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[Locked] MCC Feedback (PC) - March 2020

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  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3
  • FEEDBACK: Add Firefight to all Halo Games!
Halo CE (PC)

Can we get a 4v4 ranked playlist and a ranked FFA playlist? Need to fix the input lag on mouse and keyboard. Fix registration and teleporters. Shot registration people keep dieing when they are behind walls/cover.
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Campaña en pantalla divida lo mismo que multijugador
Aim-assist for controller is way to overpowered, please remove it before the game dies...

Fix the spawning in Halo CE, spawning near teammates in tiny 4v4 maps its a spawn killing paradise right now.
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC on PC. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach & Halo CE Anniversary
  • FEEDBACK: Singleplayer is great, but matchmaking is totally nonfunctional. I fear that I am the only player online in the entire southern pacific. I have no ability to change what servers I join. When I tried using a VPN, I couldn't use Xbox Live. Getting into multiplayer is very difficult as a result, to the point I've given up entirely.

    I love halo, and would hate to uninstall this game and forget about it. I really miss multiplayer. Please give me the option to change my server settings. I won't complain about lack of voicechat ever again, I promise.
FEEDBACK: Allow players to revert the aiming functionality to that of a normal PC game. Recently, the aim/zoom function on KB/MS was updated to match its behavior on controller joysticks, where right-clicking multiple times would switch through zoom modes; 0x > 2x > 10x > 0x > repeat.

On normal PC games, clicking the right mouse button should only briefly bring up the viewscope/zoom, and holding the right mouse button is required to stay in zoom scopes.
I got very accustomed to the MCC PC launch behavior of zoom, and bound my "toggle zoom" button to pressing middle mouse button.
I would very much appreciate an option to switch back to "PC game" zoom controls, where rapidly clicking the mouse button only "plays with" your viewscope, rather than spastically switching through zoom modes.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Essentially I'm looking for a setting similar to "Crouch behavior: HOLD" for zoom scopes, but with an optional single-key keybind for cycling zoom (right now we're forced to have a zoom in AND zoom out).
I've put hundred of hours into Reach PC already, and I will continue to do so, but please!

Give Reach PC a multiplayer revival,
Add new modes that will cater for those who like competitive matches, not ranked but in a social aspect that all can play
Add social non-bloom DRM slayer, just give it a try!, heck even keep the abilities and radar in.
Add virtually anything that will stop people quiting out of games
Add a game type that's not going to be deserted in a week
There's so much potential with Reach PC, and as the first in the lineup for PC, i'm shocked its
been forgotten about so fast, is this an vision of whats to come with the remaining flights?

I'm a huge Halo fan, that has already been putting in the hours, but why am I waiting for the next release
in a hope it might boost the population, when it can be sorted right now but improving some very minor
and trivial things!
  • FEEDBACK: I would like to see split-screen co-op on the PC. I know that this is easier said then done. I like how the program manages the XBL connection instead of relying on the OS (I believe Gears is relying on the OS so I doubt that they will ever get split-screen working). I mainly would like to play firefight and campaign with some of my room mates. I am the only one that has a PC capable of running the game and we do not own an Xbox. At this point, I do not care if the second account can sign into XBL or not. You can have the program create a guest account without XBL integration and I will be satisfied by that. I really hope to see this feature flighting some time soon-ish.
  • MCC HALO GAME: All but as of now, specifically CE
  • FEEDBACK: Remove the option for an open mic on PC. As of now while playing CE multiplayer, there is no way to mute a player. So I only have two options during the entire game. That is either mute all in game voice chat, or get to hear every desk, mouth, and background noise from one person. Make controller plays still use a push to talk and keep that the standard like it on most modern PC release, especially ones with a competitive multiplayer option.
We DESPERATELY need a "party up" option. I don't want to get on discord to find teammates, and manually searching and inviting people is obtuse, especially when they are already in another match by the time you invite them. I have also seen no news at all saying whether or not there will eventually be crossplay with xbox, or if it's even something 343 is considering.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo CE (PC Multiplayer)
  • FEEDBACK: Team-damage/betrayal detection could really afford to be improved (that's the tl;dr). As it is now, it allows some very game-breaking griefing without any way to punish or remove the offenders. It happened again just now - an ally can continually follow and shoot you, keeping your shields entirely depleted, and as long as they don't fire the killing shot, the system's cool with it. Conversely, if this teammate who's following and harassing you sees you get in a vehicle (to get away from them, for example), they can stand to whichever side you intend to move, forcing you to splatter them. Since Spartans accelerate and decelerate more quickly than the vehicles, they can either keep you locked down or bait you out and jump in front of you without telegraphing their intent to do so. The vehicles in CE splatter super easily, even at exceptionally low speeds.
I splattered this guy once as he hopped in front of my ghost as I was chasing down the enemy flag carrier. A few minutes later I pulled a Hog up to my hidden flag-carrying brother to give him a lift out of enemy territory in a pinch, and because I bumped him ever-so-slightly when I pulled up & we were taking fire, I was immediately ejected from the game I'd just spent 10 minutes enduring, because it counted me as a repeat offender when I took that last 3% of his HP.

