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Hi, the Footsteps in multiplayer are literally impossible to hear I have an amazing pair of headphones and still can't hear them plz fix
Remove DMR starts.
Friendly Fire / Trolls / People that lack skill and shoot you when you're hurt.

I keep running into people that team kill you, but because you were already hurt, it doesn't count as friendly fire. I'm already up to 10 people that that do it in everygame. I even called them out and they just wait tell you're hurt and/or shields are gone and one shot you. It seems PC is more console than consoles. This with the fact that people are using radar hacks with headlock hacks already online is getting crazy.

A example of this is, - You're fighting the other team and take cover to heal up, one of these type of players shoot you so you die. Because you're counted as in combat still it doesn't count as friendly fire. I see it everywhere. Someone wants the weapon you have, they will follow you around and just wait for you to get shot and then kill you for it. I'm not even joking. I found a whole clan already that seems to be doing just this.

Another way they are doing this is they shoot you at the base, so you're always low on health. With no way to report players, how is this never going to stop?
I was wondering if adding in the veto system like in Halo 3, or the voting system like in Halo Reach would be possible in the Multiplayer. Although me and my buddies have a lot of fun with the gametypes and maps, we catch ourselves playing the same map multiple times consecutively with no way to vote against said map. I think a lot of people would like this implementation.
The fact that so many games with missing players are allowed to start despite people dropping before loading is ridiculous.Where is the rejoin mechanism at least? Or not tracking stats for those games? Just lazy.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Please reduce the frequency of CE:A maps in SWAT. It's literally all I ever play, and while they were fun for CE:A back in the day, they were not designed with Reach specifically in mind. 4 out of 5 games are on a CE:A map as opposed to a Reach map. And while you're at it, bring back Uncaged for SWAT!
When launching MCC PC Reach Campaign mission pillar of autumn, I get kicked back to the menu.
[EDIT] Verified files through Steam. This remedied the issue.
Its been about 7 days after my support ticket was opened. No help provided thus far. I've done troubleshooting on my own end and placing notes yet no responses from the support team.

This is the only bit of contact I've been given, and its only from when they first opened/accepted the ticket.

Gainful Sweeper: "Thank you very much for your submission. Halo Support is reviewing the information provided and will provide an update shortly."

My ticket is assigned to Able Watcher I guess, still nothing heard from anyone. Anyone else getting little to no help? This all stems from my game completely freezing when attempting to join online sessions.
Can we please remove DMR from the loadout's? It ruins all the fun, makes vehicles and other weapons useless. Stopped playing this game due too 1 major flaw; DMR'S.
There should not be such a low cap for XP you can earn per match. If I go 45 and 15 in BTB heavies I should be able to get more XP compared to when I go 15 and 35 in the same game mode. When I went 45 and 15 I got 2,300 XP for completion, 8,000 XP for performance, and 500 XP for teamwork. When I went 15 and 35 I got 2,300 for completion, 8,000 XP for performance, and 1,000 XP for teamwork (more assists). There should be no hard cap for the XP earned per match. Also the linear progression of unlocks is less than ideal. You should be able to spend the token you earn for leveling up your rank on anything you want, the more "elite' or "pristine" items in the list should cost more tokens than the less desirable ones. This sort of leveling and unlock system is the reason there are so many bot and AFK players in all the lobbies.

Those are my two cents about multiplayer.

Oh also campaign should count towards leveling up your season pass.
Issue: BTB is not fun and has devolved to cross-map sniper fights
Possible solution: Remove DMR starts, at least on the open maps that seem to be in heavy rotation. Add options other than TU to the playlist. etc.

Issue: Season pass system is not suited to the customisation system, I need to hit rank 90+ to get back what I had on Reach on 360 and mid 50s to get back what I had in the early game before as I worked up to that. I appreciate you wanted to add something to give a dripfeed of rewards but this was not it. Reach showered you with options at the start and slowly let off as you went up. This pass just gives you tidbits you don't want for a very long time, no choice involved. That the game actually has seperate armour pieces and not full sets like the other games in the MCC is appreciated however.
Possible solutions: More options for XP gain in offline modes. Remember when you forced all XP to online modes only in HW2 and everyone hated it and you eventually turned XP back on for skirmish games? Please do that now instead of 2 years down the line when everyone is tired of asking and has moved on. Remove or raise XP caps for firefight (or all modes). Other solutions are all over the forum but are mostly just make Reach what it was before - I wouldn't mind this also.
consider re implementing the old bloom on ALL the precision weapons most certainly the DMR and the most OP weapon in the game with TU the Needler Rifle! this would stop all the complaints about DMR starts as frankly with TU settings the DMR is a dang laser on PC and the weapon was designed with Bloom in mind
MCC Halo Reach.
Please do something about the bots. I recommend removing the match completion exp from the grifball playlist, and slightly raising the cap for performance to even things out.
DMR needs to either be removed as a starting weapon, or revert it back to its original damage. It's too op it even destroys vehicles with ease. I've seen games where we literally obliterate the opponent's chances of winning either in wraith, scorpion or falcon. It should not be that powerful!

