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Ok I have 2 things that i dont know if they are bugs or they need to be added. But here they are
-When you click on someones profile I cant see what rank they are. but if you click on yours you can see your rank just fine and it tells you the name of your rank.
-I cant see my friends list in game. I can only see them in the steam ( only by hitting shift + tab or by hits the steam icon in game. it will only show my friends that i have on my xbox friends list not steam.)
Make 8v8 AR+pistol start and let vehicles shine.
PLEASE lower or remove the controller aim assist
Playing against controller users is a real pain. Everyone might as well start using one on PC just to get ez headshots in swat.
Make it so we can change the device that is used to hear other players.
One problem I keep running into is when i try to go into the Player ID Section of the Options and Career menu. I click on it and nothing happens most of the time. The Player ID menu doesn't show up, and trying to press escape or anything to get out does nothing. I can click on the Steam button, the Settings, and the chat, but it doesn't let me do anything else, not even backing out of the Player ID menu. I have to open up Task Manager and end task for MCC just to get the game to close.
Halo game: Reach PC

I was never invited to the Halo Reach MCC flights and if I was, I probably would've written an entire novel about all my problems with the given feature set before launch, little late now but I’ll do my best to breakdown my thoughts in the least belittling way I can muster (sorry in advance).

Don't get me wrong the fundamental gameplay is spot on, besides the slight input delay which we already knew that was going to be a small issue at launch and from what I’ve noticed, is barely noticeable. Considering the sort amount of time put into that fix it looks surprisingly borderline flawless. That being said many of the quality of life features that the original game possessed and I expected are just straight-up absent. Even features that MCC previously had on the console but apparently Halo Reach MCC doesn't, specifically on PC as I’m unsure if that’s a thing on console. That is voting for a map, or even vetoing a map. Why are these features not in the game? I don't want to play Downlinked 20 times in a row, or honestly even at all. At the very least give me the ability to select which maps I can queue, or maybe even group some maps together to maintain queue times simply so I don’t get stuck with the same three maps over and over again. Honestly gets incredibly boring really REALLY quickly, and it’s only the third day I’ve been playing. Not even nostalgia can carry me through this one.

Alongside this, if I'm queuing a 4v4 gamemode (such as SWAT), if I don't hit the "Back" button within the first 2 seconds of finishing my game it'll stop working and instantly throw me back into another game. To follow this up, if you leave you supposedly receive a penalty. Completely unreasonable in my opinion, especially if I want to read the stats page after the previous game. For whatever reason, if I then needed to leave after my match to sleep or go to work on time, I can’t without receiving a penalty since I’ve just been thrown into another 12-minute game, essentially ruining the entire game for my 3 teammates since my personally allotted gameplay time has been exceeded. This has happened to me on a few occasions now, I’m not happy about it, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

This brings me onto my next issue, maybe autofill players into matches that are missing players. If the aforementioned scenario occurs to two of my teammates (which shouldn’t be an issue to begin with) pushing my SWAT game into a 2v4 scenario, there is honestly no hope of winning the game, and it just becomes AFK worthy. All map control is lost so getting shot from every angle at the same time is inevitable. Horrible experience.

Further elaborating, we find the game presets, and their accompanying map selections. I don’t know who decided to make every map that was popular disappear from the queue but it was the worst idea ever. When queuing big team battle, I get Tempest every time, brilliant. No Spire? No Hemorrhage? Just Tempest or High Noon every game? Is this a god damn joke? Are these staple maps given a 0.01% chance of appearing or am I the unluckiest person alive. Easy fix, MAKE A POLE SO THE COMMUNITY CAN VOTE FOR THEIR FAVOURITE MAPS AND WEIGHT THOSE ACCORDINGLY. Tip for anyone reading who wants to play Spire, queue Invasion because that’s the only map pool that hasn’t been a complete disaster. Back to Big Team Battle, what made this an amazing gamemode wasn’t the 8v8 gameplay, it was the vast array of weapons and vehicles that the maps had to offer alongside the action packed spontaneous gameplay that followed. Getting 2 friends online and all jumping in a warthog in Hemorrahage to get annihilated by a revenant is one of my fondest memories. Thinking I could relive such a grand memory in a remastered game was blissful ignorance on my part. I’ve never seen Hemorrahage on MCC, and I don’t think I ever will since I’m not queuing BTB with a 0.01% chance of being put on a decent map with no veto to then get stuck in a 15 minute game where I constantly think “gee maybe next game I’ll get a cool map”. Looking back, how gullible was I? Very, since it never happened… at all… and I’m three whole days into playing. Same issue with 4v4 gamemodes with maps like Downlinked. This is slightly subjective, but that’s why we need a pole so the community as a whole can have a say.

