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Hey there, I am currently having an issue with multiplayer chat, I cannot use Push-to-Talk and cannot hear anyone in-game (yes, voice chat is enabled, I also see their name when they speak, but no audio). I emailed halo support with an issue I am having, but they already know this. If anyone can give me suggestions to fix this issue, that would be greatly appreciated.
Hey! I think I can help you here.
So, currently the in-game voice chat may be using a different audio device than the one standard audio is coming through. - With no in game option to change this, it can be difficult to track.

How I fixed mine, go into your Sound Settings on Windows disable all but the main audio device (input and output) to ensure it comes through your main audio channel, and goes into the one you want too.
Thanks for the suggestion, but that didn't seem to work.
Halo Reach

The issue is that when theres more than 2 people trying to join a matchmaking game together, one person always gets dropped out of the game before it finishes loading into the map. It seems to be the same person each time, and that person is on the same network as one of the other people playing with them. I've only tried this with 3 people, but even restarting the game has done nothing to fix the issue.

To reproduce it, just play with 2 people on the same network and at least 1 person on another network over an Xbox Live Matchmaking game, and one person will get dropped before the game starts.

PLEASE FIX THIS because playing with friends is the reason i got this game! Thanks.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The DMR starts. In gamemodes such as Team Hardcore I understand it, but in places such as BTB and team slayer, the DMR spawns just ruin the maps. They simply were not designed for every player to start with what is essentially a power weapon, furthermore they make weapons such as the Needler, Repeater Rifle, Brute Spiker, Plasma Rifle (and even the Assault Rifle you also spawn with) essentially useless. Map control should always be a part of Halo as it is one of the things that makes Halo great, but when everyone has one of the best weapons in the game, you start feeling as if you're playing a generic shooter. You aren't coordinating with your team or heading for a power weapon location when you spawn, your first thought is "go forward find enemy kill" because you're already more than equipped to deal with enemies. Vehicles are quite underpowered too; a Warthog gunner usually doesn't last more than five seconds which is just sad.

    These issues would entirely be fixed by an AR/Magnum start. The Magnum isn't as powerful as the DMR and doesn't have as much range, so you're incentivized to seek out other weapons to be able to reliably deal with enemies. At the same time, you're encouraged to cooperate with your teammates to deal with vehicles which and even other infantry because you aren't all already equipped to do both as soon as you spawn.
I truly think it's time to readjust the weaponset for starting out in any multiplayer game.

DMRs are taking over, consider most PC players have a much better chance at hitting targets farther away.

DMRs need to likely have as much placement around maps as shotguns, considering they'd be the contender for long range fights, much like the shotgun is the contender for short range fights.

Idk, just some thoughts.

Otherwise I LOVE MCC FOR PC!
My thoughts on the PC Reach:

- Population right now is really big so I'm getting Europe servers quite often, however this is only for a while as the hype will decrease quickly with the following issues, which demands having an option to choose our nearest datacenter manually. At least let players region lock themselves if they decide to do so, just like in the old games.

- As I see it, the TU update only works with non DMR based starts (unless you're playing btb where the only actual issue is related to the poor vehicle armor, not the starting weapon or the Title Update). Although I like the gun and is very useful, this concrete performance is what prevents many weapons on the map from shining aside from power weapons. It wasn't as bad in the vanilla settings where the DMR had its spamming power seriously nerfed (you can get used to it just like BR starts and it's decent). I've seen countless complaints about this recently, so I believe the best way to address it is splitting up precision weapon starts (Slayer Pro) and auto + pistol starts (Classic Slayer and Objective) in the Composer. Isn't its purpose allowing variety after all?

- The nature of custom games needs mid game team changing to reach their full potential. Honestly, I can't guess why this has been ignored this long (and also affects Halo 2 on the Xbox removing all possibilities of playing Infection and such). A custom game browser would be desirable too.

- The Ranked section is laughable to say the least. Try to combine it with the Social Composer in some way or create a Composer for Ranked (this last option may split the population too much). Having a rank for Invasion is a cool addition that I must point out, because there's plenty of teamwork.

- People going AFK and quitters are still a serious problem, aswell as the lack of skill + team matching that in my opinion leads to that. I'd increase ban times paired with including optional skill parameters in Social and compulsory in Ranked. Moreover, a Join In Progress feature would fix those empty spaces that people create when they leave.

- It seems that the sound is sometimes muffled or even muted. Not sure if this has already been acknowledged, so excuse me if that's the case.

