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Get rid of push to talk... I want to be able to talk when I play with a controller on PC.
Never used this site before, first time sign in was just to make this post.

Make DMR starting it's own playlist. There's absolutely no reason to use anything other than this weapon as it outclasses pretty much everything else at more than ~15m. This is exact type of garbage ruined H3 because all you could play was BR slayer and after 4 bursts you're dead. Anything with an open area becomes and immediate death trap as you get shredded by 5 different DMRS pinging you as soon as you step out.

Bring back map voting or vetoing- I keep playing the same 2 maps over and over and over and I distinctly remember more maps in the Reach playlist than this.

Also, how is it that the original Halos released a decade ago had the same button be able to be mapped to two different actions, but I have to press 2 different keys if I want to zoom in again with the sniper?

I dont know how you guys consistently manage to put out such half -Yoinked!- content that's somehow always so close yet absolute miles off the mark. That mod conversion of that cancelled Russian f2p Halo game managed to provide a better Halo experience than the one I've forked out money for.

Get your act together 343. Do whatever you want with the train-wreck of the Nu-Trilogy that you've made, but stop cashing out on people's nostalgia whilst leaving your foul, musky odour all over these classics. MCC is over 5 years old and was a nightmare for its first few years, so please dont do the same thing with this one.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo MCC for PC: Reach, EAC Enabled
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Looks like there's already people afking/botting for boosting in Grifball, not sure about other gamemodes, but it has been said Grifball is the best exp to time ratio.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Unfortunately I couldn't boot up OBS in time, but I can provide a screenshot of the scoreboard after.
    RanchBreath666 seemed to be the only guy on the enemy (blue) team actually playing. CrazyHobo117 was just running in a straight line, Awsumpie was just running in circles after spawning, Pharaoh9119 was running forward like CrazyHobo117 but smacking their hammer repeatedly. I believe there was another on our team, the red team, but I didn't catch their name.
In the original game players were able to vote for the next map and gametype in a given playlist after the initial search for players.
(E.g. in grifball after a match the lobby might chose to vote for blargball over grifball or might vote to avoid grifball dash).
This really needs to be brought back.

Should be after match completion 3 voting options (a map and gametype) and a random option.


Some of the multiplayer maps and gamemodes in rotation for certain playlists are not really suitable.

Example: 8v8 Slayer (Or what used to be Big Team Battle) can be played on maps not designed for BTB (i.e. these maps don't have vehicles or a given strategy to them - it's just slayer with more people which is not the purpose of BTB.)

Voting allows players who want to practise their competitive gamemodes as teams to play maps that are more commonly played for BTB, Slayer, MLG whatever.

More examples: BTB matches between two 8 player teams for competition purpose will not be played on some of the DLC maps. Maps chosen would be Hemorage, Tempest, Boneyard , Spire and some specific others.
(Because these are the maps with strategy required )

Anyway the list of examples could go on forever.

Bottom line is; voting for maps was a feature of the original reach and a feature that should not go missing from any modern multiplayer game please bring it back.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach
  • Issue: DRMs are a huge problem. Even a decade ago this was still an issue and the introduction of kB/m controls only amplify the issue tenfold. Most games are extremely repetitive and after a few hours of playing I’d say 75% of my games were nothing but DRM fights. At least add a magnum start mode as well or reduce the damage of the drm or reduce the aim assist for the DRM or just ANYTHING. As it stands, there is zero reason to use anything other than the DRM, thereby killing any diversity in this game. The DRM also makes vehicles pointless too. It’s just not fun to constantly just snipe across the map.
The amount of people going afk in games is just too many
hate “reduced bloom” im sorry to say but it feels like players spam shots now where as before u had to pace them which took more skill, and half the time my shots dont register, i literally have hit someone in the head w an extra shot and they dont die until we both trade melees
Idk if this belongs here or in misc so ill just combine 2 of my problems (my only problems thanks for bringing it to pc thank you so much)

