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Welcome to the feedback thread for Misc/Other.
  • Campaign Feedback goes HERE
  • Multiplayer Feedback goes HERE
  • Firefight Feedback goes HERE
The purpose of this thread is if you encounter an issue or have a suggestion or general feedback related to MCC Misc/Other. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • REPRO STEPS: If it's a bug/issue, please provide the steps taken to reproduce this bug (if applicable)
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
setting up MCC to use the legacy xbox name format instead of the new one implemented 6 months ago is an absolutely bizarre choice... The numbers that are intended to be hidden should be hidden
The achievement sync between Xbox MCC and Steam MCC isnt working properly. It unlocked 51 of my 291 earned Xbox achievements at launch for steam.
  • MCC HALO GAME: PC Halo Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Gun effects sound very quiet compared to the rest of the effects in the game.
  • MCC HALO GAME: PC, all games
  1. In-game sound issue: Audio muddy/muffled, especially when hearing gunshots, sprinting, walking, ambient/sound echoes emitted by other players, etc. Direction of the sounds inaccurate.
  2. Allow players to use "NUM -" as a keybind. "NUM +" works for me, but every time I set "NUM -", the game sets it as "NUM enter" for some reasons. Video
  3. Add a framerate limit of 120, 144 and 240.
  4. Allow players to skip Xbox Games Studios/343i intro. It's taking too long.
  5. (EDIT: I think it's better or faster to add a second column for keybinding): Add an additional or "alternative option" button for mouse scroll wheel. Some players may like the way we can set the scroll wheel button as it is right now. For example, Some prefer to switch weapon by scrolling both up and down, some prefer to scroll down to switch weapon and scroll up to magnify zoom.
  6. Sniper magnified zoom must reset every time I unscope when using MKB. It feels weird to re-zoom and have the magnification on.
  7. ALLOW MKB players to hold zoom when holding zoom button just like we can do on a controller, despite we choose toggle to zoom. Also allow zoom magnification when toggling zoom twice(can also hold to magnify) I WANT THAT PLEASE!! Video comparing zooming mechanic on controller and MKB
  8. Add input-based matchmaking option to match players using purely MKB. Changing input during a game is not allowed when input-based matchmaking is on.
  9. Add a key to walk slowly (same speed as crouching). Could be helpful for camo.
  10. I am positive 343i is heavily monitoring any kind of trickery that cheaters can do to set their mouse as a controller. THERE IS AN XBOX 360 CONTROLLER PROGRAM THAT USERS MAY USE TO EXPLOIT. This is one of perhaps many examples that need to be considered as an auto ban.
  11. Is RAW mouse input by default ON? Currently there is no way to know in-game.
  12. The random 1 minute ban needs to be removed. It is a waste of time for no reasons. Also you shouldn't be banned when your entire team leaves during the game.
  13. Add a custom game browser
  14. (NEVERMIND, it's actually not taking that long after all. Thank God there's a prestige system.)The progression system needs a rework or double or even quintuple the amount of xp we get. I refuse to grind for the pieces of armor I desire, TWICE, especially when we can't use our points to buy any pieces we want. It's not 2010. We grew up, therefore we no longer have the time to grind, TWICE.
  15. Add a keybind option to mute MCC audio. I alt-tab a lot between games.
  16. You can hear enemy team voice chat
  • Thinking ahead:
  1. Auto switch zoom button when dual wielding in H2 and H3. For example, zoom is my right click button: when I dual wield, my new zoom button is Q so I can fire both weapons using my mouse buttons.
*List is being updated*
Written by a french guy.
The default FOV and mouse sensitivity is way to low. took a little while before I realized my mouse was slower then a turtle.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Audio is muddy and sounds low quality. Has zero punch to it.
No way to change resolution, so I'm forced with native res, even though I have a 2080ti. I want to run in 4k super sampled, but no chance. *** This can be fixed by using a none borderless option, however there is no way to run super sampled. Ew. Its 2019.

No way to change anything really. Anisotropic filtering? Object fade distance? AA settings? Nope, nothing... Just console settings, and it looks awful.

The sound is totally messed up. I have a 2.1 system, and yet my gunshots are quieter than the rain in the first level. The voices are very quiet too.

Oh and I can't load the game via the gamepass app, only via a shortcut in my start menu.

Not a great launch guys, I thought this was in beta for ages...? What were you doing?
Issue: “J” can’t be bound to any other command because it is locked to the chat window.

As a left handed player that uses movements and mapping around y,g,h, and j this is made it so I can’t use j to move right, if there is any fix you guys could make to let open chat window be bound somewhere else on the keyboard I would be forever grateful :)
Gavavva wrote:
No way to change resolution, so I'm forced with native res, even though I have a 2080ti. I want to run in 4k super sampled, but no chance. *** This can be fixed by using a none borderless option, however there is no way to run super sampled. Ew. Its 2019.

