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Can we get some better weighting on maps? I've yet to play a single match of Uncaged, The Cage, or Pinnacle. I've hardly ever seen Reflection and I've only played Asylum once. Instead most of my games are set on Condemned or Anchor 9. I get an okay rotation of Zealot and Countdown, but I'd like to see Powerhouse a little more often as well.
PLEASE remove DMR start and buff the Assault Rifle and magnum.
Every single match with DMR start revolves around people staying to the edges of the map and taking pot shots at people. I've had several CTF games where people straight up can't capture the flag for the entire time on either team because they can't get outside the enemy spawn without getting killed from someone across the map in just a couple shots.
Also, am I mistaken in believing that the DLC maps have more chance of being played in matchmaking than base game maps? I haven't played a single match of infection on Boardwalk or The Cage, despite those being incredibly popular to play when I played them on the 360.
I feel like the game could benefit from a map vote system.
DoinkMan85 wrote:
Why did you ever put aim assist for controllers in the pc version. It's so broken. If someone wants to play Halo with a controller just play on Xbox. The aim assist is way too overtuned
Yeah but playing multiplayer on Xbox/PSN requires a sub and I'd rather play for free hence why I play on PC
franart wrote:
Hi, this is something I noticed that has happened 4 or 5 times in multiplayer.

MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach in PC via Steam.
ISSUE #1: When someone sticked me a sticky grenade and then i active the armor lock ability i exploded and die even with the armor lock active. I know this shouldn't be like that because in Xbox 360 it never happened.
ISSUE #2: Dont know if this is an improvement or an error but in Xbox 360 i can refuse an Energy Sword frontal attack with a melee, but i cant do that in PC. This was so helpful in XBox 360 because it gave me a chance to survive if I had a gun and quickly fired at the enemy when the force of the crash separated us, but I understand if this is an improvement.
343 changed Armor Lock from OG Reach so that it couldn't save you from grenades. So if you get stuck by a grenade, you're dead whether you armor lock or not. It's a stupid way to change the armor lock ability and makes no sense. Armor Lock proves to be a severely worthless ability now since it has no use in multiplayer or campaign.

As for your second issue, it's based on timing. You have to take it for it to work, otherwise you'll be wrecked by it. Practice is all I can say for that. Neither of these are bugs, but the first issue needs to be reverted because Armor Lock may as well be removed from the game if they changed it to be complete -Yoink-
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us back out of "connecting session" too many times have I wanted to leave to join friends soon after being immediately thrown into a session.
Make 8v8 AR+pistol start and let vehicles shine.
8v8 FFA is already AR+Pistol start
Yeah but they need to revert back to AR + Magnum start for all game modes, not just FFA. No one wants to compete in social slayer when you're playing for fun. And if they're turning this into a comp game then they need to make separate game modes for competitive. I don't play Reach to compete with try hards even though I'm a try hard myself
I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds it a bit jarring to go between TU, 'Hardcore' and original weapon settings. It's almost like you're re-learning the weapon again, as you have no visual feedback to indicate different weapon characteristics in these cases.

I was wondering if it would be possible to provide either different weapon models, slightly different weapon colouring, or even just different reticule designs for game modes with weapon behaviour modifications?

As a bit of a rubbish example, the Hardcore DMR is like a totally different rifle in its setting. I'd love for it to be presented as a newer, more advanced model produced after the events of Reach (or provide some some other thematic explaination for it to tie it in nicely with the lore).

I also understand it's a big ask to either port additional models from other titles, or to model and rig besoke ones from unused concept art. Honestly, I'd settle for minor reticule tweaks if that's doable.
Remove the 8K performance cap! Players are not being rewarded for trying their best. plus it really stunts the progression of a lot of players. its kinda disappointing to get 8K on performance or teamwork when you know you earned better.
MCC PC (Reach)

My rank wont save at all each time I close the client it resets to 1 for whatever playlist. Also my service record in game says I haven't played at all...

