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I would love to see a revamped version of the customization unlock. As it is, it feels extremely linear and narrowing and I'm forced to wade through unlocks I don't want in order to get to the things I do want. I feel as though the return of the rank/credit system would do wonders for this customization.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach, PC
  • FEEDBACK: Extremely high ping once I launch Halo MCC on PC that persists until I turn off the game, the high ping even occurs when I am just in the main menu, or swapping between menus, it can jump to as high as 1100ms as soon as i enter the Main Menu, where as my usual ping for ever other game is 28-60ms, also the ping is reported on my side, as in my Discord ping reading goes up and my connection degrades massively, not just the connection to the server being bad like it would be in other games if I was connected to a distant server (e.g West US)
  • REPRO STEPS: Just starting the game reproduces the problem every time.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Particularly bad once I press Enter to get to the main menu after launch, when swapping between menus (Firefight, Campaign, Multiplayer.) and when searching for, or loading into a game. Even on the closest server (North EU), the ping constantly exceeds 100ms and regularly jumps to extremes like 800ms.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach, PC
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Animations appear to be locked to 60fps no matter the actual game framerate. Also the pacing of these animations is not consistent, this results in visual stuttering and jittering which seems to get much worse at higher framerates.
  • REPRO STEPS: Unlock the framerate, observe animations (especially while moving your character) to be jittery and locked to 60fps regardless of game framerate.
side note: If game animations must be locked to 60fps due to engine limitations, one solution that might work for you guys is providing frame caps to consistently allow for frame doubling, so 120, 180, etc. Which might improve jittering. Although I'm not a game dev I'm sure its more complicated than that.
MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach, PC

  • Please give option to use raw mouse input.
  • Please allow for additional decimal places for mouse sensitivity.
  • Let us match our mouse sensitivity across hipfire and zoom levels based on screen distance. Currently can only match hipfire with one zoom level, making other scoped weapons feel frustrating to use. Either that or let us set sensitivity multipliers with multiple decimal places for each level of zoom. (2x, 3x, 5x, 10x)
  • Scorpion cannon significantly slower to aim than other vehicles.
  • Cannot crouch while moving with keyboard.
  • Cannot crouch jump with keyboard.
Add a new way to progress through tiers, in other words a new way to get season points other than just leveling up.
Or alternatively add a way to get the helmets you want to acquire without the need to unlock other unwanted cosmetics.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach PC
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When viewing Career, Achievements for Halo Reach, I would like to be able to filter the list to only show achievements I have not unlocked. As is, I have to scroll and it's dumb.
Cant hear the characters talking and my sound is constantly choppy and voices are inaudible.
I wasn't sure where to put this so it's going here
MCC Game: Reach
FEEDBACK: Progression and unlocks system, i and many others feel that you have replaced an amazing rank and cosmetic system with something that is the staple of popular games these days, a bland and linear battle pass system. Get XP to rank up, get 1 point, buy the next thing in the list. that linear system just removes all that was good about the original ranking system. which includes but is not limited to, freedom of choice and the will to actually try and rank up, being rewarded with one thing is just unrewarding.
ADDITIONAL INFO: please give us back the original ranking system and menus along with daily and weekly challenges
MCC: Halo Reach(PC)

I've been having a lot of issues specifically with multiplayer and matchmaking; the window to back out from a lobby seems tiny and although i select the option to bring my party with me, often it kicks them or leaves them behind. Another issue i'm having frequently is if im partied with 1 other friend; sometimes it will put us on opposing teams; is this intended? because its very much disliked, i understand balancing and all that but we're not pro level out here to be getting seperated like that. Another pain point to add is that the MAP selection for some game modes, like SWAP seems to be either extremely limited or has annoying repetitions; i believe on a single night i played 20 matches with over 50% of them ending up on boardwalk....
Halo: Reach(PC)

  • Bring back crouch/strafing on keyboard to dance on bad kids.
  • 2 v 2 hardcore types/More competitive (snipers, swat, ect)
  • Allow us to buy things like in Halo:Reach vanilla where you choose where to allocate the points.(Also, I finished Campaign mode in legendary on solo and i was expecting my Master Chief helmet! WTF BRO?!)
  • Better sound to hear people around you would be nice... I heard that it's a lot of spaghetti code though.
  • Cross plat would be nice, but I'm sure that's still a couple of months away...
  • Assign scope to just the ADS(right click) only. I mean on controller you press the right joy stick. I don't mind spamming my right click to scope on different scopes.
  • Hands free mic usage! It's hard to push to talk with V!! I already have both of my mouse buttons assigned to melee/scope
  • Map pool needs to be bigger (Could we have filter options?)
  • Spawns are a bit outta wack!
Halo: Reach (PC)

No Forge and Theater until 2020?

Forge and theater are the perfect self-sustaining marketing machines. You give these tools to the community and creators will just keep pumping out content, creating a bigger and more loyal PC Halo Community. These two modes would really help with growing the player base or at least keep it stable. I really cannot understand why these were not given priority.
Halo 1 and 2 and 3, are next. Those games are quite outdated compared to Reach so their buzz will be even shorter. The player base needed to be build with Reach. Not having Forge and Theater will significantly hamper that.

General/Minor feedback:
I wouldn’t be able to blow a bigger raspberry over the current XP progression system. I understand and can (to a certain extent) appeal over the simplicity of a tier-based system but it was a completely unnecessary “improvement” over the credit system.

Playing Reach on Xbox years ago with an offline connection and around an hour and a half could get me enough credits to attain roughly five new armour components. On Reach now I can level up through XP every half hour or so but I have to purchase items using the seasonal points...sequentially?