So even though I endured way too long of this guy trying to get me to abandon the match, I ended up being booted anyway shortly before it was to end. All it takes is one griefer to ruin the entirely of a BTB match. People either abandon one-by-one to get away from him (what I'll do in the future), or they get kicked because someone else decides to be a -Yoink- for kicks.

It's a really rough experience, and it occurs in far too significant a portion of H:CE's BTB matches in particular - I guess because they get to ruin the game for twice as many people that way? Reporting them does nothing to remedy the issue when you're facing it, and if I abandon matches every time it happens, not only is my team permanently down a man who can't be back-filled, but the griefer can just move on to another target to imbalance the teams further. Plus, I don't want to face the match abandonment penalties because someone else decides to be a -Yoink- for no reason. There is no recourse, it's exceptionally frustrating, and it ruins the experience entirely.

Frustration's at the people doing it, not you guys, sorry. It would be nice if the system detected team damage more intelligently, maybe factoring in total team damage dealt rather than just flagging the killing blow regardless of whatever else - or if it was more lenient if you splatter friendlies at low speeds, or whatever - I trust you guys can think of a million better solutions than I can. Votekick could be abused and I'd prefer a system which doesn't need it, but I'd rather see people abuse a votekick system sometimes if it means we'll be able to remove the griefers occasionally as well. Much better to be down one man than to be down a minimum of two when a griefer spends his own slot making another teammate useless.

Thanks for listening 💚
MCC GAME: All (in MCC Menu)

I enjoy the amount of customization there is for your profile in MCC. There is one minor issue I have with the avatar and nameplate system though. When an avatar is locked, it gives a summary on what you have to do to unlock it. However, when an avatar/nameplate is unlocked, this description is removed. Most of the time, I get my nameplates seemingly randomly, and I end up having no idea what I did to unlock them. Here's some pictures of the issue I'm talking about.

Again, it isn't anything that game-breaking, but it would be nice to know how I got my nameplates. Thanks for your time!
Que elhub sea el mismo que el original
For Reach on PC I was wondering if you guys could make a solo playlist for firefight, ideally legendary infinite firefight, it it's possible, thanks.
Issue: Connection interrupted error every single time I try to play a co-op campaign with a friend. I submitted a ticket about this and was told that I needed to open NAT settings on my router. I went to my router and all NAT settings were already enabled. Just to be sure I disabled an re-enabled them and I still received a "connection interrupted" error.
Postums wrote:
Can you please give us EU players the ability to search by server location.. The fact that this option doesn't exist is ludicrous since it was a feature from a 10 year old game -Halo 3. It's unbelievable frustrating to play a competitive game at 120 Ping in 2020. you may as-well forfeit the match against an opponent of a similar skill level.. and since the servers are always bias to american servers if there is an equal ratio of EU/NA players its just like well.. whats the point playing.
This is something we have heard quite a bit and it is a feature currently in our backlog. I don't have a status update on it at this time however. But please make sure to check out our monthly blogs as it relates to this specific feature. February's blog is the latest HERE.
Thank you for the response appreciate it. I think the community would support me in saying this would be a great feature to launch with H2,
First post for me
MCC-PC: All.

I was wondering if there was a way to put bots into the multiplayer. Just like there was way back when the only game was Hale:CE.

Been a blast being able to finally get to start playing the Halo time line on PC.
Thank you for all your guys's hard work!
Stay safe!
It would be great if Halo 2 PC Remastered allowed the option to have in-game engine cutscenes with the new remastered graphics. Not a fan of the Blur pre-rendered ones.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The campaign with anniversary graphics is unplayable for me because i keep getting the
LowLevelFatalError D3D Device Lost error. I have a gtx 950, and I have tried limiting frame to 60, (30 is unplayable for me, sorry) as well as underclocking my gpu AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. Still, within 2-10 minutes of playing the campaign, my game crashes, it is incredibly frustrating that I cant play this game, and I hope for a fix otherwise i wont be able to complete my all games on legendary goal.
This is happening to me on the second mission, though there has been a few crashes on the first, it wasn't frequent enough to make the game unplayable.
It would be great if Halo 2 PC Remastered allowed the option to have in-game engine cutscenes with the new remastered graphics. Not a fan of the Blur pre-rendered ones.
That might take ALOT of work, this is how it would look since they never intended for the cutscenes to play with the new graphics,
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