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Letting us choose whether or not to queue for TU or not would go a long way. Let people queue for both, or select one to queue for instead. It wouldn't split the playerbase as much and would fix the issue most of us are having with it.

I really liked the Armor Lock ability before TU as well as stronger bloom and no bleedthrough. Letting us choose how to play in queues instead of waiting for friends to get on or finding a group through something external like Discord would go a long way for the game.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach
  • FEEDBACK: DMR starts in BTB (and other playlists), result in matches devolving into long range fights across the maps, with very little variety. Weapons other than snipers or rockets become irrelevant and vehicles are easily shredded by multiple DMRs. AR/Magnum starts should replace DMR starts to bring more weapon and vehicle variety to BTB and other playlists.
DMR starts need to go away, they are bad for the game.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach
  • FEEDBACK: DMR starts in BTB (and other playlists), result in matches devolving into long range fights across the maps, with very little variety. Weapons other than snipers or rockets become irrelevant and vehicles are easily shredded by multiple DMRs. AR/Magnum starts should replace DMR starts to bring more weapon and vehicle variety to BTB and other playlists.
DMR starts need to go away, they are bad for the game.
Honestly I'd appreciate it just for the sake of letting it feel classic, but getting pinged by DMRs feels annoying anyways when literally everyone has one.
Can't play with 2 people on the same network on PC.
  • Issue/feedback: every time I try to go on multiplayer it says I am not connected to xbox live and will not be able to access this feature and I am logged into xbox live it's really annoying because I want to play some slayer and infection please fix and or let me know how to sort it
Please, for the sake of humanity, remove DMR BTB and reduce the chance of DMR spawns in all modes, make it closer to 50%. Getting an AR+Magnum start is like Christmas coming early.
Feels like the progression system on Halo Waypoint is more meaningful than Reach. Oh look, more shoulder-pads. Bring back the CR system that allowed everyone to look different.
This is pertaining to Halo Reach on PC for social matchmaking, and how to fix it:


I feel like this issue has been blown/shrugged off a lot from 343, and it needs to be acknowledged, or at the very least be a prompt for change.

Big team battle is massively lacking vehicles, and this has been an ongoing problem since the Bungie era for Halo. As of right now, this is the worst case of it. More than half the maps, such as Ridgeline, Tempest, High Lands, have ONLY warthogs, and sometimes a ghost at max, nothing beyond this. If you're truly unlucky enough, you'll be forced to play Boardwalk or Highnoon, both of which have no vehicles on them of any kind, and that's just plain wrong. We almost /never/ get wraiths, banshees, scorpions, falcons, or revenants, only a few maps have them, and the chances of you getting to play on 'em are really low.

Most people who play BTB go there for vehicle combat anyway, and it's the only playlist in Reach other than Invasion that offers it. I understand that there is a competitive community on here, but Team Hardcore exists for a reason, and there are lots of other non-vehicle playlists to choose from. It seems like a large chunk of the player base is being ignored when it comes to this as if the Esports community is dictating what we're allowed to play. Most people don't play BTB just so they can run around /only/ using a DMR or a warthog.

All the non or severely limited vehicle combat maps are like that by default, I know, but there are ways to fix this.


Make Forge variants of Ridgeline, Tempest, and Highlands that include tanks, aircraft, plus revenants. Remove the default versions of these maps from Big Team Battle entirely.

Remove Boardwalk and High Noon completely since they have zero vehicles on them, and are too enclosed for BTB. If people wanna play on those maps, they're included in other playlists outside of BTB, heck they're even in Free-For-All right now.

Wraiths and Revenants would be a great addition to Ridgeline since the mortars from those would complement the long-range combat on there. Infantry wouldn't be easily overpowered since there's a lot of hills to hide behind.

For Tempest, giving each base a falcon or banshee with an extra medium/heavy vehicle would be amazing with how open the map is for aerial combat. Both bases already have a lot of natural cover against aircraft, the risk of spawn killing isn't high.

As for Highlands, give both bases a falcon and scorpion. Since the map has loads of cover and short sightlines, the Scorpion wouldn't be an overpowered thing since opposing teams could sneak up and board them quite easily if the driver isn't careful. Since it's a pretty heavy UNSC map with a lot of open-air, the falcon would make playing objective game modes a lot more fun and could be used tactically in many situations.

Another thing I'd really recommend is reducing DMR starts, they make most weapons on maps completely redundant and tear vehicles apart very easily if multiple people are shooting it. If this idea is opposed, especially by the Esports people, there are competitive playlists for them, there's no reason why someone else's gameplay should be enforced on somebody else.

General recommendations for editing bland maps:

I always suggest giving both bases on a map a tank plus an aircraft of either kind, it adds variety and keeps maps from feeling stale. Adding extra power weapons might be recommended to keep things balanced, but do not go overboard with adding too much anti-vehicle stuff, vehicles are pretty fragile on Halo Reach already. The ORIGINAL variant of Valhalla from Halo 3 when it had the wraiths included is a good reference for how to go about adding vehicles.