I’d much rather be awarded credits to directly purchase the desired armours.

Can we PLEASE add a spin/rotation function in the customisation menu? I actually want to see my spartan from every angle. Especially with the helmets. Waiting for that idle animation becomes really frustrating.

Almost forgot; not earning any kind of progression/reward resource from campaign or custom game modes kinda irked me. I know many people who tend to stray from the competitive side of the game. The old Reach was appealing regarding the capability to earn credits for completing campaign missions. That’d be pretty rad too.
FEEDBACK- Ragdoll physics in multiplayer don’t seem to be working properly for me despite them working fine in campaign and firefight, corpses are stiff and don’t move after death despite them normally being able to, this isn’t anything big but I wasn’t sure if this was intended or a bug.
REPRO STEPS- Defeat an enemy player, walk up to their cadaver, and attempt to move their corpse via bullets or melee. (Grenades work)
ADDITONAL INFO- I’m not entirely aware of this is just me or anyone else, or if it is intentional

The season tier unlock system seems a bit redundant; why give us tokens if it is linear progression? Why not make it so that each season gives a pool to unlock from in whatever order the player wants? That way there is some player agency in what order they wish to unlock the items, and have different tier pools which must be completed before advancement to the next.

More Urgent
For the love of God could you please give us some sort of feedback on the state of split screen play for the PC? It's been a fantastic experience so far and your transparency up until this point has been phenomenal, however this radio silence on split screen has a lot of people worried.

I know the audio issue is being worked on but it really is jarring, keep up the good work :)
  • MCC HALO: Reach, pc
  • feedback: muilt forge world does not load,
The splash screen intro uses its default volume instead of going based off the user set master volume of the game. As a result it is deafeningly loud for me every time I launch the game. Please make it use the master volume or at least just make it a little quieter.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach PC (MCC)
The UI:
The UI in general is clunky, bloated with needless redundancy, unintuitive to use, and in need of a complete overhaul. Understandably not all aspects of the original Halo Reach UI can be ported over, such as player model previews in lobbies, but completely changing the menu layout seems unnecessary and severely damages accessibility and user friendliness. Not a good first impression to a new player.

Player search
  • Why is there a dedicated button to open the steam overlay, but players have to click a friend icon, then their own nameplate, to search for players? What is the point of pressing the friend icon before being allowed to click on a nameplate for player details? Why is there a dedicated button for the steam overlay when steam already has its own hotkey built in, and it has been officially stated that there is no intention to allow joining friends through steam to work with player lobbies? Why not have a dedicated button for finding players instead?
Invites/Friends list
  • Why do invites simply not send sometimes? Why are players sometimes forced to view their player details screen, which is incredibly unintuitive to access, before they can see incoming/pending invites? Why do friend requests simply not function on Windows 7? Why can they not redirect through steam? Why does the friends list not display steam friends? I am not interested in the technical reasons for why a friends list cannot function on an entire OS of the userbase, these are rhetorical questions for why that was seen as acceptable and why a functional resolution/alternative was not pursued. The friend and invite system needs a complete overhaul of its function and integration.
Lobbies (especially custom games)
  • The redesigned layout of lobbies and custom game options only further compounds the problems of the UI by actively clashing with it. Why are some options like changing teams hidden behind player nameplates? Why not just have a team select button right next to where the tag showing what team the player is currently on? Why cant the player just click this tag to cycle through or choose available teams? Why are maps and gamemodes listed in scrolling horizontal bars that interfere with the lobby UI instead of located in drop down context menus like they were in the original UI? The horizontal scrolling doesn't even wrap around when reaching the end, forcing players to click through lists of potentially hundreds of variants with only 5 or so visible at a time.
  • Add the ability for the host of custom game lobbies to lock team selection and assign players to specific teams.
  • Combine Player ID and Customization to the same menu. There is no reason to separate emblem, service tag, and nameplate customization from the rest of player customization unless they are intended to be preserved between game titles. However because so much of the rest of the UI needs to be reworked, retaining this one menu between all game titles seems a rather low priority. Why has the service tag been reduced from 4 to 3 characters if they are not preserved between game titles?
  • Fix nameplates no longer displaying their unlock requirements once unlocked.
  • Fix the color/emblem preview from sticking to the last option moused over. With the current menu design it is difficult if not impossible to leave the preview menu or change a different piece for preview without mousing over some other aspect of the menu and changing the preview unintentionally. Rearrange the UI to prevent this. Display previews to armor pieces and whether they are locked/unlocked without having to click on the menu object to display its variants.
  • Restore the ability to rotate and zoom in on player model preview.
  • The choice to lock certain emblem customization options behind game tasks is bizarre and completely unnecessary. All emblem and player customization options should come unlocked at purchase. Nameplate customizations should be reserved for tasks/achievements/challenges.
Please implement voting for maps like the good old days. Being able to choose allows players to get maps they prefer more often. Also please try and mix up the maps and variants for different playlists. Some of them are stale and we keep getting repeats of same stuff over and over. Also please fix the over adjusted aim assist for controller it makes it really hard to play against on mouse and keyboard per they have greater likelihood to land headshots with massive sensitivity decrease after reticle passes over player model. You guys have done a lot of good work making MCC into what it is today and I want to see it continue to grow. Thank you for listening to my spiel.
ISSUE: Crosshairs do not scale with FOV changes
FEEDBACK: Adjustable viewmodels would help with visability
ADDITIONAL INFO: Screenshots proving the issue.
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