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Aussie servers? We're upside down, country on fire, internet speeds of a snail on crack, and halo reach finds it necessary to jam us into SE Asia....We're fighting a bloody uphill battle as it is. We don't need the added lag.
i've got a gtx 1050ti, ryzen 5 1400 and 16gbs of ddr4. I know its not the best computer but i can barely get 144fps (i have a 144hz monitor) half of the time. I know my comp isnt the greatest but i feel like for a game this old even on performance mode i should be getting way higher. Any ideas? not getting 144fps on a 144hz really annoys me and makes it kinda unplayable for me.
What resolution are you running? Gtx 1050ti is a lower end card. Maybe at 1080p it would be ok but I just don't think so.
Please add a slayer mode with just AR and pistol instead of a DMR at start all the time it's killing the game or at least give us the option to choose what type of slayer game we want to play please and thank you!
Sorry for bad english.

It would be great if the big team battle objetive game list such as CTF, Territories, King of the hill and Bomb, have a the Bubble Shield Ability and Evade.

Also, BTB TU CTF (2 flags, 3 points to win) would be better if its CTF 1 Flag (rotate to attack and defense.)

Half of my team are trying to capture the flag and died and the other half just walk around with no knowing what to do.
Suggestion for competitive playlist:

If a player leaves within a minute of starting, end game and remake lobby. Extreme disadvantage in high level play being down a man.

Also dynamically scaling time based on number of players left would be a great addition. This has always been an issue in halo games. You make 3 people rage quit and that one guy camps out the time limit...
Hi there,

GAMES: Reach (MCC)
ISSUE: The main issue I have had is my stats. Waypoint and Xbox have me 400+ kills positive while in-game shows up as about -70 kills negative. I have been studying my performance and stats as I have played, and unfortunately, this gap continues to increase, even though going positive and having very good performance
REPRO: Really just comparing those stats is the only way to reproduce. Comparing my Waypoint stats to in-game. Attached is in-game v. Waypoint taken from a couple of days ago.

Any help would be much appreciated
Howdy, I have something I want to share about the default loadouts in social playlists.

In every gametype (mainly talking about slayer and objective gametypes, actionsack/swat don't count here) in the Halo Reach social matchmaking, you have a DMR start for every loadout. This was not the case in OG reach.
Here is a list that shows how it used to be, it was nice and balanced, the DMR was in many loadouts, but it was still a lower number than it is now, it also depended on the gametype.

The DMR being a starter weapon in every gametype seriously kills the weapon sandbox that was carefully crafted for each map, and makes it not worth going out into the battlefield and grabbing a different weapon. The DMR has too good of range, you'd be killed faster than you can get a different weapon and it becomes more efficient just using the DMR the whole time. This practically makes all other weapons useless.

Now, if the DMR was a starter in a hardcore playlist, that would be fine. But just not in social playlists and gametypes, it ruins the maps that have power weapons spread about.

Some bullet points to take away from here:

DMR Starts..
  • Break the weapon sandbox by making all other weapons on the map useless
  • Makes scavenging for weapons futile
  • Makes firefights constant, ESPECIALLY during spawn on some maps (looking at you countdown)
  • As a consequence of the weapon sandbox being destroyed it makes all matches play the same each time
Halo Reach is back and hopefully here to last.
Halo Reach is back and hopefully here to last.
When the developers listen the community and implement the suggestions, many players come back. and we have a lot of fun for a long time
We seriously need double zoom to be just right click and the option for other keybinds to have THE SECONDARY tab, it is so basic and crucial. Right now to zoom in I've binded the 2nd zoom to Q which is retarded because for most games that is Ulti. We also need a server list so we can decide what games to join if there's a host. This is PC 2019 and even back then in the early 2000's other games had server browsers. Please add these things.
Couple things. When a team loses two players do to them leaving or being timed out something needs to be done. At that point the game becomes a blood bath if the remaining players do not want to leave do to the penalties you imply for leaving. It also becomes a point farm for the opposing team. I suggest a restart with balanced teams or the game should just end if the player gap becomes two before a certain time.

There is nothing appealing to play on the competitive side, make big team battle competitive. It will make people playing it take it more seriously. It is honestly where all the action is.

More maps, I don't care if we are taking from halo 2 or 3's play lists or if you have to remake them for reach we need more.

I also agree with Kanaminn43's comment above. The players starts should be assault rifle and pistol unless the game mod is set to otherwise. Right now your killing it with the Battle rifle starts. It actually totally screws with the way the big team maps are supposed to be played like Hemorrhage, renders the mounted turret pretty much useless when those guns were meant to control certain areas like in Highlands, Paradiso, and ridgeline. The only reason to use an assault rifle is if your battle rifle runs out and the ground is usually littered with ammo from the dead let alone the pistol. There is no point in the pistol right now, when you start with a battle rifle, you may as well take its spawn and replace it on every map. My suggestion is assault rifle only starts or assault and pistol unless the game mod is different.

This in my opinion will save Reach
Too many people afk in Griffball for XP boost :((
Game: Reach (MCC)
Issue: DMR game modes are 'not fun'
Handing out a power weapon such as the DMR makes many maps in Halo Reach a lot less fun, as wide open spaces simply aren't traversed for fear of getting destroyed in a few seconds. The DMR boils the game down to a point and click adventure instead of the intricate multidimensional shooter that Halo is known for. Having DMR modes can still be fun of course, but please give us the option to turn them off. Right now I mainly play Invasion because the start is a lot more fun (limited DMR) and results in sometimes unpredictable close quarter skirmishes.
If I may make one more suggestion: give spawning players one grenade instead of two. The 'spam before you die' is quite annoying, and I bet there will be a lot less betrayals if there aren't so many nades everywhere.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When playing ranked/competitive is there a way to make the ranks more visual?
Whether that be in the lobby & searching. Also when the game is found, instead of just showing the names of who you are playing against also include their ranks.

Just look at H3. clear cut and to the point.

In its current state, it's very cumbersome. Have to back out of matchmaker and then click on the person to see their rank.

Personally me the Reach rank being displayed is completely pointless. I could care less is someone is a "Major General" Literally doesn't mean anything besides the fact they play the game a lot.
in ranked 1-50 needs to be shown. The only thing relevant that means anything and shows some form of accomplishment.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Put TU Slayer in its own playlist. I paid for Halo Reach not Halo Revenge of the DMR. It's sad that I need to play competitive Invasion to get a break from TU and DMR's
Game(s): MCC

Here's some feed back: Make a separate Matchmaking Queue for Controller Players on Competitive or REMOVE Aim Assist all together.

Thank you.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Please remove or increase the multiplayer xp cap of performance. It is annoying that I can be the top of my team and win and only get 8k xp.
Increasing the 'match complete' score for players who played through the entire game.
  • Issue: Teaming up with certain people tends to lengthen the matchmaking queue time to the point its almost impossible to get into a session as you get booted from the matchmaking before it can finish.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Please, for the love of god, get rid (or at least heavily decrease the likelyhood) of DMR loadouts in the social playlists except for SWAT. I know it's considered the most competitive and "fair" but it just sucks the fun out of the game completely. Zero improvisation, zero playstyle variety, just headshot people until you fall asleep at the controls. When I play social, I want to have fun, I want the ability for goofy nonsense to happen, and that just is borderline impossible when everyone's standing around trying to score 5 headshots in a row from 30 miles away.
  • REPRO STEPS: 1. Enter matchmaking, 2. start match
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