Onto the menu itself we find the mess that is armour customisation. This feature was honestly the most fulfilling experience to receive credits and spend them on whatever armour I wanted, in any order I wanted, via the original game. I read that 343 are aware of this feedback already so I won’t touch on it too much, however in 360 Reach, you could inspect players in the lobby to see both their rank, rank name and see a little preview of their spartan. Sadly, this is no longer a thing, making the whole, “showcasing my hard work” such a negligible feature that I don’t even care what my character looks like anymore. I’m literally the only person who can see it properly. I’d love to be able to see what rank names people have in game too. Since the Halo Reach ranks were so memorable from all the occasions where I was inspecting higher ranked players and desiring to be that rank and desiring to unlock that little robot arm, you know the one I’m talking about right? Yeah that one. Yeah now it doesn’t even matter because only you can see it. Maybe it’s a cool sense of accomplishment for some people, but since it’s so linear, everyone will have that exact thing eventually that only you can see. I remember almost all of the early ranks, Recruit, Sergeant, Warrant Officer, Captain, Major, Lt Colonel, General etc (probably missed a few, they’re just the memorable ones for me). The new ranks just aren’t intuitive and despite being a “Tour 1 First Lieutenant” in MCC, I can’t remember the names of any of the ranks that came prior. Side note: some clarity on the rank list/order and what “Tour 1” actually means would be greatly appreciated. Second side note: What even is a rival, and what does that even do?

To conclude, so many quality of life features are just missing it’s mind boggling. The original game had all this stuff nailed to a tee, which is why everyone loved it. Taking something that worked and removing/tweaking core features leaves a sour taste that can’t be scrubbed. Just remember, most people buying this game are doing it for the nostalgia, that’s your key market. So let matchmaking be as SIMILAR to the original as possible. Again, the gameplay is solid and you can see the hard work gone into that, all these other features have just been apparently lost in the infinite void that is time or just neglected from the experience entirely. Overall, I’m just disappointed. Expectations very rarely correlate to reality and this is a prime example. None the less, I’ll continue playing since this is the best I’ve got, and 343 knows that so I fear these issues will remain unchanged. This makes me fear what the future holds for CE, 2, 3, ODST and 4.
My only real complainy is the TU rules. I think it should have its own playlist. For me it makes the game insufferable. Especially swat. Main reason is you dont spawn randomly. You only spawn on teammates. The reason this is an issue is i have had several whole matches of being repeatedly spawn killed. I have tried to run over 1 enemy only to kill 4 cuz they spawned in on him as i was running him over. I had a 1v1 that turned into 1v4 cuz they spawned on him. Really all i want changed is the spawning Cuz currently i can't play again without 1 team just massively spawn killing everyone.
Multiplayer concern:
There seems to be a very strong preference toward the DMR since it wins in both close and long range engagements. Due to this, there will be games were I only see one or two players in a larger scale map mostly because they are hiding in the back with DMRs as they are able to kill with only just a few shots. Could this be looked into for balancing purposes? Or possibly give the option to play game modes without the DMR as a starting weapon? As of right now, it doesn't seem the DMR is balanced and makes the game not very enjoyable.

Campaign concern:
Are there any future plans to include earning season points while playing the campaign? It seems like an oversight to only have two game modes in which people can earn points to have cosmetics. The old Reach rewarded players for any sort of game-play contributions and I am confused as to why this remake for the PC doesn't do something similar? As of right now, it deters players from playing most of the PvE content including custom games since they earn nothing in the way of rewards for playing the game.
skeeeph wrote:
ISSUE: My friend can't load Battle Canyon (Beaver Creek) with his RTX2080. When match starts it puts him in a black screen and it makes him quit the game.
Seems other people have issues loading this map as well. Everytime it seems a couple people are dropped out.
Not sure if this is a RTX issue or something else.
I am having the same exact issue. I have a GTX 1080 & everytime the map is set to Battle Canyon, the match starts, but my screen goes black. & I end up having to restart the game. This is really so annoying. Especially since there’s no voting for maps anymore.
Same here, I have a gtx 1080ti (nice build in general) and I can't load in Battle Canyon... Black screen after loading screen, I have to close game and restart steam since it won't stop "playing" and yes I tried ending task from task manager. I hope they'll solve/fix that problem real quick.
Having the same exact issue here except I have to close the game through task manager. Pretty frustrating to be separated from my friends every time this map loads.

RTX 2070 Super, i5-6500, 16gb DDR4 RAM.
There are not enough objective games going on even after I remove Slayer gametype from matchmaking. imo
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach (PC)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Slayer gamemode options in multiplayer.
  • I understand that some players probably enjoy playing TU DMR Slayer, and that's fine, but can we please have an option for normal Slayer (non MLG settings)? Slayer is my favorite game mode, and such a Halo staple, but with the aim-assist issues with controllers (I'm sure everyone else has brought that up enough), and the range capabilities a DMR has it just turns the matches into a game of Swat but with a higher TTK. You can't justify the use of assault rifles or jetpacks, or shotguns. TU DMR Slayer should be an option for players if they want to enjoy it, but we should have a normal Reach Slayer option where we spawn with an Assault Rifle and Magnum like in vanilla Reach. I'm loving the game, but it's hard to enjoy my time in multiplayer when I can't play the Slayer I came to love in 2009.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: kicked during load screen while joining game with party. Rest of party members are able to load in. Error is "Connection Interupted"
DMR instead of magnum at start kills weapon diversity in maps as well as vehicle gameplay. Also makes maps feel much smaller by virtue of people making pot-shots at each other right out of spawn; this almost never happened in 360 reach.