Anyone know why this is happening?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us back out of "connecting session" too many times have I wanted to leave to join friends soon after being immediately thrown into a session.
This is another point of contention for me, the UI is pretty bad/un-intuitive in a lot of places. There are multiple times where I can scroll across the screen and my cursor registers a button when nothing is there. Maybe its on a layer below and the MM one is just plastered above it? Regardless I dont think you can interact with the buttons but its not clean. The worst of it though is when it freezes on you and you cant even ALT F4 out of a lobby before it forces you into a game
okay so i have a couple of things i want to talk about in this game that are good and bad for some people (mostly bad) that just ruin the experience of playing this game again. First thing i will bring up to get it out of the way is the DMR and how everyone is complaining about it, in my opinion it is just a case of mad because bad but they do have a valid point. coming in as a new player to pc and just getting decimated by someone who has years experience on m&k can just completely outclass them so i guess i can understand it from that point but thats not the issue i have here.
The biggest problem in the game right now in my very popular opinion is that map voting needs to come back. that was a major part of the halo experience that is now taken away so we get some dumb and annoying game mode that just ruins the experience for most of the people trying to have fun. A way to solve this issue that they have come up with is just to afk in their spawn or just alt+f4 before the match starts(both methods have no penalties put against you) and that will cause people to have teams of 2 or 3 against 8 people who are just farming for xp to hit max rank.
Another main problem is the actual map selection, most of the maps that are in rotation are not fun or good maps but those are the ones that get good game modes to go along with them. after playing some different modes throughout this week and a half i have realized that most of the good and classic halo maps arent even in rotation to get anymore, Cragmire, Graveyard, Delta facility, And most of the forge maps are missing in certain game modes.
Another main part is actual game mode selection in general. Most of the good game modes are in certain groups like action sack or just categorized as something like Action Sack, Zone Control or Asset Denial. And Some game modes are missing in general like multi team(which is a very good mode for people who haven't played it) and Slayer Pro(Slayer but no radar). those are what i can think of off the top of my head.
Also some game modes need to have their own separate playlist but we have to sit in things like buddy slayer instead of big team heavies. You can solve a problem like this if you just listed all the modes in their own rotation so then we wouldn't have to play modes disliked by most in rotation with the actual good ones.
Okay now that i have said all that its time for me to pick out some minor issues that i wont really need to explain and you can pick up on your own.
1. You need to be standing still to initiate a crouch or you need to be jumping to perform it.
2. Tank movement is terrible, you need to steer with wasd and need to have aim exclusively with just the mouse.
3. you can only have 3 character tags(what was wrong with 4).
4. progress system really leaves me with nothing to gain or i wouldn't feel rewarded if i gained it.
5 the stats are completely busted for people who care about those(i do) when i am going consistently positive in my games but i have been -7 for the past 2k kills.
6. friendly fire should be turned on in some game modes again.
7. the game lobbies take way to long to load even though i connect to multiple lobbies while waiting. Idle matchmaking occurs way too frequently because of this.
8 also idle matchmaking is way to short, it is something stupid short like 30 seconds and people will be disconnected because they have to go to the bathroom.
9. You shouldn't e awarded with extra points for hitting head shots or vehicle kills.
10. some spawns for weapons take too long or are way fast and that is because the other team can just get your weapon spawn on their side.
11. add penalties for afking through games because that is a common occurrence in modes like infected where they get zombie right off the start and will just not participate at all.
12 maybe not all modes should have the dmr as the starting weapon.
13. people are complaining about controller aim assist and i have not used it but if people are complaining that means there is a problem.
overall these are the problems that kill whole player bases and people dont have fun at this point. this review was written by someone who has played most of the modes that are available right now so im not being biased in this on specific modes. anyways most of these reviews and problems are not going to be changed because thats what happens when you try to put your own twist on a game.
Plox remove DMR replace wtih AR + Magnum Combo
Undo the Title Update. The DMR has been broken for nearly a decade because of that ridiculous patch imposed on the community. Also reduce the DMR vehicle damage to Needle Rifle level.
MCC HALO GAME : Halo Reach
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Changes should be made to the inclusion of the DMR start in 50% of the current game modes. Slayer, Flag and Bomb, Zone Control, and Asset Denial are all being slowly drained of enjoyable experiences because of the forced DMR starting loadouts. Big Team Battle is easily suffering the most because of how incredibly powerful the DMR is against vehicles. There is very little reason to even attempt to learn weapon spawns or touch vehicles outside of maybe the Warthog, Scorpion, and Wraith since they dont go down in one mag of a DMR. The DMR starts are making the gameplay really unhealthy when every mode turns into the same pseudo sniper fest with 0 variety in even vehicle usage since the DMR invalidates almost everything.

