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The game is good so far, the only small issue i'm having ,not sure if anyone else is, I enjoy playing SWAT (Not the best player though) but when ever i do play SWAT it does clearly state in the description "aim for the head" in which i do but i feel like half the time i shoot the enemy more than once in the head whether it be the at front or from behind or the side of the head. I'm sure SWAT is one shot to the head(Unless i'm wrong) not 2 or 3 (which 2-3 should be to the body but half the time i feel like it's like 6 or more to the body like what?? I may as well go play slayer if that the case or realism mode in Call of Duty to get the experience SWAT is suppose to have. I just find that unfair on players a like who may experience the same issue. That goes for the other Halo games on MCC too when i have played SWAT in the past. May be internet connection but most of the time I do have a pretty good connection 90 percent of the time so i doubt it.
One more thing is that i know you get a ban hammer for leaving okay fine, but when you get a ban hammer because you lost connection to you game. -_- That needs fixing.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach
  • FEEDBACK: My time with Halo Reach so far has been a wonderful experience and most aspects of the game have met a high bar for the remaster. My only piece of feedback is the lack of control with the current customisation/progression system. As a player I love to level up and earn rewards for doing so, whether that being cosmetic or otherwise, but i also like to pick what I'm being rewarded with. Call me a choosy beggar, but the freedom to select which pieces of armour I was unlocking (after meeting level pre-requisites) gave a greater sense of control over my personal armoury, without cluttering it with needless pieces I'll never wear. This, in tandem with the 'credit' system granted a sense of "I'm saving up to buy these pieces, this'll do me nicely" rather than a "Andddd another level up, another piece I'll never wear. Yay."

    Other than that, the multiplayer has been playing rather smoothly and I look forward to follow this, and the rest of the MCC, into the new year and beyond. Thank-you very much for reading and have a good day!
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Everitime when i play i cant move because my fps go down to 0 o 3 everytime i try to move, also esc key doesnt wqork when that happens, i cant play anything and im not the only one with this mistake i saw several messages talking aboput this are u going to do something? or do i have to ask for a refund or something else because i download the game 2 two days ago, two days that i havent played bcause of the bug
Festerguts wrote:
I don't know if I'm beating a dead horse but I think a change needs to happen with penalties for leaving matchmaking games. If it's social, there should be far less penalty for leaving if any at all. It sucks having to wait out a full match because 3 out of 4 guys left on the other team and the ONE guy won't quit because he doesn't want to get penalized, I understand why he won't leave, it's just a bad system. If that system is in effect then maybe make a join session/join in progress feature for social at least so randoms or the guy's friend can join. Ranked, sure yes, the penalties are fine but I still wouldn't mind if they were less harsh.
The solution to this is an intelligently implemented JIP system for social matchmaking. I'd really like to see 343 at least discuss this feature in one of their upcoming blog posts, because this issue is just coming up more and more.
The new progression system does a little pity: You have taken away the chance to get points and CHOOSE what to buy, in practice we are forced to complete everything there before if we want a certain thing, and you can do it only with multiplayer games, the campaign does not give you anything (while at least a little 'of points, albeit few, in original Reach gave them). It's not nice to take away people's freedom and force them to do hundreds of multiplayer games to unlock everything, in fact I correct myself, to unlock something they don't even want.