I'd rather use a DMR in a short-range battle than an assault rifle.

An assault rifle would take nearly half the magazine for a successful melee kill.

The DMR requires three-four bullets to get melee kill. Literally less than 1/4 of its magazine.

He'll, you have to be so close with the shotgun to kill at the body, I'd still prefer the DMR.

That's a problem. Who have you guys been listening for feedback?

It seems like you never fixed it back in the beta.
Xp3rious wrote:
My rank keeps resetting in hardcore. I've done this multiple times (first rank 6, then 2, and now 4). Every time I close the game, the rank resets back to 1.

Is there save button somewhere in the game that I don't know about? See the video:

You can just watch the first 10 seconds and the last 10 seconds. The rank changes.
Anyone have an idea? This is preventing me from playing the game. What's the point if I can't rank up?
DMR starts are still a problem. I want to see DMR maybe a third of the time or less - let's mix it up, please! Magnums, AR, Shotguns, Pro Pipe, but lay OFF on the DMR starts.
It just feels simultaneously OP and plain as heck. I want variety - now I feel "stuck" with the DMR both because I get it all the time and because it's honestly too good NOT to use it.

Also people are still asking about the progression system. This problem is getting no recognition from the devs despite so many people asking for it to be properly addressed.
MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: I'm very happy with the current state of the game, and my personal point of view being a veteran player is that nothing gameplay side of things needs to be changed. That being said the only things I noticed that I thought might be nice to add are a spartan preview while waiting in game lobbies (similar if not identical to legacy reach), and possible an armor progession/unlock tweak, which I've seen requested a bit. On behalf of all the players who have been grinding since release it would be nice if this fix didn't reset all of our already made progress. Otherwise I think it is an amazing port.

Edit: I'm not saying the progression system should be made faster by any means, just altered so you can choose what to unlock
  • MCC HALO GAME: MCC Reach (duh)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Generally a great launch with a good amount of content. I've been playing mainly Infection and a combination in the other playlists. There are several points I want to make about these:
  • Infection on Anchor 9 is very imbalanced in favour of the humans. It is quite frustrating playing as a zombie in this map as so many convenient shortcuts are blocked off. If there is even a couple of decent shots on the humans zombies generally lose or have a real frustrating time of coordinating since so many paths are restricted and zombies are basically required to go through an open exposed area to get to the other half of the map. If the shortcuts can be restored or this map removed from the pool entirely that would rectify this issue.
  • When choosing multiple playlists at the same time, I generally find I get either Griffball or SWAT over and over far more than any others, when I would rather have a decent mix of all the game types, especially Team Slayer which is one of my favourite game types. If there could be some system that prioritizes giving players a different game playlist than their last game this would help with this repetitive issue.
  • Grifball: I find that having friendly fire on makes this more frustrating than it would otherwise, as I've played Grifball typically with friendly fire off and it feels more relaxed and fun this way. Having to constantly keep an eye on both your enemies and your allies makes it rather overwhelming at times when it doesn't need to be.
  • Key binding: There should be an option for mouse and keyboard users to use the "magnify zoom" function to be assigned the same key instead of having to be different keys. The Controller has zoom and magnify zoom assigned to the right stick which works fine, and while I can understand the pros and cons of both styles, there should be an option to choose for mouse and keyboard users. I would prefer the right mouse zoom and can magnify twice for snipers since using the middle mouse button feels kind of awkward in this regard.
  • Joining friends/inviting friends: Sometimes my friends never receive my invites, despite us both being able to see each other online through steam. Oddly enough, they rarely show in game. Not sure if this is because Steam Friends are separate from Xbox Live friends, but the system is not completely reliable. Thankfully I can usually fix this by restarting the game.
  • One of my favourite slayer style games in my Halo 3 days was Free for all Swords and Team swords. I can't remember if this was official or just custom. Since the rarity of the sword weapon means sword duelling never happens, and in infection the humans can't pick up the zombie's swords, it's a shame that there's no game type like Swords to take advantage of the duelling mechanics of multiple sword users. I really hope this is added to the official slayer types one day, or at the very least added to social or custom options as part of slayer.
  • I doubt it will be released officially, but I really did like the space dogfighting combat in the campaign. If a multiplayer or custom game can be created that features a balanced version of this between multiple longswords and ships, and perhaps covenant ships participating in an invasion style space map, that would add a lot of value to the multiplayer as it is.
Halo Reach MP feels really great! The fps is high and the controls are smooth. The RNG for maps needs to be tweeked i haven't played 1/3 of the maps in the game and sometimes I get stuck in a lobby unable to leave unless I force quit the game.
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