- Mouse and keyboard set works fine, although there's a very annoying problem which is the fact that you can't crouch while moving. I don't agree with the controller nerfs as that operation would change the original Xbox experience (and games like Halo 2 have a stronger auto aim to begin with).

- Chat is hid during match transitions; this should not be the case as constant communication in a confortable way is inportant.

- I like the progression system and its functionality. Ranks are fine. MCC would have been another story if this had been included since the 2014 launch. Nevertheless I have a few complaints about it; first of all, remove experience caps as player performance is not being reflected properly after a certain amount of kills. Secondly, keep the season system and the sequence but don't force people to purchase every single object in the customization menu, just don't allow buying some pieces before achieving the correct rank. The points also seem shallow and unnecessary: better use a credit system based on the exp you get per match or unlock the armor automatically. Although this one is just a preference that can be skipped. Finally, I'd increase the amount of experience for teamwork and performance and decrease the match completed rewards (this would prevent AFK boosting).

- As a final note, I haven't been able to rotate my character to see its new appearance unless using a controller.

From my point of view, those are the most important issues and suggestions with the current PC Reach port. Some of them have already been pointed out before, so I'd ask for a bit more of attention. Overall, I like the port (for instance, I'm getting the chance of playing DLC maps that were very rare in the original) so please improve this parts to get the perfect product. I'm also lookimg forward to seeing the Forge improvements!
Can we please be able to inspect our character in customisation? Not being able to zoom or turn my character around like you can in the original reach is really frustrating.
The unlock system sucks!@
Bring back the original cR system

I've played maybe 15 hours so far and somewhat already want to discontinue playing because of the unlock system.
Part of what made reach so amazing was the credit system.
Important notice!
I am not advocating for any weapon stat changes (damage, range ect). The only thing I want is to make DMR start a toggleable option in matchmaking. DMR start was not as prevalent in old Reach as it is today. In my opinion DMR start is a bad standard mode for social games (mostly team slayer/objectives/BTB) and here is why.The Designated Marksman Rifle
DMR is a very “noob friendly” weapon that excels at all ranges; close, medium, long, and extreme (across the map), and is also very effective against vehicles. The previous “iterations” of this weapon has never been AS powerful overall. Halo CE Pistol is very powerful, but it has a much higher skill ceiling at most ranges, especially extreme range (shot leading ect), and other weapons like the AR and the plasma rifle can compete with, if not counter it at close range. The Halo 2 Battle Rifle is also an extremely powerful weapon, but at extreme ranges it is not as effective as the DMR and there are non-power weapons that can compete with it at close range.Given how vehicles work in Halo CE the Pistol is not as effective against them unless you aim at the driver (It can be very wasteful otherwise). The driver can then move into cover to regen his shield. The same goes for Halo 2 where Battle Rifle is not very effective against most vehicles (Good luck shooting down a banshee with it). In Reach this is not the case. With the DMR you don’t really need to aim at the driver for it to be extremely effective and moving into cover isn’t as effective for the driver because of Reach vehicle health. Two people with the DMR can melt a banshee in seconds. If the banshee survives the initial encounter it is left in a very damage state with no possible recovery. Then some guy who just spawned can pick it off across the map with his DMR. In DMR starts this happens very often to the point it hurts the vehicle combat part of Halo. Overall the DMR starts give you less incentive to use vehicles and to know about power weapon spawns. With everybody having DMRs at the start it is often just too dangerous to stick your head out and head for power weapons and vehicles. I have been to many objective games/BTB where most players are just “plinking” at each other with DMRs across the map for the whole match. Not even Halo CE Blood Gulch had that problem.The “leveling the playing field” argument:
A lot of people argue that non-DMR starts such as AR/Pistol will have one good team controlling power weapons/DMRs who will then proceed to trash the other team. The thing is that this has always been a part of Halo. A good team with knowledge of the power weapon spawns ect will win against a worse team. Also, a very important point is that a good map will have several DMRs/Battle rifles spawning on each side of the map. This has been the case in Halo 2 and 3. It is very hard for a team to control all DMR spawns and power weapon spawns at the same time for a considerable amount of time, especially with vehicles on the map. A good map “levels the playing field” on its own.TO CLARIFY AGAIN: I do not want to remove DMR start from the game or change any weapon stats. I like using the DMR, but I think AR/pistol starts makes for better gameplay in most cases. I only want 343 Industries to give us more matchmaking options
MCC HALO GAME: PC Xbox app/ MS store (will soon change to steam).

