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  1. Create a Waypoint post where users can vote on maps and game modes to remove from multiplayer and what community content to add. Reach's "Wayont" comes to mind as irredeemably bad.
  2. For the time being, use community mods for Halo: CE to fix the graphical issues in classic mode, such as the imposter Captain Keyes, broken shaders and missing effects. It literally would take like 10 minutes to get the whole thing done and send it out.
  3. Add 6v6 and 2v2v2v2 (as a mode in 8p FFA) into casual. 6v6 would have Squad Battles for 2A, 3, Reach and 4; Invasion for Reach; and Dominion for 4.
I absolutely would love to see these three. Especially with the last item, with cross-play, connecting to a game is nearly instant, so there's far more opportunity for more gametypes.
I've heard recommendations that any 6v6 gametypes should be added to the 12 player option and just rename it to 12 (TEAMS) so Infection wouldn't be alone. I've felt like my online Halo experience hasn't had a lot of fun variety so these would definitely be loved. And if 2v2v2v2 gametypes are added to 8v8, I would be so happy. Give us 24/7 Rocket Race <3
I think, before adding new gametypes, 343 should focus on the highly requested multiple size options so that no new gametype modes are neglected and everything is accessible from the matchmaking menu:
Needing to disconnect my Infection Matchmaking from my standard matchmaking just makes it less fun.
MCC General Feedback/Issues:

  1. As of now, one day after the server crash that occurred on 1/7/2021, when I boot up for server playlists (action sack, infection, and other social games w/ the respective games selected) I am experiencing a "leaving matchmaking" bug. The server will take an extended time loading the required player count and then when complete will remove me from the match and prompt another search. I think this is a temporary server error but I wanted to share it nonetheless.
  • Add Xbox One controller key-bind option for voice chat - this would allow controller users to be able to use voice chat w/ the gamepad (using the keyboard keybind for voice chat (especially Push-to-Talk) temporarily disengages me from my controller)
  • Add aim assist toggle off option for controller settings - the AA is overwhelming IMO in certain instances and long-range engagements (i.e. I am scoped with a BR or Sniper and tracking an enemy but another player comes into view and disrupts my aim)
Edit: I'm not experiencing the first issue consistently when I boot up MP rn
Since Halo 2A and 4 pushed for greater cosmetic differences in Infection, it'd be cool if Halo 3 had the same treatment through a fleshy, organic, infected techsuit.
Would love to see Audio sub-menus for each game, just like the controls/keybinds tab, get added in 2021, seeing as they all have different audio levels for each of the audio categories. Also, an option to CHOOSE which aiming type you use, instead of being forced to use the hybrid of both, maybe being able to choose between both the hybrid and the singular forms of aiming in would be nice for people that dislike the hybrid ADS (me)
Please please PLEASE add dialogue subtitles during gameplay to all of the games in the collection. My friend is hard of hearing and can't really enjoy the awesome story in these games. It's also just helpful to be able read them, even for people who have good hearing, sometimes intense firefights can drown out important lines!\

From what I understand, English subtitles are already available on the China version of MCC. It can't be that hard to port them over, right?
Allow tier/rank ups to still give out season points for rank ups. Theres no real incentive to leveling up at the moment. It sucks.
aside from that we NEEEEED a better leaver system. I find myself constantly across all games in these battles against an entire team with me and 1 guy or even just myself. Heck even vice versa. Maybe this goes hand in hand with no real incentive to continue playing but also because theres no punishment behind leaving besides a minute or two that stacks.

Other then that the games are great i love it.
Give CE it's original HUD back, the current HUD isn't good at all.
remove recon swat!!!!!!!!!!!! it is TRASH. leave og playlists ALONE
  • MCC HALO GAME: The entire collection
  • FEEDBACK: The crosshairs for every weapon in every game do not scale with FOV, causing them to be much bigger than they really should be when playing at higher FOVs. Please allow us to customize crosshairs, or at least have it scale with FOV. With the way things have been, precision weapons are basically unusable at higher FOVs because the crosshair ends up being inaccurate, and even obtrusive in some cases. And I'm not talking about ridiculous FOVs either. Even at 106, the crosshair is big; and I would imagine going higher would be even worse.

