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Welcome to the feedback thread for Firefight.
  • Campaign Feedback goes HERE
  • Multiplayer Feedback goes HERE
  • Misc/Other Feedback goes HERE
The purpose of this thread is if you encounter an issue or have a suggestion or general feedback related to MCC Firefight. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • REPRO STEPS: If it's a bug/issue, please provide the steps taken to reproduce this bug (if applicable)
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.

Map: Beachhead

Found a couple of issues/glitches after first installing the game on Steam;

1. Invisible covenant
At a certain point during a private game with my friend, the models for the living covenant AI disappeared. I could not see them, but My friend could and was getting killed by them. Links to screenshots:

2. Nonexistent hallway?

From the start of the same match, there was a hallway in the pavilion I could access as an elite, but my friend could neither access nor see (the doors to it were closed on his end). I could not shoot out of this hallway nor throw grenades, but I could freely move in and out of it, and attack afterwards. Now, Personally I thought this hallway was a neat addition, and especially considering it gives spartans an alternate escape route, but it wouldn't be helpful if it could be used only by one team.
Links to screenshots:

3. Respawning every wave?

Again, since the start of the game on beachhead, as an Elite, I constantly was being respawned every wave. It made it difficult especially when I was in the midst of battle, and I could find no work around. I do not have any screenshots for this.

Thank you for your time and effort.
Bring back the solo queue
For Halo Reach, report issue :

Every time i launch solo firefight, i have the music, but just black screen at display, and i have to do alt+tab to quit the game

Would love to see some solo queue matchmaking for firefight. Having score attack back would get me more into firefight as score attack was my favorite, trying to get a score higher than my friends always brought me back. Firefight needs more of a selection in general. Honestly, I do not like heroic and arcade fight is nice but gets old pretty fast. Maybe something new for firefight matchmaking? I remember there being more before Bungie took some things out like score attack doubles (or dual score attack? I forget what its called). It was a two player score attack mode.
Reach Firefight Feedback:

Please bring back the ability to select/vote on the map/game mode
Halo: Reach


I'm sure it's already in the works, but a leaderboard system similar to the one already implemented for the campaign (as in divisible by Global, Friends, etc.; show kills, score, players in the lobby, etc.)
Toggle Zoom doesn't work for me, toggle zoom is bugged no matter what i try with toggle zoom it takes like three of four attempts to zoom on locations, can anyone else try the toggle zoom out and report back? i'm using a recently new logitech gamer mouse (Gseries G603) & an expensive next gen i7 as of 2018 gamer PC. Planetside2, counterstrike and all those other games work fine, but the toggles on this game are sounding problematic.

I prefer using toggle zoom than having to click zoom a hundred times every 20 seconds, i prefer pressing it once than a hundred times but with halo reach i need to press it a hundred times to get it to work, this is game breaking for me if i can't zoom without having to press it four times as it bugs on me.
I've found if i disable toggle waiting on a server then renable toggle zoom when i enter a server it actually limits how frequently it happens, updated drivers logitech firmware, everything and it keeps happening, even on single player campaign mode it happens
Halo: Reach
Firefight Matchmaking ( and kind of pvp )

Game Breaking Bug

Essentially the game will "load", and when its done ( in about 5 seconds ), all enemies that are on the map will become invisible, and the scoreboard will reset to 0

It's best described with video evidence:

When this happens you can:
Still see weapon projectiles/grenades they shoot
Still see dropped weapons when they die

This happens about every 2 minutes or so
However this doesn't turn every enemy invisible, if an enemy is on a ship, they will not turn invisible
You are shooting enemies who are walking towards you, and this bug happens. They all turn invisible and you die because you cant see them.
You respawn and still cant see them, however a drop ship flies in, dropping off enemies, and you can see them, so you shoot at them and hope you don't start getting shot at by the invisible enemies.

This doesn't seem like a common bug people are having, one of my friends said he experience it once, when he was on my custom firefight, but it didn't happen again afterwards. No one from chat who i'v asked has expressed having this bug.

Thanks for reading.

Seems to be tied to fps, when I added the 60 fps cap, it didn't fix it, but greatly improved it. Happening only 3 times in a FireFight, instead of around 15 times.

Arcade Firefight is having the bug just as much, but it seems like its not turning enemies invisible as much
This happens sometimes in pvp as well, but as it doesn't turn players invisible, it's not as much of a problem, though it gets me killed sometimes since it puts me mia for potentially 10 seconds
This does not happen in my own custom game
I never experience internet problems in any game (= I don't have bad internet ever)
I participated in one of the last flights ( flight #3? )
Firefight doesn't reward anywhere near enough XP/credits. I can earn the same amount in a 25 minute game as I could in a 10 minute multiplayer match.
Bring back vote system and gruntpocalypse
Ranked fire fight even if its just behind the scenes for better match making
In Custom Firefight when I select Classic Firefight or regular Firefight it instead gives me versus mode. I just want to play Co-op firefight with my friends but instead it gives us Spartans vs Elites.
I'm having an issue where the game freezes when I exit the lobby at the end of a match of firefight while the match end timer is running. Which for some reason the game won't let you stay with the previous party so there's no reason to wait for the end of match timer. Sometimes the freeze lasts about 30 seconds, sometimes it hard crashes and the game wont even respond to Alt - F4.
Players can grief in firefight with the plasma pistol. They can spam disable friendly vehicles and force their teammates to die by locking them in place. They can do this repeatedly with zero consequences, and if a player leaves the match early to avoid this kind of griefing, they get penalized with a cooldown.

Why can teammates harm friendly vehicles to begin with if friendly fire is disabled? They shouldn't be able to destroy or shut down a vehicle that is manned by a teammate.

Not really isolated to firefight but the assist spree medals are the old 360 reach icons, whereas the assist medal seems to be Halo 4s (maybe 5? I didn't play 5) icon. Just an odd inconsistency and the sprees look out of place based on the art style of the other icons I have seen. I haven't checked against shotgun sprees/sword sprees/laser sprees/sniper sprees though, so it could be a common occurrence.
I cannot for the life of me understand why people are not for map voting. Map voting lets you choose what you want to play and where you want to play at. You get to choose which maps you are the best at, the maps you know the best, and the maps that give you strategic advantages over the enemy team. You can't even pick the maps or game mode you want to play in firefight. How is this a thing?! We are just thrown into random games with random armor abilities and random weapons?
Please, 343, make some drastic changes to Reach. Please.
For firefight arcade can we get back the gamemode from 360 where you had different weapon classes to choose from (active camo with dmr and sniper, fuel rod and needler ect) also can we please remove the grenade launcher mode? From the people I have played with it seems like nobody else likes it.
Please implement regular Firefight matchmaking. Rocket spam is fun and all, but it gets kinda stale after the first... two or so matches.
Can we please add a normal difficulty classic/ limited fire fight to the matchmaker arcade is taxing after like 10 games and I and my group of battlefield friends have yet to complete a single match of heroic limited
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