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remove DMR start
remove DMR start
remove DMR start
remove DMR start
remove DMR start
remove DMR start

Every mode that isn't 4v4 Action Sack, Grifball, Firefight and Infection are bloody DMR start. It's easily the best weapon in the game and is not remotely fun to play with EVERY SINGLE GAME. It's like being trapped in some sort of 24/7 2fort hell where everyone spawns as a sniper and the other pathways besides the upper ones do not exist, and I like 2fort. I want to have a firefight with occasional CQC, not stand across the map plinking at each other with a slightly worse sniper rifle and not being able to use vehicles because you get picked off or it explodes almost instantly. DMR should not be a starting weapon and should have maybe as many spawns as the sniper rifle so people both have to think about using their ammo conservatively and have to find it on the map by moving around. Same goes for starting with the Needler Sniper in Elite Slayer in 8v8 Action Sack. I was excited to play a different mode until I realized it was more godforsaken DMR campfest. This isn't Halo. Either remove it from social games, make it its own playlist, or make it appear like 5/10% compared to regular slayer/CTF/everything you start with the friggin' DMR in.

Also, for Action Sack, a little less fiesta, a little more of the more silly modes. I played for two days of nonstop 4v4 action sack before running into my first dino blasters. Dino Blasters needs a higher kill-count too, 25 ends way too fast.
Halo Reach runs great and smooth and looks amazing. So far I have not encountered many issues other than a few lag spikes but that could be on my end.
However, not liking the Halo Reach progression system with the battle pass stuff. Feel like it would make the game way better with the original credits system. With the battle pass system, you have to unlock everything with the battle pass tokens that you get when you level up preventing you from getting a helmet that was way easier to obtain in the original game.
I feel the same way, I can grind Swat, Griffball and Invasion and practically only go up one or two tiers per day, the progression system doesn't seem to be designed for people who can't play the game 24/7. I think the challenges that were mentioned to return would help but I don't think we'll see those for god knows how long.
Hi, on my PC all Windows System sounds and Halo Reach sounds are muted for some reason. I have tried to reinstall audio drivers, but it didn't work. Other audio such as music and other Steam games are working just fine. The problem occurred after opening Halo Reach. Just wanted to report some account of a bug or problem.
I would like to echo some of the sentiment regarding DMR starts--I don't think they should be removed altogether (since obviously some players like them a lot and I think most people would agree they can be a fun change of pace from time to time), but I think they should be made into a separate gamemode ala Team BRs in the older games, with AR starts being the standard and much more common in playlists, if not making DMR starts a separate gamemode altogether.

DMR starts are decent on smaller maps, but larger maps are nearly unplayable with it--it takes out so much of the fun of localized skirmishes and using vehicles/teleporters/jump pads to close the distance. It's quite common to get gunned out of a Hornet turret or Warthog seat in mere seconds of getting in range with the enemy. Even on smaller maps, I feel like the AR is a more balanced starter weapon than the DMR (in fact, the DMR makes starting with the AR a little bit pointless)--everybody starting with such a long-range weapon makes it more difficult to employ many of the other weapons and vehicles in the game.

In fact, I think DMR starts take a lot of punch out of power weapons in particular--in the other games, something like the shotgun or energy sword are much more powerful given that most engagements necessarily occur at close range with ARs. Even longer-range power weapons like the sniper and Spartan laser suffer quite a bit, since other players can put down a large volume of fire from long range, making it difficult to stay scoped in. You can be creative and play around it, sure, but it detracts from the point of power weapons somewhat nonetheless.

With regards to the progression system, I don't think it's terrible, but it is a little shallow currently. Adding challenges (daily, weekly, etc.) similar to what the original Reach had would go a huge way towards making it more engaging (and, to my understanding, this is on the roadmap anyway). While I would personally prefer the freedom of the older credits system myself, I think the current system would be fine with a little more work. Also, it would be kind of nice if achievements contributed towards unlocks in some way. I'd love to see something like the Vidmaster achievements return.