For Halo Reach

  • Feedback: having sprint as an ability like jetpacks is, in my opinion, stupid, it made your char slower in the general run and getting something else suddenly makes you unable to run a bit faster for a few seconds? really? it's almost as dumb as in games where: "oh no I can't use this sword its LVL 12 and I'm level 11 but oh I just have to kill 12 "Bunnies" and I can use this sword yay (really grinds my gears)
  • And I must say I really dislike the season addition, the currency was fine in old reach, now you just have CoD Mobiles way of getting items but without having to pay for 90% of them (so thanks for at least that) and with more effort.
Why give us points to spend if we have no free choice on what to spend them on? the path of buying has already been laid out for you with NO ROOM FOR PERSONAL CHOICE, the only 2 choices to get the last item is buy everything before that item or just stop playing the game and cry cause u now can't get Master Chief to speak to you in Firefighter.
and in Old Reach you gained currency even when you didn't want to play online, you could play solo firefighter or campaign to get money, now I already wasted a day getting as many points as possible in legendary mode dying every 10 min just to find out you replaced a great function with....this abomination.

sorry for complaining but the way you create ur own spartan in Reach was amazing and I spend many hours grinding to get the coolest armour I could find and now its just play multiplayer and if you're good you have a chance for that cool stuff and if you're bad well you can get some less cool stuff if you just keep playing allot, (I didn't have Xbox live as a kid so I never played online, so ranking up in seasons is harder, less satisfying and generally more time-consuming.)

so ill give some positive feedback as well, so looks great, works well, loading time is almost non-existent (except unlocking items in season, actually takes longer than loading a map) and best of all, free online! finally, I can play halo online without having to get a month free Xbox live card in a new game ^^
Where is Multi team for Reach? That was the best playlist BY FAR, and it's either not in the game or very hard to find?
Love Halo Reach on PC, everything is great.

However, for the future of the game, will you be adding more maps? I feel as I don't see many of the original maps... Mostly DLC maps... Also would it be possible to bring back voting, this was a integral part of the reach play style.

Maps I haven't seen, hemmorage, uncaged, spire, probably many others I can't remember, why were they removed.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach,
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK 1: No choice over matchmaking server selection - this is essential to making online playable for most people.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK 2: Game crashes consistently upon entering multiplayer immediately upon the first note of the first sound effect, the sound goes to playback and is cut off then I am left in black screen but the mouse cursor functions and moves around the screen. This error occurs every time i try big team battle.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK 3: You are not showing player PING rates but I consistently get the message, "Ping to low to use dedicated servers." What is my Ping then, at least tell me exactly why but please fix server selection first.
DruncleJoe wrote:
skeeeph wrote:
ISSUE: My friend can't load Battle Canyon (Beaver Creek) with his RTX2080. When match starts it puts him in a black screen and it makes him quit the game.
Seems other people have issues loading this map as well. Everytime it seems a couple people are dropped out.
Not sure if this is a RTX issue or something else.
I am having the same exact issue. I have a GTX 1080 & everytime the map is set to Battle Canyon, the match starts, but my screen goes black. & I end up having to restart the game. This is really so annoying. Especially since there’s no voting for maps anymore.
Same here, I have a gtx 1080ti (nice build in general) and I can't load in Battle Canyon... Black screen after loading screen, I have to close game and restart steam since it won't stop "playing" and yes I tried ending task from task manager. I hope they'll solve/fix that problem real quick.
Having the same exact issue here except I have to close the game through task manager. Pretty frustrating to be separated from my friends every time this map loads.

RTX 2070 Super, i5-6500, 16gb DDR4 RAM.
I get the exact same issue every time i try to enter big team battle using i5 4460 gtx 980/970
After playing with a controller I have zero interest in continuing to play multiplayer. I was looking forward to playing the PC version. No more bad frame rates. No more slow turning. I though Halo was going to absolutely blow up on PC. But its DOA with this soft aim bot. Either add input based matchmaking or this game will be dead within the month. Does counter strike have aim assist? No. Does Rainbow Six Siege have aim assist? No.Halo has always been my favorite series but I cannot begin to describe my disappoint with the multiplayer.
I love how you've included the option to have jet packs mapped to left bumper/jump. Could you consider adding an option to have the Sprint ability mapped to clicking the left stick?

Thanks for all the work you do!!!
Halo MCC Progression system feedback.