For the rest, I'm not having any particular problems with matchmaking, I find the games fast enough, especially if I don't put restrictions. Maybe it depends on the fact that I live in Italy? Because I've heard a lot of people complaining about servers in America. However, which key is used on the joystick to call up the team chat? While for voice chat? Hardly anyone talks about Reach, isn't it? Why can't you squat while walking? If v-sync is disabled, does the input lag resolve? Why not reintroduce the map veto system?
Loving the port so far aside from most of the issue listed here. However on pc dmr spawns in big team is pretty unfun. Maybe just ars and pistol spawns to get a better game flow on big team battle?
  • Halo MCC PC
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Big Team Battle needs to have loadouts of AR/Pistol, the effect of the reduced bloom causes players to camp bases and be severely punished for attempting to move up. Vehicles are punished in the same way of being melted till the driver dies than the occupants are free game.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Big Team Buddy Slayer on Spire results in a 15 minute uphill battle for whatever team didn't claim the spire first. Only suggestion would be the loadout change or increasing bloom.
Ensosen wrote:
So I just want to put this here and hope it is solves soon. My friend can't play multiplayer at all. It searches forever when he tries and never connects. When I am host we find a game it loads in for me but right as it starts and shows the names of all the players it tells him he is leaving the session. He doesn't get a penalty either so its weird to me that he isn't joining at all basicly. We can play co op and firefights together but that is literally it and since we don't get exp for story it is starting to drain him knowing he can't rank up unless we play only firefights.
I'm having that problem too
A few Issues i've noticed so far:
  • AFK kicker in Queue, no online system has this feature for games anymore. Instead they have an afk detector in servers to detect if a player is still afk after game start, generally a 5-10s timer if no input is detected.
  • being kicked from full lobbies for no evident reason is very frustrating.
  • Connection Interrupted when joining multiplayer games that a person in my household is in.
  • Being unablet to adjust or leave a multiplayer queue if you're the only person in the lobby. What is with that? sometimes sitting in queue for 5 mins in order to leave to go play solo campaign or adjust to a different game mode.
  • DEFINITELY doesn't feel like dedicated multiplayer servers, so much trading and lag
  • Maybe its how Halo was designed, maybe the maps are small, but I seem to spawn in people's crosshair's a lot.
  • Also playing on a 144hz monitor with 200-500fps, having similar blurriness/ tearing while turning, which is very jarring to the eye. please allow us to change push to talk & Chat buttons.
I hope you implement unlocks with skulls and terminals with the later releases in seasons! and we get to see the Hayabusa armour come back! :D
definitely my favourite armour
Push to talk button needs to be mappable.
Multiplayer games cause my internet to shut off. I don't understand how this is possible but it makes me uncomfortable enough to not play mmc.
I allready posted this on Twitter:
We played the Legendary campaign in under 3H together and only two of us got the nameplate.

This is not how it should work....
Hope fore a quick fix :)
Please Uncap performance XP.

Not only is this new system for unlocking gear worse than the OG system, but some genius decided to cap the amount of XP you can earn.
Intentionally or not, this is forcing players to grind for levels instead of being adequately rewarded for doing well in games.

Doesn't matter how well you do in a multiplayer match, your performance score will be capped at 8,000 which makes zero sense.

EDIT : I just wanted to add that I hope we can see the old system back, this new system has no advantages at all.
Get we get some Hardcore Doubles please. Thank you.
Please allow for an option to mute text chat. I don't need random people saying racist things while I'm trying to enjoy some halo. Thanks!
RBaziFX wrote:
Push to talk button needs to be mappable.
And you should be able to permanently have it pressed, especially for controller play. I'm not sure what was wrong with the old system of hot mics but giving everybody the option to mute players....
Ezio Wolf wrote:
The game plays very well on PC and I am enjoying it a ton, but I do have an issue with the ranked playlists. It seems that nearly every match I have played it puts me into a game with at least 1 player that is at least 6-15 ranks higher than me, and it can be either on my team or the enemy team. Me being a rank 3 and not that well adept in PC FPS games, it is slightly frustrating getting a rank 18 that has been playing PC FPS for a decade. I would like to see a rank range of something similar to a 2-3 rank variance.
For Xbox MCC most playlists had a +10-15 max rank variance. Some of this will be fixed as people continue to level up and there is less congestion at the lower levels. Also will have to do with population of the playlists and traffic during your standard time of play.
A nice quality of life change would be to have the jetpack activate on jump hold rather than the ability key (or have the option to enable this).
They added a feature where if you play on the bumper jumper settings you hit jump twice to activate the jetpack. Very good touch for controller players... not sure if it applies to KB&M though...
All seems to be working well. However, the lack of Reach playlists is a real disappointment.

We have Team Hardcore (which is for a small minority of players) and Invasion, which is a very specific game mode.

It would be great to have a playlist that is a mix of 4 vs 4 Slayer AND objective. For many people that was what Reach was all about.
Look in social, you can mix and match many different game modes
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When waiting in matchmaking lobbies players get kicked for idling in matchmaking while still ATTENTIVE to their PC.
  • REPRO STEPS: Queue for a matchmade game, then attempt to do literally anything with your life outside of the Halo REACH matchmaking menu, you will get kicked for trying to read a book, browse reddit, eat food etc. instead of flipping through random menu options while you wait in an 8 minute queue.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: This is stupid as -Yoink-. I'm matchmaking, I don't need to keep opening random menu buttons etc just so that I don't get kicked out of the queue where there is literally nothing to do. Now I am legitimately AFK in a game so that I can type this.
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