games because the majority of the competitive part of the community wanted it removed. So why not disable it in the ranked playlist and leave it as default (enabled) in the social playlist? What’s even the point of a ranked playlist if you remove core features of the game across all matchmaking just to appeal the competitive community anyway? The radar is supposed to be enabled in multiplayer; I understand that it might make the game less skill-based, but for competitive gameplay there’s a whole playlist already. Playing without radar feels off. Quite literally every Halo had motion sensor and to me it became one of the features that defines the gameplay of Halo. Honestly I think it’s quite an idiotic decision to disable it across every matchmaking playlist.
  • 3D sound with reverb, and other Gearbox port related issues: since the game is based off the Gearbox port, it lacks the original sound quality it had on Xbox console Halo CE. The same goes for various graphical shortcomings the game has when compared with the console version.

Feedback: Since Halo Infinite is going back to a classic-esque art style, is there any chance that the multiplayer player models for Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer could be swapped out for the campaign models? Or at least give us the option in customization? The elites could have the minor armor, the ranger, honor guard and perhaps even the councilor armor, and the spartans would have the remastered Chief's armor, just in different colours ofc.

Long shot in asking for this but don't ask don't get :D
So is this game seriously going to launch on PC with the Dropship turret bug? It's not listed in known / resolved issues, and it's frankly below the standard of Halo.
Dropship turret bug?
Sk1llF4ll wrote:
MCC Halo Game: Halo 3/Halo 4
Misc: Will you be bringing back the modular system of armor customisation for halos 3 and 4? It feels like such a significant downgrade that I will sorely miss from the original games.
yes i believe they will, if reach can why not 2A, 3 and 4
S1imothyJ wrote:
So is this game seriously going to launch on PC with the Dropship turret bug? It's not listed in known / resolved issues, and it's frankly below the standard of Halo.
Dropship turret bug?
probably the transparency issues it has
S1imothyJ wrote:
So is this game seriously going to launch on PC with the Dropship turret bug? It's not listed in known / resolved issues, and it's frankly below the standard of Halo.
Dropship turret bug?
probably the transparency issues it has
Ohh that. Didn't really see that as much of an issue to be honest.
Something I personally have noticed:

I don't know whether it's my keyboard (Roccat Isku) or my settings, but I can't help but notice that it's exceptionally difficult to strafe while playing via M/KB. Am I alone in that, or am I missing somewhat of an easy fix that would make my life considerably easier?
MCC HALO GAME: All of them
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Aiming is uncomfortable because the game doesn't allow multiple decimals in sensitivity options and there's only one scope sensitivity. my sensitivity is currently 2.7. It's too fast. I would like it to be 2.65 but that's not possible. so I either play with way too fast sensitivity or way too slow. Also if I set up my dmr scope sensitivity then I can't use sniper's scope since it's too fast. If I lower it then I can't use dmr scope since it becomes too slow. Manually changing the sensitivity through config won't work either.
REPRO STEPS: All of sensitivity settings. move the sliders. it's only one decimal.
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