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Just getting really tired of this season pass and progression system.
Not only are players abusing the system and botting/afk'ing in matches like 4v4 Swat, snipers, 16infection. And most importantly my favorite 4v4Grifball.

It just irritates me most knowing that these botters/afkers are grinding XP while they are asleep. doing daily chores. JUST IN GENERAL NOT PLAYING THE GAME. They outrank me when I myself only want to play legitimately so I don't get reported. Come on 343. Hurry up and do something about this because it's against code of conduct, TOS and EULA on Xbox Live. I myself am a Xbox Live Ambassador and know that all these counts of afking/botting is unsporting behavior.
Well this thread is overwhelming, so much so that I think nothing will get done lol. You can't make everyone happy, but should there be a vote for which features get implemented via priority tiers?

Just got into a loby of griffball and everyone else exept myself and one other guy were actually playing.... This needs a fix.
Well, I would like to ask that what can we do when we face AFK/ boosted player, there is no report button or somethings for us to use.
Will there be punishment for those little -Yoink- ?
Can we have an original map playlist please for Halo Reach - I'm sure everyone has preferences but perhaps we can split them into the DLC they once were? There is a good reason some maps were OG and others were added in later...
  • MCC HALO GAME: Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: DMR starts make the multiplayer less interesting and loses the best way that Halo is different than other shooters. I would like an option to have AR starts.
Not sure about this one. In some ways I agree with you - in other ways I think the DMR is the ultimate test. Its the distinctive weapon of this Halo game and therefore you should be an expert with it. I don't mind DMR starts but AR is interesting and generally more of a cluster
  • Fix the spawns! You shouldn't spawn in front of the entire enemy team.
  • Allow crouching while moving - it's impossible on kb/m but can be done on controller.
  • Allow players to choose what maps and game-modes they want to play before searching, rather than the current playlist style matchmaking.
And imo bleed-trough should not be a thing. Sword-blocking should and (i can't believe I'm saying this but) the ability to throw plasma-grenades off with armor-lock should also be a thing.
Separate ques for M&K only users please.
Add a control method toggle for matchmaking. I'm not going to bother buying or playing the future releases if I have to keep dealing with aimbots.
  • MCC HALO GAME: PC / Gamepass
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Team Killing
  • REPRO STEPS: Team Member shoots you when you're hurt.

    This is a plague on Halo Reach PC. I see countess people just shooting their team members and going on their day. Please make it so the game understands when you're out of combat. This way people get counted as team killing.
I was on breakneck king of the hill btb in the revenant on the platform it spawns shooting into the room towards blue spawn then it booted everyone besides me from the game and I got the win.
Feedback to fix multiplayer exp and afk problem

Overhaul the entire way we get experience in this game (almost second prestige if that helps at all)

Start with the cons followed by ways to exploit said cons based off the current system (Match time, Performance, Teamwork)

  1. It is neigh impossible to get any decent teamwork in games like infection and sometimes swat
  2. Match exp no matter how little is still fairly decent and encourages people to afk while they aren't around or just can't be bothered
  3. Makes the mindset about the system itself quite bad and instead of enjoying the game makes people outright despise it
Exploit (not horribly but something anyone can do that shouldn't get anyone banned except point 3)

  1. Play Griffball with a group of 4 get around 13 kills (for 8k performance) then just let the enemy team win don't even bother to waste your time
  2. Firefight - play half the game normally then when you feel confident jump in a vehicle (if its available) and get experience by having a teammate kill everything for "teamwork" exp
  3. Afk the entire game for match exp (which can get so out of hand that banning everyone might not be an option if it grows fast enough see fixes for solutions 1,2.)

  1. Remove match, performance, and teamwork exp and just make a single thing with a max cap around 15k or something
  2. if you wish to keep match you could make it so the longer the match goes the higher the exp cap is so games like big team slayer and invasion are more inviting to players
  3. Campaign exp - You get experience based off the par time and difficulty of each in game campaign mission (5k, 8k, 12k, 20k) I'm unsure on proper values those are just examples for easy to legendary I'll leave the math to someone with a better idea for that
  4. Custom game exp - this might be exploited so maybe enabling it but not making it too effective (30% normal experience gain) at the start to test the waters
Other things