One final thing: it would be nice if there was a matchmaking service for custom games, or, better yet, a server browser of some sort.
So... aim assist for controller users on pc is insane, and extremely obvious. Tone it down maybe? I can't be the only one experiencing this; im playing on keyboard and mouse and im not trying to hear "get gud skrub"
Having an issue on Reach for PC. Every time I get into a multiplayer game my connection cuts out. Its a wired connection straight to the router. I'll be in a game and then it pauses to "find another host" and then I get kicked at that point. I look at my network icon on my desktop and it shows that my internet is disconnected. I've also gotten a notice in the single player game saying I was logged off xbox live and my connection showed disconnected.
I'm sure everyone can agree with me that the game runs smooth, settings are straight, and the core gameplay mechanics of Reach are there.

However, this new ranking system is completely garbage. I'm not sure why the original credit system needed to be modernized into a "season pass" progression system. What's the point of getting rid of an already perfect system of earning credits after every game, and saving those credits to buy the pieces of armor that YOU want. That way, you have the freedom to buy anything you want and make your spartan truely unique. Now, it's as if EVERYBODY looks like noble 6 clones. The fact that the second piece of armor I unlocked was a recon helmet is absurd. I feel like it was just a waste of your time, and the old credit system was so much better. Not sure if it's even possible to get this system back.

Also, bring back the voting system. Every time I play slayer I keep getting unanchored and the other new maps that were added to the game, rather than the OG maps that we all played in Reach. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've played a single Bungie Reach map from 2010.

I feel like this reddit post sums the awful progression system up pretty well:
I'll preface this by saying that I loved Halo Reach on 360 back in the day and I even like the DMR. However, everyone spawning with one on nearly every game mode takes everything I love about Halo and invalidates it.
Many of these maps feel like they were quite obviously not designed for every player having a weapon that's so reliable at long range. Any wide open space that was meant for skirmishes and vehicle battles has become No Man's Land. If you stray away from any immediate cover, you're almost sure to be killed shortly after. You're not even safe in most vehicles against the DMR! The Banshee is almost entirely useless due to how quickly the DMR tears it apart and vehicles don't even have to be destroyed by the DMR to be invalidated. If you're in a seat of a vehicle that exposes yourself to the wrath of the DMR, you won't be sitting there for long. Any map with a vantage point of which an entire team can occupy becomes extremely one sided as the occupying team can rain down a storm of precise and powerful shots on the approaching team before they can even get close.
There are only two queues safe from this monstrosity, but one of them has fiesta. Don't get me wrong I love fiesta, but I can only handle being shot by somebody jumping around a corner with a rocket launcher, which frankly has very generous splash damage, for so long. It certainly doesn't help that Fiesta is the absolute most prominent in action sack.
The DMR must be replaced with a pistol at spawn and I also wouldn't be opposed to having an influence on the chances of getting certain modes from their respective queues.

I was so excited to play Halo Reach again after so many years, but this just doesn't feel like Halo anymore.
DMR is too dang strong and boardwalk is crap for ctf
1) I keep getting booted from matchmaking for being idle. This is dumb because when I'm in queue, I have nothing to do. Don't boot me.

2) Many times when I try to back out of matchmaking, it fails, and then the button disappears. So I'm forced to stay in queue until it finds a game and then I have to play it. I can't seem to reproduce this.

3) Controller aim assist still seems too strong. This game's competitive community won't be taken seriously if you give controller players an undeniable advantage.

4) I can file my taxes in the time it takes to add a friend and invite them to party.

5) You should be able to see other people's levels, ranks, and armors in lobby by their name and by clicking on them.
Couple things I want to complain about, all related to competitive:

-Maps/spawns are terrible. Battle canyon slayer, zealot slayer, and penance slayer have terrible spawns and very snowbally maps. You get highground on penance or battle canyon and the games basically over. Also, the amount of times I spawn only to be immediately shot by someone is ridiculous. Or when three enemy players spawn on top of me with the flag. How is that fair? The spawns need to be reworked.
-Party splitting. My parties with friends constantly gets split up and then put into separate games. We start matchmaking, and all of a sudden I'm in a game and he isn't. And I can't leave the game to rejoin him because than I will get temporarily banned, which has happened.

