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[Locked] MCC Feedback (PC) - March 2020

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MCC: Halo CE

Issue: Audio is in stereo instead of surround.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Crouching while moving with a controller
  • REPRO STEPS: Just try crouching while you're moving with a controller.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Pretty embarrassing I felt the need to make this, seeing as it's literally in the update notes IN GAME that the issue was fixed for KB+M, yet it's still not right with the controller. Absolutely incredible.
The Xbox version currently has a "set across all games" option for controller settings. Right now on PC someone would have to set there keybindings multiple times; once for each game. I would like to see the Xbox feature implemented in the PC version for both KBM keybindings and controller settings.
MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach

The graphical issues from the Digital Foundry video ( , article: , the video illustrates the issues better though ) have still not been mentioned in the last development update, from which I'm assuming that they aren't being worked on.

These issues (again: they're explained better in the video; I'll explain a small portion of it here in case you're not watching the video) are e.g. Bloom (the graphical effect, not the weapon mechanic) and Ambient Occlusion behaving very differently (or incorrectly) than they did in the Xbox 360 version, they seem to be downscaled substantially in comparison to the original version to the point were they're hardly visible.

I have contacted support about this (about 2 months ago), who said that they passed it on (whatever that means) and also told me to write a post about this on this thread, which I have done. But, again, these issues are not mentioned in the latest development update, so I'd like to know if they are actually in some way being worked on. A player just has to know if he actually has to wait for such a major fix, or not. So, please, you have to at least communicate this!
MCC HALO GAME: halo anniversary

ISSUE/FEEDBACK:i got givne a ton of achievements for halo CEA when i started it for hte first time, i have played it on xbox MCC but this didn't happen with reach
co-op on halo ce not working
co-op on halo ce not working
Can you elaborate?
MCC HALO GAME: Halo Anniversary

I was very excited to see the game release, but quickly realized the original graphics were not fixed (Gearbox issues), and while I understand a lot of people might play with the new graphics, I much prefer the old look. Without the fixes it is just not worth it to play, unfortunately. Halo CE with mods (FOV etc.) is still more enjoyable to play, and I think that should not be this way. Since the game was already on PC, I think a lot of people really want those fixes from this release. It would be nice to hear these are being worked on, however I cannot help, but feel a little disappointed after these two releases. I really love the fact that you are bringing Halo to PC, but I wish you had a bigger team/more resources, so it could really get the threatment it deserves. Hopefully in the future it will become better and better!
MCC Halo Game: Halo CE Anniversary
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Halo CE (and by extension, Halo 2) should have support for 4-player co-op online, like the rest of the games. Only being able to play with one friend, sucks. One should be able to go through all of the games with the same group of people.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When using the terminals in the remastered visuals, for a very short moment after pressing the PC "Use" key before the video starts to play, the controller "Use" key shows up instead of the PC "Use" key.
  • REPRO STEPS: Use a terminal with M+KB
I waited until CE released to see if this would be the case, and it turns out it is. Can we get the option to use different graphics settings on different games? For example, have Halo CE always run in "Enhanced Mode" and have Reach always run in "Original" or "Performance" settings. My PC can handle CE, 2, and probably 3 just fine, but struggles slightly with Reach and probably H4 when that comes out. Having this feature would definitely help a lot of people, including myself.
Hey, my friend is having an issue with his HALO CE on PC. After downloading the 6.5gb game, he opens it to find that in the "changed installed games" section, it appears that the campaign is "pending" and the multiplayer is unticked even though he ticked them both previously. Now every time he closes the game and tries to open it, he has to download Halo CE all over again, even though he made sure that they were both ticked when he exited the game. Is there a fix for this issue currently?
ACHIEVEMENTS ARE BUGGED, in weird ways, back when halo reach launched, i would get the achievement for completing a mission on legendary.. when i started the mission, this stopped about halfway through the game

Today, as I logged in, i got achievements for HALO 3 ODST, which isnt even on pc, pls fix i like to earn achievements not have them handed to me
MCC: Halo: Combat Evolved

Issues: - Wrong sounds in campaign
- Original halo theme is completely replaced with anniversary theme
- No anti aliasing
- Wrong character model in customization menu
- HUD is wrong and not the original one
- Gearbox port problems still not fixed
- Still cannot exit ghost from both sides
- Enemy names are in the middle of your screen instead of on top of their head
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo MCC PC (MS Store) (Reach add-on only)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: MCC tile is now bland instead of the usual image, now only filled with dark blue
  1. Download the latest MCC update (1.1384.0.0) from the MS Store
  2. Pin the MCC tile to the Start menu
  3. Notice the issue
MCC: Halo: Combat Evolved
- enemy artificial intelligence having problems in combat.
- I am noticing some bugs involving sound, when I kill an enemy and it enters the wall

otherwise the game is perfect for me, I didn't notice anything outside so far.
Please consider adding advanced graphics options, one of the differentials of the PC is being able to choose which options to leave active, not only for performance, but also for visual pleasure.
Options to disable such as AA, DoF, Bloom, SSAO or any post-processing effect are most welcome!
Got an achievement for Halo 3 ODST when I started the game after the update.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo: CE (PC)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The sound effects related to the charged attack of the plasma pistol are extremely buggy, frequently playing at the wrong time, overlapping (which makes them louder,) persisting longer than they should (even after switching weapons,) or being delayed.
  • REPRO STEPS: Happens constantly when firing single shots, or charged shots immediately after single shots
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: I also noticed that the low health warning beep sound effect is not looping properly. It kinda stutters when it repeats.
when i boot up mcc on pc the halo ce campaign is still not selectable for me to play. What am I missing? thanks.

edit: Now i cant even get to main menu. screw this crap. just as bad of a release as the first time tried mcc. good luck, be back after the dumpster fire is put out by some group that knows what they are doing.
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