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Halo reach
ADD MORE MAPS.... where are all the good forge maps. me and my only friend who still plays are constantly getting same few maps in the rotation.
ADD OBJECTIVE AR SPAWNS. Dmr spawns are the worse game modes and thats all but ar spawn...

Halo CE
60FPS OR CANT PLAY: I have a 144hz monitor inorder for me to actually hit players with the pistol or sniper i HAVE TO USE 60FPS. the pistols weapon spread on 144hz looks like a shotgun went off 60hz looks like the snipers crosshair
AR SPAWN MAPS: Remove these weapons bring back original weapon spawns. no one wants to use the flamethrower it kills me and the guy more than anything
Halo Reach and Halo CE:
Really enjoy being able to use scroll up and down as inputs, i've assigned them to Zoom in/Zoom out, and when it works, it works great. Unfortunately, every now and then, it also lowers volume while not zooming. I thought it was a hardware thing but is happening with multiple types of mice, both wired and wireless. Wired keyboard as well. Have installed/uninstalled everything, still happens, though frequency did decrease. It seems to happen only if I am holding down a keyboard button and then scrolling up or down. Doesn't happen every time, maybe like 30-50% of the time. I am unable to reproduce the error in other programs/games, which leads me to believe that it is a software issue.
Senior4337 wrote:
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MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach
FEEDBACK: Move Invasion to the Social playlist or place it into a rotating playlist. I haven't found a game since January and would genuinely be interested in seeing the stats on the number of total Invasion games played in the past month. It's probably very low.
They should merge Invasion into BTB

Hey Postums, are you guys dead? What the hell is happening?
Disagreed, invasion should stay where it is on competitive, if it was on social nobody is going to play the objective, maybe 2 or 3 on the team but the rest are just going to completely ignored it.
Can I ask how you came to that conclusion?
1. There are already other objective game modes present in Social and none of them suffer from this.
2. The only thing separating Social and Competitive at the moment is an arbitrary number based on wins used to balance teams.
3. OG Reach had no Competitive playlist and Invasion played fine.
4. In my opinion Invasion was always one of the sillier game modes akin to Action Sack and never felt competitive.
MCC HALO GAME: All (multiplayer)
FEEDBACK: Better/functional controls to resize, move and scroll the chat box. At current, the chat box is wonky and doesn't always auto scroll. The lack of manual scrolling makes reading messages impossible. We should also be able to resize and move the chat box. We're big boys playing on real monitors now, we have the screen space.

MCC HALO GAME: Reach (multiplayer)
FEEDBACK: Mulitplayer map rotation. This has been said before, but it bears repeating until the situation changes. There are several very good maps that aren't being used, particularly in the 4v4 playlists. I've noticed these tend to be the larger maps like Highlands, Ridgeline, Breakneck, and Hemorrhage. There was noting wrong with these maps in 4v4 games before, I don't see how that could have changed from the original release.
1Anyone like me got a problem using the Bluetooth headphone on win10 with MCC(PC)?I mean,there isn't any sound when I turn it into stereo type in the Xbox Game Bar,It can only work in the Handsfree type.
And I used to have problem with Easy anti cheat,it can't launch the game
All gametypes and medals available in all games. I'd like to be able to play Headhunter in Halo 3 for example.

Long time Halo fan here. My friend and I have played Halo together for over 15 years. I love the series, and I love the concept of MCC for allowing us to continue playing the games that we had so much fun playing back in the day. I do have some MAJOR complaints, though.

The matchmaking is TERRIBLE at creating a diverse gaming experience. More often than not, if I say "I bet the next map will be Powerhouse", my guess is correct. Sometimes we will play 20+ games in a night, and have only seen 3-4 different maps in that time. This was never an issue with the old games when they were standalone games, so I blame this on the matchmaking engine used by MCC (I have a similar experience on the XBOX, so this seems to be more of a MCC specific thing, than a PC specific thing). In addition to the re-playing of the same maps over and over and over again, it seems that more often than not, when selecting multiple game modes to search, we just end up in SWAT (probably because there is more of a player base in SWAT, but that shouldn't mean that I can't have a diverse gaming experience). In my opinion, if you're going to offer the option for me to select multiple game types, the system shouldn't force me to play 15 games of one game type before mixing it up and giving me something else. (The reason this is so annoying, is that I LOVE SWAT, but my friend doesn't enjoy it so much, and he prefers Slayer. I don't mind Slayer, but it isn't my favorite thing in the world, so it would be nice if we just could get a healthy mix of both, not 15 games of SWAT to 1-2 games of Slayer. And God forbid you want to add another playlist like snipers in with the two previously mentioned, because that just lowers the odds even further, BUT YOU'LL GET YOUR SWAT GAME ON!)

The XBOX beta app for PC is GARBAGE. I realize this isn't a direct fault of 343's, but it does hinder the playing experience significantly when more often than not, one of us in unable to launch the game, and a repair has to be made (or a complete reinstall) to play the game. (As I am writing this, my friend is re-installing for the 4th time in 2 weeks because yet again, it won't launch).
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  • FEEDBACK: In more and more matches (usually big team battles) griefers are abusing boot system. Tactics they use include body blocking doorways, damaging friendlies to near death, or running in front of friendly vehicles to get betrayed. This is especially problematic in CE where friendly vehicles can splatter so easily. The current boot system does not address these griefers at all (in fact they're using it to boot regular players). I suggest a votekick be implemented as the simplest solution. But really anything that deals with this would be nice.
The sound issues in this game have stopped me coming back to play from day one.