All in all though the games great. Just makes it hard to have consistent fun with these issues.
  • Reach PC
  • DMR Starting weapon in most game-types.
  • Add more classic sub-game-types.
  • Separate DMR Start from Classic sub-game-types.
  • Give us the choice to toggle on DMR Start and Classic variants of Slayer, Objective, and Zones game-types.
The starting gear should be Assault Rifle/Assault Rifle + Magnum, especially in BTB.
Please 343, I would appreciate it if you considered and made this a possibility.
Currently, controller is the better competitive option over mouse and keyboard, and that can't be the case on a PC game. The difference between the two is large, noticeable, and needs to be addressed very soon. Switching from M+K to controller yields an instant performance gain, its instantly noticeable how much easier it is to track people and maintain head shot accuracy, especially at close range. The advantage controller has over keyboard is as large as the advantage keyboard players have over controller players in other titles, such as Fortnite and Apex legends. M+K is often banned in many titles on console, why isn't controller on PC in titles where its advantage is equal or greater?
Why the difference? Because Halo has no complex movement mechanics, no abilities for the most part, the weapons are hitscan, and the movement is much slower. Because of the slow movement, its much easier to track players and thus, whereas in most games with single shot weapons its better to flick between each shot (i.e wingman strafe fights in Apex Legends), halos movement is slow enough that it allows players to competently track their opponents entire strafe. With controller, the aim assist makes this job much easier and more consistent, especially for hitting head shots. In other games, aim assist can sometimes be detrimental as it wants to track rather than flick, and wants to aim directly on the target rather than lead shots.
Because of what makes Halo, Halo, even with aim assist completely removed, controller would still be a viable option on PC. The movement is slow enough that with good enough aim you can perfectly track strafing enemies. It can be done on M+K, it can be done on controller, but currently the aim assist on controller makes it an objectively better choice over M+K because it offers much better consistency in tracking head shots. This cannot be the case for a port that promises a no compromises PC experience. Either aim assist needs to be removed, or toned down significantly, the current imbalance between the two is embarrassing for 343 Industries.
Don't want to be that guy, but aim assist is a little ridiculous. I shouldn't be able to tell what input method my enemy is using by getting into a shoot out with them.

You can clearly tell when someone is on controller or mouse and keyboard. I'm all for crossplay, but if it's at the expense of having to get completely -Yoink- on by everyone who uses a controller, no matter how good of a player they are, I'd just rather not. I don't think aim assist should be done away with, just tuned down some.
PLEASE, we need 2v2 ranked games!!
When playing 2v2 social we get ranked against too easy/too hard people.
If we wish to have fun, it's kind of required to get 2v2 ranked!!

Being team killed by a troll and killing them back getting you kicked and banned from multiplayer, he was also annoying everybody else on the team by killing them as well. They need to add a vote to kick for stuff like this.
less dmr plz
Really not a fan of the progression system. Feels meaningless and everyone has ended up looking the same. It seems pointless to have you press a button to unlock things with you have no choice.

Far more pressing issue- TU DMR games are so boring. TU has really ruined the mechanics of the DMR. It now beats almost every weapon at almost every range. Really stagnated gameplay. Bleedthrough is also an awful mechanic in Reach because of the long range of the DMR. This is my favourite Halo and it's been really ruined by TU mechanics. Runs great, looks great, terrible map selection and terrible TU mechanics. Please remove this or add the option to not play TU, or the game will become very boring very quickly.
Nerf grenades plz...
everyone here complaining about aim assist on controller is def bad at mouse n keyboard and needs to lower their sens. this is halo.
I play on both and do the same on both. learn your sens and actually get good. aim assist in this is less than it is in modern warfare and apex legends.
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