What 'not' to do for edition/changing maps:

I strongly advise against only having warthogs and ghosts on BTB maps, that formula just doesn't work and can make a map feel really stale, and a chore to play on. This only works if it's a 4 vs 4 map for team slayer typically. If you have tanks and aircraft, give each base/team one, don't put only one in the middle of the map. A good example of why that's not a good idea is how the Wraith on Breakpoint always gets destroyed before anyone can even get into it, it's best to let both sides have their own.

Compromise idea if the solution/proposal can't be implemented:

Make another social Big Team Battle playlist that is purely dedicated to vehicle combat/heavies. If a 343 employee is reading this, there wouldn't be any harm in trying this. While other games in MCC did offer the option to search for Action Sack game modes that featured heavies, it unfortunately included crap like Splockits and Fiesta, despite the fact nobody asked for those two game types. Having a vehicle playlist would be greatly appreciated by people in this community, including myself since there'd be no risk of having to play something that feels like a chore.

An additional idea that might help is bringing back the voting system in matchmaking, where all the players in a session can cast a vote on what they want to play. Maybe all the maps and variants could be listed simultaneously if people wanna play their favorite map and game mode. I think we can all agree that people shouldn't be forced to play on something they don't enjoy or feels like a chore.

My final thoughts:

I really feel like vehicle combat is almost intentionally being reduced in the only playlist it's available in other than Invasion. Infantry-only maps have no place in BTB, we already have those kinds of levels in all other playlists. While the DLC maps look awesome, they feel extremely bland. If a 343 employee reads this and disagrees, I genuinely want to see a counter-argument.
Is anyone else having extremely long queue times for every gamemode when playing solo? I will easily sit in queue for around 20-30 mins for 1 game but only when solo when i group up with even 1 of my freinds we always get a match in a few min or sometimes less than a minute. is there anything i can do to help with this?
- Find a way to detect and remove pervasive afk/macro XP farmers
- Once accomplished, remove or highly raise XP cap so stellar performances in long matches no longer result in diminishing returns
- Allow players to rebind push to talk/chat and move/re-size chat window
- Restrict constant TU DMR starts to traditionally ranked/hardcore playlists (FFA, Slayer, MLG, Snipers, SWAT) and(or) greatly decrease their prevalence in Social Playlists, especially ones that take place on large wide open maps or focus on objectives. There are exceptions to both sides (FFA/Slayer is fun with AR/Magnum, Headhunter is fun with DMR), just requires some common sense and discretion.
- Return vote or veto system so players can chose maps and gamemodes they want to play
The lack of multiplayer options is not great. invasion and hardcore team deathmatch are getting old quick.
First the way it selects servers for games needs to change. I live in the West US, but I can't tell you how many times I load into North Central US and East US. Swat is basically unplayable. People are teleporting around, melee works maybe 15% of the time, many headshots do not register, and I am killed from behind cover very often. Selecting the best server based on all the players in a match is not a good system. Most multiplayer games load you into the closest server as soon as you launch the game and then selects players from that pool to match you with. This is also the way MCC PC should work in my opinion.

Second, the respawn locations are just terrible. The amount of times I die within 3 seconds of respawning is way too high. Sometimes I spawn next to enemies and sometimes I spawn while being shot at.

Third, I think the credit system that Reach had was infinitely better than having season points and being forced to unlock armor in the same exact progression as everyone else. It kind of ruins the point of customization, especially at lower levels, if everyone is forced to unlock the same armor. The credit system made it so people could choose which amor they wanted to unlock and facilitated more unique combinations. But if you don't want to change it that much (you should though) please make it so we don't have to unlock six of the same armor piece in a row. Why am I spending my first ten levels unlocking helmets if I can only use one of them.

This last part is a bit nitpicky, but I think being able to see other players spartans in the lobby was a really cool thing that OG Reach had and really helps show off your armor customization. Also being able to stay in the same lobby as the players in your last match will really help people to find more people to friend and play with.
AFK xp farmers in grifball, they gotta go.
MCC HALO GAME: Reach PC Multiplayer
- Please work on developing the necessary futuristic technology that will allow me to bind Push-To-Talk and Chat to different keys.
- Fix the terrible netcode for this game, this is something that should have been worked on from day 1. Nicer textures should be second to improving the fact that every 3rd kill is a trade because you both killed each-other client side and the server can't keep up.

^Same for matchmaking being slow, not allowing map voting, and not being able to chose to stay in the same server and play with the same people again.
Even Team Fortress 2, a game centuries old at this point, thought of adding this stuff. How can you call yourself a game development studio when a VALVE game of all games has better networking.