    Pretty much one of the main things holding M/KB back in terms of playing MCC. Not only does playing on controller give you Aim Assist and Bullet Magnetism (both of which basically negate the effects of recoil or bloom with most weapons), but playing at lower FOVs makes your crosshair more accurate. Not that there is anything wrong with the assists given to controllers, but M/KB players are only further handicapped by inaccurate crosshairs at higher FOVs.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Album showing the crosshairs at different FOVs:
FEEDBACK: It seems that recently the map and gametype rotation for the infection playlist in social games was changed, which has made it much less fun. It seems Isolation, Narrows, Snowbound, Epitaph and Guardian account for 90% of the matches . These maps are also the worst as the Last Man Standing always just ends up jumping off the map for two minutes or getting 'outside the map' (the maps could be removed entirely from the playlist they are so un-fun). I can't remember the last time I got to play on The Pit or Avalanche. Save One Bullet also now seems to account for 90% of the games (again, this gametype could be entirely removed). These seem to be common opinions in the chat during games. Thanks for keeping infection a constant though!

I think a playlist with the Halo ODST equipment for Halo 3 would be a cool addition too. Like the one that was up when ODST launched on MCC.

FEEDBACK: Love the swat games here. I'd like to see more maps in the rotation: Boarding Action, Chiron TL-34, Rat Race and maybe a couple bigger ones with longer sightlines?
I joined a CE game and without firing a shot I was kicked and autobanned for a minute for quitting early. As far as I could tell I was the only one on the team who didn't get a betrayal kill because one group immediately started teamkilling before I even got out of the base total time in the match was maybe 15 seconds. Was that a bug or a feature?
Can someone please explain to me why ~7/10 attempts of meleeing/engaging in fist fights with enemy players will result in me getting killed instantly by those?

Also theres a glitch in spartan ops episode 10 chapter 4 regarding marked targets in the hud, as seen here
I also submitted a ticket for this
Seriously, the frequency at which Swat Magnums comes up is absolutely horrific and I'm getting absolutely -Yoink- sick of it. I've played ten games tonight, SEVEN of which have been magnums. STOP IT! IT'S NOT FUN. I don't play SWAT to get stuck with a magnum almost every game. Tone down the frequency or make it its own -Yoink- playlist!
Halo 3: Infection

If possible, could you make folk who suicide join the infected? There's this little exploit people are doing where they jump off cliffs into kill zones on infection maps until the timer goes out, getting an artificial victory. It's a little annoying. Not sure if this is an issue on the other games though.

Just, if it's possible, please. Thanks!
Would really like to see the medal tracking feature come back again in Reach.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3 Matchmaking (but should be considered for other MCC titles too)
A couple nights ago, I'm playing Big Team Slayer on Valhalla. I am the first to get to the sniper rifle and I immediately get a triple kill off the bat. My teammate then proceeds to betray me and take my sniper rifle. The very next game, Big Team Slayer on Avalanche, same thing happens; I am the first to get to the sniper rifle and a teammate betrays me and takes my sniper. Not to mention I also got betrayed probably 3 more times after that in the same game on Avalanche (by two teammates).

You might think I had the option to kick a player after the first betrayal, however, these people who troll their teammates have figured out how to get their teammates killed without getting kicked. They can either:
  • Shoot at you until you're weak and then the enemy can easily kill you.
  • Wait until you take damage from the enemy, and then they can betray you and the enemy is credited for a kill
Please turn off friendly fire in social matchmaking! This is ruining the playing experience when people can betray/shoot at their teammates without any punishment. I think social matchmaking would be a lot more of an enjoyable experience if this was turned off.