I really don't enjoy not being able to hear people around me. The issue was specifically related to Halo:Reach of MCC.
I would like to see that addressed in the future.
MCC Halo Game: Halo CE (Multiplayer)
Feedback: Halo 2 shouldn't even be started on until Halo CE is fixed. The Halo CE beta felt like pre-pre-beta and the current state feels like pre-beta. One common issue I've been getting on all my PC's that isn't gameplay related is getting randomly booted from a game before it even starts. Session connects, all players are in, and suddenly "Leaving Matchmaking" popups and freezes. I have to kill the game process in order to get out of it. I feel as if this is very widespread, as more often than not you'll load into a game and someone will immediately drop out. Best part? You will have to serve a 1 minute ban afterwards. Nice.

Bullet spread was implemented for both the pistol and sniper. For those who think that this is tied to framerate, it's not. One reason the bullet spread is so high is the obscene amount of input lag. We're talking 50-60ms of input lag at all times (which is why guns shoot so slow too!), which is at least an improvement to the 100+ during the beta. At times the Pistol is as accurate as ever, and other times you'll have bullets shooing outside the reticle while standing still. Do a side by side comparison with the original game (which I've sunk thousands of hours into) and you'll see it's not even close. In the original game, the pistol felt crisp, quick, and shots always registered (on a good server of course). Today? The pistol is slower, less accurate, and at times will not register at all. Much of the same can be said about the sniper also.

Lets talk about servers! In any other game known to man, you select the region you're from and you will play on servers within that region. This game? Hello no! You'll play on US West, US East, North Europe, you name it! If the hit reg wasn't bad enough just wait till you're thrown on a server halfway across the world. Now your shots won't do squat. This encompasses much of what is wrong with matchmaking in this game. You can only select a group of gametypes, rather than the exact one you want, you can't select the maps you want, can't select the region you want, and of course can't select the exact server you want. Some people may like this, but this isn't how Halo 1 was played. The option for a classic server browser is a must, let the young kids who don't know better use matchmaking.

17 years ago Halo CE was released on PC and is still one of the best shooters to date. Today, that same game has been re-released in a completely unplayable state. It's regrettable that CE was released the way it was, but I hope that 343 will attempt to fix this hot mess they've created and do so in a timely fashion. Fingers crossed.
Fix the spawning system, it's very annoying when the enitre enemy team spawns right next to you or when you spawn into a fight and die immediately. Very annoying.
hello, is there any ways i can unlock the armor of halo reach. I am playing from Asia pacific server and i can`t even get to play multiplayer as there`s no crowd in this region. help me please.
I'm almost 40 and played Halo Combat Evolved back in the day for countless amounts of hours, I prefer the original Lobby approach that Bungie/GameSpy had for finding, hosting and joining multiplayer games as it took me a while to figure out how the modern multiplayer interface worked in MCC maybe I'm just too old now...

But back then you could host your own dedicated server setups and have custom maps/modes revolving 24/7, is this still possible or are those times dead and gone now?
Miss/other feedback:

The menu UI is awful. It’s hard to see who is in your lobby. I was very confused overall when I first started playing. It’s not very intuitive. It took me like 30 seconds to figure out how to start matchmaking.

Selecting maps and game types for custom games is a nightmare. You can only see 3 at a time and it scrolls horizontally. Why is there even a thumbnail?
Its pointless. It needs to be in a list and sorted vertically. Text only.

the original Halo UI was pretty much perfect. It was very intuitive and practical.

90% of my frustrations with MCC is the UI and menus.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Splitscreen is abscent. I know the priority is to get the games on Steam as soon as possible, however at least we need confirmation splitscreen will be patched in. COD did it. Without it, MCC on PC will objectively never be the "first class" experience we were promised and will be at the shadow of the Xbox One release.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Continuously keep getting connection interrupted error messages when I have 78 ping for multiple servers. restarted my game a few times and problem persists. please fix
I still dont have sound in reach

but I guess we're not fixing that anymore, my tickets haven't been responded to for weeks (pre-existing lack of support pre-corona)

Luckily CE has sound. But animations are broken, checkpoints freeze and you cant progress without multiple restarts, sound cues dont fire.

What are you doing
Maybe I don't quite understand what the settings mean for matchmaking, but on team games for social it says "Team Matching None," and yet it really doesn't seem like that is true. Matching solo players seems to be what I get from reading that, but quite often there are teams of 3 and sometimes 4 that match up against individuals that join solo. Correct me if I'm wrong and if that team matching as none means something else. If you're going to match players against players in the same lobby containing 3 or 4 you should just say there is a possibility of matching players in a party to keep wait times minimal. Again, I may be wrong.

However, what I'm not wrong about is saying there should be an update to the max look sensitivity rotation speed. There has been additions implemented, but 10 sensitivity is seriously antiquated!! Not every player will change their settings from current configuration, but there are players, including myself, that feel EXTREMELY restricted by the slow rotation rate we are capped at. Every match I play there are several times that I've gotten killed because of how absurdly slow 10 sensitivity is! Despite common conjecture that it's nearly impossible to have amazingly consistent aim on a high sensitivity, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Ideally I'd say:
Horizontal Look Sensitivity: 15
Vertical Look Sensitivity: 15
Look Acceleration: 15
Both Dead Zone options are always set to the lowest number possible that doesn't make the reticle start drifting all over the place.

For any player that won't have the interest in the faster sensitivity is irrelevant, but it's rather ridiculous after all of the years Halo has been around the rotation speed is unforgivably slow!
Yeah I really DO NOT like the current matchmaking system in Halo CE... searching for players for so long now.

Please bring back a server lobby so the player can choose what server/game mode they want to join and not force them into a server that could be on the other side of the world with a map and mode rotation they do not wish to play.

Bungie and Gamespy had this nailed.
HALO MCC GAME: Entire collection
FEEDBACK: Allow users to exit campaign mode upon finishing a mission, having to wait for the next mission to load in order to properly exit the campaign is slightly annoying.
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