Also new credit system sucks, it's really boring playing the game and seeing that literally every person either has the newest rank armour, or the first rank armour. Individuality is gone in favour of everyone showing off they're the highest rank. This is mostly apparent in the fact that right now literally every player has the Birthday-Death effect on, just because it's the newest one.

Sincerely disappointed in the work of the entire team on this one.
I really want a 16-player FFA playlist. Those are always fun in custom games and I want to see things get that nuts in an actual playlist. I really like it when you can just drive around in a Scorpion either blowing enemies away from across the map until ten seconds later when somebody sticks you with a grenade.
Please add a feature to control the size of the reticle. I see no reason why this isn't already standard. I want it so much smaller. I wish it was a dot like I had in CSGO because that helped with accuracy. I don't need a 3 meter circle to try and guess headshots. Best thing you could do to improve gameplay other than a stability patch that removes the random FPS drops. Sometimes maps run at 60 solid. sometimes they dip down to 35 for no reason at all.

But I would really love some player control over my UI. I see no logical reason as to why that can't be a feature.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach
MENU: The multiplayer matchmaking menu frequently bugs out, to the point where I can't scroll through any of the game types. (i.e switching from BTB to Team Snipers or Slayer to TO etc).
DMR STARTS: As everyone keeps saying …if not take out the starting loadouts completely and replace them physical entities on the map, just nerf the amount of loadouts starting with DMR?
CONNECTION: No matter which game type I'm playing apart from campaign, I frequently get frame rate drops from 60fps to 10fps - for no apparent reason. Slightly worse to deal with in Firefight but slightly more frustrating in Multiplayer matchmaking, as you now have to deal with the added bonus of your KD/R getting wrekt.
REWARD SYSTEM: The old Reach reward system was so much better in so many ways … but to count off a few, players could pick which armor they wanted to buy first, so long as they had the corresponding achievement or objective completed that unlocked said piece. The more sought after effects and armor variants were rightfully balanced in the way they were priced, and for the majority it felt pretty good spending credits on something I wanted after had saving for a couple of days. The new reward system completely takes that away and what were left with is, to say the least, disappointing. Other then grinding my rank up in multiplayer matches, theres no other possible way to get more credits for gear or effects … so down the ladder I have to spend DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS infront of a computer screen for gear I mostly didn't want in the first place.
VOTING: We should be able to pick & choose which map and game variants we'd like to play on … especially considering it feels like the same few maps seem to repeat themselves more often then others. Especially frustrating when I seem to experience more frame rate drops/lag spikes in certain maps. Would be nice to see this implemented before any of the other titles in the game series comes to MCC PC.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach
For the love of all that is holy, allow us to divest ourselves of TU. I personally despise the title update and consider it completely unneeded meddling that ruined Reach in the first place, and I'm sick and tired of being forced to play TU modes when I bought this game because I thought it was going to be Reach. Until that happens I'm not even bothering with normal multi, as playing the TU game mode is simply misery incarnate. Additionally, DMR's need to be nerfed. DMR's were already bad in Reach on console, but with the addition of mouse precision they are ridiculous and bordering on a power weapon equal (or even superior) to rocket launchers. They either need to be removed and replaced with pistols as starters, or have their actual damage values changed. Most BTB matches I've played have degenerated into long range plinking fests. It doesn't help either that with bleedthrough thanks to TU, DMR fire just scythes down players. Whoever gets the high ground automatically wins, and you can even spawnkill people.

Also we should be able to import our profiles from console. The unlock system is ridiculous. I already played Reach for literal years, I shouldn't have to spend literal years again unlocking stuff I already possessed on the old profile/disc.
Is anyone else having extremely long queue times for every gamemode when playing solo? I will easily sit in queue for around 20-30 mins for 1 game but only when solo when i group up with even 1 of my freinds we always get a match in a few min or sometimes less than a minute. is there anything i can do to help with this?
There is a bug with Network Relays on PC.
Settings > Network > Relays > Off
Try that, and it should fix your issue.
That said, this should be fixed ASAP to prevent DDoSes and other bad stuff.
This is my community wishlist, more things to add needed.
-(Debated) Controller Aim Assist Removal
-(Debated) DMR Spawn Loadout Removal/DMR Nerf
-Opt-Out Of TU Option
-Allow Crouching While Moving
-More Keybinding Options
-Smaller Viewmodels/Viewmodel Customization
-Remove the 8,000 Performance Cap - done.
-Different Crosshairs/Crosshair Customization
-(Debated) Map/Gamemode Voting
-Add The Original Rank/Unlock System
-Customs Browser
-A More Mouse Friendly UI
-Old Menus
-Old Lobby/See Player's Armour In Lobby
-Fix Emblem Not Changing On Armour
-Fix Melee Inconsistencies
-Stop AFK Players Farming XP in Grifball
-Add The Slot Machine Back Into The XP System
-Fix Input Lag (Have seen this complained about but haven't experienced it myself.)
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