Some of you might say, "What if you're playing CTF or Assault and a troll just hangs on to the flag/bomb and ruins the game? We can't team-kill the player?" Okay, so maybe there is a case for leaving friendly fire on in objective-based games. But for social slayer games, I think the experience would be a lot more enjoyable for players if friendly fire was turned off.
GAME: Halo 2

FEEDBACK: I would really like to be able to uninstall Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer while retaining Classic Multiplayer - groundhog takes up a pretty large amount of disk space by itself, so it would be nice to be able to get that space back while still being able to play Halo 2 MP.


GAME: Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST

FEEDBACK: I am interested in crossplay for the campaigns! I know it's already being discussed, so I'm just adding my voice to this request. My brother plays on Xbox while I prefer PC, so it would be cool to play through the campaigns with him again.
Feedback:Could the noble six armor be added to halo 4 and 2 aniversary multiplayer.
Please add additional online safety and cyber security features to allow us soldiers to safely play and reach our potentials.
FEEDBACK 1: Toggleable 30Hz Tick rates in Offline modes or custom games

Have toggleable 30Hz tick rates for non Matchmaking game modes.
AI and Physics behaviors should be set to 30Hz timings.

This is to facilitate testing of Bugs in comparison to Legacy in these areas:
  • AI Behaviors
  • Physics (Reach's Pillar of Autumn Secret DMR Crate is flung further than the Original)
  • Item Spawns (Halo Reach falling needle rifle in Condemned, Halo 3's Cortana's Blind Skull, Halo 2 Great Journey Wraith)
  • Legacy Specific Bugs and Tricks (H2 Super Bouncing, Ghosting, Original Sword Fly timing)
There are also 60Hz specific tricks such as the Deployable Cover Launch in Halo 3. Therefore it is also neat to have the option of still using them. Though by default all game behaviors in campaign, firefight (Including Firefight matchmaking) and custom games should be set to 30Hz by default with interpolation.

For players that may be unfamiliar with these terms, having a 30Hz tick rate does not have to imply that the framerate is set to 30 FPS, as the Halo games have frame interpolation, meaning than the framerate can be higher than the game logic.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Sword Fly timing could also be adjusted in 60Hz Tick rate to mirror 30Hz Behavior (By allowing the red reticle range of the switched weapon to remain an extra frame in 60Hz)

30Hz tickrate in FF Matchmaking could improve connections and AI behavior, specially since behaviors like brutes getting stuck on railings could be a result of their AI behavior glitching out while interacting with a 60Hz environment.

FEEDBACK 2: Interpolation Improvements

In Halo CE, frames are duplicated. It would be ideal for them to have an interpolation system similar to Halo Custom Edition's Chimera mod for smooth visuals at 60FPS or more.

In Halo 2 interpolation is faulty in some areas. Particularly in Hand animations and projectile interpolation as the projectile effect updates at a rate consistent with the tick rate but not independently from it as it should be expected visually.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Video demonstration of Halo 2 interpolation
FEEDBACK 3: G-sync and Fast Sync and FreeSync support

Currently MCC only supports V-Sync on/off. Without taking advantage of these GPU features. It would be ideal to have the titles support this.

FEEDBACK 4: Analog Keyboard support

MCC lacks native Analog Keyboard support and it is wrongfully detected as a controller device. Which enables controller aim assist features and controller prompts this is undesirable. This means analog input from keyboards cannot be used in certain matchmaking playlists as well, so unfortunately their analog input has to be switched off in the MCC.

Analog Movement is key to Halo gameplay. Please add this feature.

This is a feature request and should not be taken as a bug ticket. I do not yet own an analog keyboard to send tests on the Halo Support Site ticket.


Eruaphadian's Original Analog Keyboard Post (12/4/2019)
Wooting Analog Keyboard SDK (License allows for commercial use)
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