I personally am not a fan and much prefer the Halo reach credit system to earn the armour pieces you wish to have.
If there was a way for 343i to implement the classic halo reach system I would be very happy.
Also I know its far fetched but access to halo reach progression tied to your xbox live would be nice with real halo reach ranks and the armour you have already spent ages unlocking.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Searching for match in halo reach invasion. "You have been removed from matchmaking due to a player idling in your party." I am the only player in my party, I am just waiting for the match to begin i'm not idling. If the game is going to kick me from matchmaking because my ping is bad or because its connecting to the server in timbuktoo then tell me that is why i've been removed from matchmaking - not make up some bullshi* about me idling please. Sort out the matchmaking please.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Upon completing an incredibly laggy game of invasion i have backed out of the post match results to the matchmaking party screen and the timer continues to countdown saying "returning to matchmaking in 20, 19, 18...etc" when it gets to zero it restarts the matchmaking search even when i'm already together with 9 other players waiting.

Other Info: These errors are plain to see every single time I play an online game. I hope you have a dedicated team actually working on matchmaking or you are going to alienate the entire player base before you can even release Combat Evolved. Obviously little time was spent pre-release testing anything and we are the actual testers. This is rough beta standard game I am shocked, personally offended, though not surprised that you have released the game in this state.
if i quit a game, bc of a unfair match due to quitter, i should not be banned for leaving that one game. ive left a grand total of three (yes just three i normally stick it out) games due to leaving teammates and get a ban. and whats worse is it doesnt say for how long! seriously bungie? theres issues connecting to friends, theres massive fps issues when running reach with other programs like razer synapse(what am i just not supposed to bind my keys on my razer naga?), the audio in campaign is generally buns and cuts in and out during cutscenes the audio on forge world maps glitches out, you cant pick maps, exp in firefight (yes it gives exp but not like as much as original reach imo, or could be a mis-memory) and campaign is non existent when it should be too. i dont like your season pass bs to unlock gear, whats next halo battle royale?. cmon guys youre bungie youve done this right for years and now you want to mess it up its a joke. *edit* oh yeah and it keeps putting me in foreign nervers for christ sake. est is it that hard to put me in a est server or even just american lmao. Yall got it set where my i.p. isnt hidden you should know where i stay bungie put me where i belong please fix this most of all. and i was recently informed its 343 devs on this not bungie. now no wonder this aint right lolololol
  • Ranked (Leavers/Rage Quitters): Please implement harsher penalties for people leaving games. Just because the other team won completed all 3 objectives doesn't mean you should be able to leave the game and leave the rest of the team with less manpower to make the game a draw. I've also had people quitting at the start or in the middle of the game in the Hardcore playlist and it severely skews the game towards the other team when playing objective matches.
  • Invite Randoms/Add as friend (post-game lobby): Please add the option to add people post-game lobby. This was one of the staples of Halo 3 and is a missed opportunity to make friends playing on Reach. Being able to add people as a friend in the post-game lobby is a must.
  • Menu Customization: You guys need to make the Customization/background of the Menus better. So many people have already stated that they liked the Menu system from the original Reach so it's a bit odd that it wasn't almost fully replicated.
  • Rewards/Unlocks: The system is just bad and ugly to look at. The Reach reward/unlock system was miles better even though it was a grind. It actually felt like you were getting stuff buying the Armor/Customization you wanted in the Credit shop. Now it's just spamming A on random stuff you've unlocked in the Season 1 menu and not having anything good.
  • - no regional match making
  • - no detailed information on scoreboard. Ping, kills, deaths or other stats all absent
  • - chatbox is HUEG and covers up hud elements, also closes itself on menu transitions
  • - text chat and voice keybindings are locked
  • - controller can't be rebound and you're limited to preset schemes
  • - no raw mouse input, so it's botched. Higher frame rate = more mouse lag
  • - Can't crouch without slowing down first which they probably won't do much about with crossplay coming
  • - Audio is iffy
  • - CO-OP is laggy and broken for non-hosts
  • - Complete lack of video options
  • - Nearly every variant of social matchmaking is 343 title update (TU) which means people who enjoy non-DMR start variants are out of luck unless they play action sack or FFA
  • - MCC UI itself terrible and player profiles/customization, file sharing, post game stats are hidden away like ugly closet children
  • - Unsure if you can even easily add friends, check steam profiles or do any social stuff either
  • - Ranked gameplay doesn't bother to show you other player ranks and it apparently doesn't even try to match you with evenly skilled players
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