However im not advocating for a nerf or adjustment to the weapon or other weapons to fix this. There is a couple different ways they could go about fixing this rampant DMR problem and I can even suggest some.

1. Just simply replace the DMR with the pistol and go back to AR + Pistol start. Pretty straight forward and im sure its what people would want most and should be the easiest to implement..

2. Give us the ability to select our game modes more precisely and not just a broad category. May sound a bit entitled but if I could just queue for a TU Classic Slayer or just Classic Slayer I wouldnt have to complain about it. If they went this route it could also run the risk of spliting the playerbase into even more tiny playlists and run the risk of eventually emptying said playlists.

3. Map Voting. This is something that should be in the game to begin with but if when you queue for a mode you had the option to just simply vote for a Non-DMR mode it lessen the annoyance some people feel towards being forced to play such a significant change of pace for the main gameplay.

I'd like to add that TU changes as a whole are NOT the issue here and should NOT be the thing we should be fighting. Granted some people might not like the bleedthrough, reduced Bloom, changes to abilities, etc but IMO they arent that significant and are improvements people specificly asked for since really the launch of Halo Reach. My one and only gripe is that the single weapon being placed into every players hands in over 50% of the gamemodes is a power weapon and it should be changed.
Starting with a DMR in almost every game just ruins short and midrange combat on PC. It might be fine on console, I don't know, but on PC it means that games live and die by who's better with a DMR.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Unprotected Banshee on the map Spire On INVASION mode
So i'm a pretty hardcore fan of the invasion mode, thats basicly the only thing i play because pure deathmatch and capture the flag have never really been a big thing for me, i kinda like more heavy scenario & objectif driven gamemodes, Most maps are alright, some have balance problems but they still are enjoyable to play as both humans or elites.

But the biggest problem i encountered is the state of the banshee spawn on spire, when the attackers reach phase 3 ( where you must take the core out of the spire and bring it on the airpad ) the banshee spawn in front of the defender spawn on a hill, but it is also not far from the attacker spawn, which often if not all the time, lead to the attackers stealing the banshe and ending up with two aircraft ( banshee + falcon ), i feel like it's a very bad way of having the map layed out, especially with how one sided the fight turn if the attackers steals the banshee. All others map have a garage for the defender so their vehicules stay protected from being stolen/damaged, but spire isn't one of those.

So it would be great if the devs could find a way to protect the banshee from being stolen so easly, i hardly find it balanced or to be a normal way to have the map.
>buddy slayer
>can't spawn here enemies nearby
>spawns you there anyway
PS: I hate the DLC maps they are garbage
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Less TU Slayer, myself and a lot of others are really tired of this version of slayer and would like to have our AR spawns with pistols again, this isn't fun on game modes like Big Team Battle where it turns every match into people just hugging the closed edges of the map or DMR Snipping all game. 2-3 DMR's active on a team at one time is not so bad but when the whole team is just capable of sniping you across the map all vehicles lose their use and the game loses all variety. I personally feel that TU Slayer should just be in the sniper playlist.
Some map weighting would be nice. Havent landed on Zealot, Anchor 9 at all yet I get Countdown and Boardwalk almost all the time.

Playing 4v4 social matches both objective and slayer.
My game crashes every other match. Just freeze and not reponding. i7 8th gen/1060 6gb laptop with 32gb ram.
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