Where do i report people i think who might be cheating? I come across many people who just walk right up to me, even in odd places. I think they might be using radar hacks. Is there anything ingame that lets me report someone?
bsmGungnir wrote:
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When other people use the push to talk i can't hear them. My friends hear them, but ive reinstalled, verified my game files on steam, and have spent at least 20 minutes in the options pushing sliders back and forth hoping it just works. please let me know if theres a fix because i like to talk
You have to make your headset the main communication device. you probably have a secondary audio source like me and just dont know. I hope this works guys!

Please remove DRM defaults across all playlists. It ruins the dynamic of having to control power weapons and map control and makes games devolve into sniping matches between teams while making vehicles entirely irrelevant.
  • Issue/Feedback: Please add the ability to vote for infected maps in a pool like the original Reach it would do everyone playing infected a solid and while we are at it I think the community would appreciate if you brought back the iconic forge maps that made the game mode enjoyable.
Please please PLEASE bring back the option to preview someone's spartan when hovering over their name in the lobby like we could originally in Halo: Reach.
So first off, the game is pretty decent. No major complaints with actual gameplay, when it's good it's good. Controller on PC.

My only real comment is with the matchmaking and once again the lack of best network options. I live on the east coast 25ms from the East US and East US 2 servers. I'm not exaggerating when I say that only 10-20% of my multiplayer games are hosted on one of those servers.

Most of my games are North Central (slower but whatever), South Central (getting into crappy territory), West US (awful) or West/North Europe (stupid awful). I honestly can't understand how I can try to get a game at 9pm EST and the server is hooking me up to North Europe (where it is like 2-3am there).

Latency is the one major factor in enjoyment of multiplayer gaming, and Halo on PC constantly hooks me up with the worst servers. Either the entire East Coast has abandoned Halo or your MM algorithms for network connectivity are awful.

Please, for the love of God, fix this.
Can we get maps that aren't halo 1 map remakes? Its getting annoying playing the same 3 maps over and over and they are all Halo 1 maps. Can the weighting be changed? I've barely played on my favourite reach maps (swordbase, countdown).
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Spectate/Observe function in Multiplayer missing
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: would just be nice to have a spectate function
MCC Game: Reach

Please remove the DMR as a starting weapon. It's way too strong to have at the start of 90% of gamemodes and seriously devalues weapon pickups. I would argue it's the best all-round weapon in the game and makes the AR virtually useless as the DMR can outclass it even in CQC. Also makes vehicles, especially lightly armored ones, feel less valuable. Why bother trying to traverse the map in a warthog and risk getting popped in a couple of shots when you could do what pretty much everyone else is and sit back and spam the DMR across the map?

Add a map veto system. The original 360 release had a map vote before matches and while I understand the issues that system had, it was nice to have some control over which map you played other than just getting the same 3-4 forced on you. Perhaps go for a Halo 3 style veto system instead?

Also not a massive fan of the new progression system. I've begrudgingly accepted it, but it still doesn't feel rewarding. I prefer the old system where you could save up for specific pieces and differentiate yourself from everyone else. As it currently stands everyone looks virtually the same because the system is so linear. I've been grinding endlessly to get to the EVA helmet at tier 51 and I've lost count of the number of elite armor sets, firefight voices and mediocre helmet variants I've picked up along the way that I couldn't care less about.

The XP cap on each game amplifies the grind and makes the system feel even less rewarding. I understand the implications of emoving it entirely; people are likely to try and boost using the more casual gamemodes like grifball (which is already rife with farmers/bots ruining the gamemode) and infection. I'd suggest removing the XP cap on the more competitive gamemodes like SWAT, BTB, CTF, etc but keeping it on the more casual gamemodes.

Make XP earnable through campaign. Even if it's at a reduced rate, it would be nice to know that I'm being rewarded for playing the campaign. As it currently stands it feels pointless outside of your first playthrough to experience the story. People have been grinding for places on the leaderboard but other than the recognition they receive nothing.
I really want someone to talk about the fact that we cant see other peoples Spartans in lobby and have zero time to look at service records. i feel like armor and nameplates have been devalued and people care less about obtaining them also it seems like the social aspect has been ruined by all this. i wanna jump into a lobby and see someone with emiles helmet and think wow that persons put in serious work. it just doesn't feel like that anymore. please cover this.
horrible lag on pc. unplayable at times. No it is not my connection, all other games are just fine
We play and unlock armor and nobody can look at us in the lobby.
For me it is motivating to see great armor before the match started.
I want to look at the skills and armours of other players.
I want to See the name of the Rang before the game started!

Please do that! that would be great
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