No way to change anything really. Anisotropic filtering? Object fade distance? AA settings? Nope, nothing... Just console settings, and it looks awful.

The sound is totally messed up. I have a 2.1 system, and yet my gunshots are quieter than the rain in the first level. The voices are very quiet too.

Oh and I can't load the game via the gamepass app, only via a shortcut in my start menu.

Not a great launch guys, I thought this was in beta for ages...? What were you doing?
Change to fullscreen screen mode and you open up custom resolutions
[MCC for PC, Steam version] Ongoing list, editing when I spot something new.

1. Can we PLEASE get a second column of key bindings? This is a standard feature of PC gaming for over a decade. I want to bind both 'mouse wheel up' and 'mouse wheel down' to change weapon. I know there's only two weapons but still... I want to also bind score screen to both 'Tab' and 'Tilde'.

2. Can we please also get a raw mouse input option. I want to directly use my desktop settings.
2. Additionally, I'm seeing feedback from other people that the mouse sensitivity box should allow further decimals for come tuning, ie: X.XX. it currently only works in X.X increments.

3. Can we also please get a native / system gamma setting that uses the desktop one too?

4. Please let us re-bind PTT to something other than 'V', so we can use 'V' for whatever we'd like instead. This is especially important for left handed people.

5. Please allow us to toggle the old school scope/zoom functionality. One click, 5x, second click, 10x, third click, scope cancelled. This magnify zoom just feels wrong to those of us who are used to the console style, and it's being forced upon us. I'm actually getting used to it but I still think it should give players the choice of the old style they prefer.

6. Please, PLEASE fix the audio. Why did the game launch with such a HUGE issue? Audio is a COLOSSAL part of any gaming experience. Gunshots should have 'oomph'. Transitions should blend. "The new codec didn't work correctly" isn't an excuse. I dunno, but everything just sounds so compressed and muddy... Guns are the worst, they sound muted and muffled, like the weapon is behind a door when being fired.

7. Why can Text Chat also not be rebound? And while you're at it, why not create TWO text chat channels? One for 'Team-Only', the other for 'All'? Literally EVERY PC shooter in the past 20 years has had separate in-game chat channels for Team and All. It means if I want to type something only to my team, I'm S.O.L. without a Mic.

8. By extension of the above point, you may as well allow two different push-to-talk bindings; one for Team, the other for All.

9. Please don't unlock all campaign missions by default. It's just stupid. Make it so people have to progress to unlock them, as it should be.

10. Please provide actual graphical customisation, rather than just 'normal' and 'enhanced'. I'm talking real sliders and detail level controls, like EVERY PC game has had for the past, 20-25 years? This allows people to reduce effects that they find visually nauseous or distracting, and/or optimise the game to find a sweet spot between performance and visuals. Due to the different nature of PC hardware (as opposed to consoles which use unified hardware per system) people need the flexibility to tweak.

11. As above, but we need more audio customisation too. At bare minimum there should be the option to choose input device, switch between stereo/5.1/7/.1 etc. This is a standard feature of PC gaming for decades. I also would LOVE an option to disable audio when the game is minimised. Basically every PC game for decades has let you disable background audio, say when you're tabbed out watching a movie or looking up something online.

12. Please make the crouch button, if pressed while moving, auto-slow us to the maximum speed you can normally move at while crouched, and also crouch in the same fluid motion. This is a feature the Gearbox port of CE has had on PC for years, and also, yet ANOTHER standard feature of PC shooters. Furthermore, if we hold the Crouch key and THEN stop moving while the crouch key is still held, it STILL won't crouch until we release and re-press the key. I get that THIS is like it was on console, but it feels bad on PC like this.

13. Extension of the above -- PLEASE add a walk key. Typically I bind Left Alt (held down) to walk. Currently Reach on PC has ABSOLUTELY NO way you can walk. Walking on console is as simple as pushing the control stick forward slightly. On PC it's either 'run' or 'stand still'. Walking has two benefits:
a. It makes you invisible to motion trackers.
b. Machinima content creators and role-players use it all the time.

14. Please, if the centered crosshair is being used, lower the viewmodels for each weapon, then angle them up slightly to compensate. Don't pull a Destiny and block 1/3rd of the screen just because people wanted a raised crosshair. Better yet, consider adding sliders to let players manually X/Y offset the viewmodel (up to a specified limit).

15. For menus, please make WASD act just like the arrow keys -- so we can navigate the MCC menus with WASD. Nobody uses the arrow keys on PC to navigate the menus. Nobody. I know we can click, but sometimes it's nice to use the keyboard.
*Edit* A and D sometimes work, such as for changing a setting that has <> arrows, like FPS limit. But W and S don't work. When I'm on the choose a map screen, D instead opens the options and career screen. Why is it so Inconsistent??