Bleedthrough kind of soils what makes Halo PvP unique, and that is being a walking tank, fighting other walking tanks. Slow TTK's are what make it stand out. Bleedthrough makes everyone noticeably more fragile: especially in melee.

Spawns are...not how I remember. Team slayer, both sides had a sort of "base" they'd always spawn at or around. Now, it feels like you just spawn wherever your team is clustered. Soils going on flanks and the like.

Close combat favors controller aim assist too much. Up close, where aim assist is at its strongest, it makes it much easier to land melee or headshots. It's actually a good way to tell mouse and keyboard users from controller users; if they flail about helplessly in melee punching air, they're mkb.

The lack of ability to choose specific gamemodes is a bit of a bummer. As are no custom games lobbies, but I assume that'll come with forge.

All in all, bring back the classic reach loadouts/gameplay rules for social playlists and much of the current annoyances will be fixed. No bleedthrough, no DMR default, classic spawns. Stick the TU stuff in something else; I bought the MCC because I wanted to play Halo on PC, not Halo reimagined. After all that, just reduce the effectiveness of aim assist so it isn't so darn sticky up close.
Can we get a actual SWAT playlist? I know swat is a niche game type but there is a community of swat players and I mostly play slayer and such but would still enjoy an actual swat playlist outside of social matchmaking
PLEASE lower or remove the controller aim assist
Playing against controller users is a real pain. Everyone might as well start using one on PC just to get ez headshots in swat.
Are we watching the same streams, have you watched mouse players they are doing just fine in most cases they are destroying??
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Cannot hear in game voice chat.
  • REPRO STEPS: Active all the time
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: My friends can hear me when I talk in game, but I cannot hear them, or teammates. I have in game audio.
Why did 343I Ruin Boneyard for? They removed half the -Yoinking!- map in BTB, it used to be fantastic for guerilla warfare and flanking, now it sucks -Yoink- and red team is spawn trapped even more easily than they already were. STOP CHANGING STUFF WHEN ALL YOU DO IS WRECK A GOOD THING.
metalclash wrote:

ISSUE/FEEDBACK:DMR Starts on BTB (Big team battle) need to go, or have an option to get Veto'd.

Back in the Xbox 360 days, we had 720p, 30fps, low field of view, and imprecise aiming with controller. Now, we have 4k, 144+fps, 120 field of view and precise aiming with keyboard and mouse. DMR starts on BTB have turned into nothing but long range pot shot shootouts. Spawning is ruined, as people instantly do chip damage from across the map. Vehicles are also now useless. Anything less than a wraith and tank gets lit up by no less than 3 people and will get destroyed in 10 seconds, guaranteed.

It has gotten to the point that a team cannot even drive a Warthog across Hemorrhage without getting blown up by DMR spam.

It has gotten to the point that literally NO ONE bothers to use any other weapon than the DMR. Maybe, a plasma pistol for a wraith.

It has gotten to the point that people will only use the DMR until they find a sniper/rocket/laser.

It has gotten to a point that taking damage within 2 seconds of spawning has become the norm.

343 please - this is a huge issue. DMR on PC is MUCH different than what it was on the Xbox 360 and the rules need to be changed to reflect that. BTB isn't even fun anymore, as everything turns into sitting back with DMR and not even bothering to take one step out of cover.


Simple solution: give the DMR falloff damage. There's no reason a midrange weapon should be sniping people across the map. Should have diminishing damage returns past a certain point.
PLEASE lower or remove the controller aim assist
I'm still wondering on this aim assist you guys speak of. Maybe PC players found a way to use it to their advantage, but I'm hardly experiencing this missing aim assist and I'm playing with controller. Maybe it's because i'm playing on max Sensitivity, idk
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: First thing is first, PLEASE CHANGE THE ABILITY TO REBIND VOICE CHAT AND TEXT CHAT! And also nothing against controller players as I once was a controller player, but come on, aim assist is a little too over powered. It's not fun trying to play in any mid tier/high tier mlg game knowing a controller player has a advantage over you. At this point in time I may as well plug in the controller to my pc to play. Also, why are we adding so many dlc maps to reach? May as well not even be called Halo Reach. Penance shouldn't even be a map in MLG since it's unbalanced and favored towards one team off the start.
  • Other than what's stated above, no problems with connection or hardware problems.
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