16. When picking a multiplayer map when creating a game, if I move the mouse cursor over the 'scroll right arrow' to cycle the map scroller, the 'my game session' pane pops out far too aggressively, so it's often accidentally pulled out when the player's actual intention is to click a button.

17. BUG. Binding Mouse 1 to vehicle function 1 keybind prevents use of a vehicle's weapons. Completely. Even if you bind every vehicle function to a different key, the weapons cannot be used at all no matter what key you try. The same bug persists if you bind Mouse 2 to Vehicle function 2 -- completely locks the key out of doing anything. I assume Vehicle Function 3 suffers the same fate.

18. Can we please have more tracks added to the main menu than the... 2 or 3 there are? It's SO repetitive. Halo has this HUGE repertoire of tracks to pick from, but you pulled your punches big time. Why?

19. I have subtitles switched on but they only seem to show during cutscenes. In-game NPC chatter from my allies (you know, scripted, during missions)? No subtitles. Intended?

20. I'm playing campaign by myself, yet I get a pop up which pauses the game, telling me I've lost connection to Xbox Live and to click OK? Happened mid-fight on Legendary. Annoying, and utterly pointless. Does Reach on PC even use Xbox Live?

21. Please add numerical ping values next to, or instead of, the coloured latency bars in multiplayer.

22. Add more EU server support because EU players are constantly getting put on US servers. Also consider adding an option so players can specify regions they're not prepared to queue for. Some folk would rather wait longer for a more stable game than join a sooner game if it's across the world from them.

23. A dedicated server list is a MUST for a PC game.

Most of this list are just minor gripes, BUT the audio issue is the absolute enjoyment sapper on the list. It's even worse if i play with headphones. Audio sounds awfully compressed, like it's coming from behind a pillow. I may as well not have headphones on, and just use a smartphone speaker instead. This should 100% be your priority to get fixed.
MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach (PC)

ISSUE: The game doesn't properly autodetect audio settings or the audio is not handled correctly. I'm using headphones and I'm pretty sure the game is treating them like a 5.1/7.1 sound system. During the campaign voices on the Radio sound loud and clear, voices around me are much lower and gunshots are almost muted.

FEEDBACK: In general, more settings options need to be provided. Just having the option to set the sound output manually would have been enough to solve my sound issue (I believe) but not providing more options for graphics settings as well is really silly...


-Under Career->Stats-> Matchmaking it does not show total amount of deaths. Only kills, assists, etc. Can you please also add it to show total amount of deaths like stats should show. Maybe I am old fashioned but I like to know my precise KDA ratio.

-Second key binding column would be crucial. And a way to rebind keys including push-to-talk (V).

-The matchmaking menu is extremely frustrating. Why can't I search for 4v4 and 8v8 at the same time? Why are the playlists indicated with funny pictures instead of text without having to scroll over the logo to see what it contains?

-The menus in general seem very confusing. Too many fancy logos spread out horizontally, when a vertical setup with text menus would seem a lot easier.


Add some ACTUAL colours in the armor customization. Every colour is so dark and bleak they practically look the same. I know Reach is a sad story but can we get some proper colours to look better and stand out.


When opening the text chat window in-game, it does not close by pressing enter. It forces you to manually write something and send it before closing. So if you open it by accident, another press of Enter key does not close it.
Hey I keep getting Fatal UE4 crashes, is there any known fixes for this?
The game should have at least two keybinding options. It's really disorienting not being able to have both scrollwheel up and down set to 'swap weapon.' I also like to use the side buttons on my mouse for melee but also sometimes the f key. It's super important to have an option to bind the same action to multiple keys.
Only 76 out of my 500 achievements from the xbox version unlocked when I launced the game on steam.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach, PC
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Game unresponsive when multiple keys are pressed.
  • REPRO STEPS: Driving, I can either have a press on the accelerator, or turn. Not both.
  • REPRO STEPS 2: If I'm moving I can't crouch at the same time, or throw a grenade for example.
  • CONCLUSION: Game is fundamentally unplayable if this made it past testing on top of all the other faults.

    EDIT: Refunded thee whole MCC on PC. This release is a buggy waste of time entirely. I'm sorely, sorely dissapointed after having excitedly waited for it. Considering the length of time Reach has been out and the size the companies behind it, this is simply unacceptable.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach, PC
  • ISSUE: Alt+Tabbing out when in fullscreen mode brings up the "Save Settings" screen and sometimes does not even tab out
  • REPRO STEPS: Set Window Mode to Fullscreen, then press Alt+Tab to tab out, the Save screen will appear and sometimes you will not be able to tab out properly
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach, PC and Xbox
  • FEEDBACK: I was hoping for a Reach LASO nameplate as it gives a further incentive to play LASO
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