  • Any proper information (I can't find it) on why Aussies are constantly being put in southeast asian servers? or is it just afk people filling up the normal ones
  • Add friend should have a option for steam or xbox, I've run into more then a few games where people don't know how to add me and adding them on steam is just another problem entirely, or just simply make it so like xbox live friends steam friends appear when you are making a lobby as well
  • A simple report button but I already assume this is in the making since you know of the afk problem
I hope everyone is having a lovely day and having fun ^_^ although I doubt with 52 pages anyone will see this. GLHF (and aim for the head)
Playing the game on center monitor, have 3 monitor set up, game is on full screen. Whenever I do multiple inputs in close succession(ex. melee/jump/move or scope/shoot/jump) my mouse drags out of the current game and onto my other screen. Anyone else have this issue? It happens multiple times a game and i've tried window/full screen/border-less.
There absolutely needs to be a reworking for how matchmaking works across the board, backfilling is a must these days and it would really help with wait times. I'd rather quickly get into the end of the game and get bonus xp for backfilling and then be set with a bunch of people for the next game, rather than the current system of getting penalised for leaving social games because sometimes life just happens. Fair enough maybe keep penalties for competitive (in fact maybe make them a little harsher) but having a social game ruined because someones internet packs up or the cat vomits on something is super frustrating. Basically overwatchs matchmaking tbf. Also I'm sure this is in the works but a reporting system totally needs to be implemented.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: I can't 100% confirm if this is a bug or not or on purpose, but just something I noticed, upon reaching Tour 75 when ranking up to Warrant Officer it showed me ranking up to 'Command Sergeant Major' instead yet I had already clearly gone through that rank, I blinked in moved on given nothing else had particularly happened I still had the EXP gain to go through as if I had reached 'Warrant officer' still got my Season Point, etc, however, while a minor bug I still noticed it and it left me confused and worried given that I had thought for a moment that I had somehow skipped a rank or something and the game had glitched my Tier, even though I remember grinding through Gunnery Sergeant and hitting Master Sergeant and then moving to Sergeant Major etc and thinking about on it, when I ranked up to Command Sergeant Major it referred to it as 'Sergeant Major' only.
  • REPRO STEPS: The only way to reproduce this bug would literally be getting to Tour 3 and reaching Tier 74/75 from what I can tell, I don't know if this bug continues in the rest of the Tier ranks.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: < Shows my RanK < Shows me titled Command Sergeant Major, I could sadly not get a screenshot of it you had ranked up to 'Command Sergeant Major'
    EDIT: < After ranking up I can confirm it does the same thing, it shows Warrant Officer instead of Warrant Officer Third Class
A possible fix for the DMR complaints (aside from making AR Pistol starts) could be reducing the dmr to 5 shots before needing to reload and/or reducing the starting ammo for the gun. I'd like to hear peoples thoughts on this.
Also for all the people complaining about aim assist on controller being the problem I assure you that it is not. I have recently tested the aim assist out to see for myself and I suggest anyone who thinks controller players have an advantage to not watch their favorite content creators to form an opinion and not to just get worked and blame controllers but to actually test it for yourself and you will see that controller aim assist isn't any sort of big advantage and that controller players suffer overall and in the long run and if you are intentionally using controller over mkb then you are seriously hindering your gameplay lol dont take my word for it try it out do some tests and you will realize the same thing. Everyone agrees "DMRs were never this much of a problem" and you are correct .. DMRs were never this much of a problem.. it was always annoying and definitely a strong weapon in the right hands but that's just it back in the day 99.99% of players used controllers and their aims sucked and had slow turn speed due to controllers but now that the game is on PC majority uses mkb and everyone even the basic non halo experienced scrub can land most of their shots and can do it pretty consistently which makes it seem like the DMR is worse now then back in the day cuz everyone is way more accurate now with mkb than they were back when using controller.. which should speak even more to the fact aim assist isnt the issue the issue is the DMR is an accuracy weapon and you are putting it in the hands of people who are far more accurate now with mkb than years ago on controller. So in closing I'm doubling down on the requests to make some sort of change to the game by either 1) Reverting back to AR Pistol starts or 2) Change the DMR to 5 shots in each mag and lowering the overall starting ammo count because it is getting crazy out there on the field. I am surviving and will continue to just fine but I fear the population will get sick of it real quickly and be done because you can't stick your face out there for even a second without getting insta shot by a whole team of DMRs whether they are scrubs or vets.
Is there a reason I randomly get booted out of matchmaking in REACH while it loads a match? It gets about halway done, then stops, and after a few seconds just says "Game Over", and I'm back to searching for a match. It's done this quite a few times already. I just got a temp ban (only a few minutes, but still) for leaving games I never even left.
So the insiders have spoken. You asked for feedback we gave it, you say you listen to feedback. 50 pages say DMR/battle rifle starts are hurting the game and there needs to be a change. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Or this whole insider listening to the community thing is garbage and the game will turn into a dumpster fire in days.

  1. Remove match, performance, and teamwork exp and just make a single thing with a max cap around 15k or something
  2. if you wish to keep match you could make it so the longer the match goes the higher the exp cap is so games like big team slayer and invasion are more inviting to players
These are actually really good ideas. Just base xp entirely off of match participation and you can hit that cap in a variety of ways. No contribution = very little experience even if you win, so afkers are getting nothing and everyone else is better rewarded for playing the objective instead of just trying to net as many headshot medals as possible.
I am noticing the spawns on most maps are really bad. Me and my friends tend to spawn right next to the other team and we get killed almost instantly. This is a huge issue especially in game modes like swat and snipers.

There is also seems to be a map rotation issue as well. We tend to play the same 3-4 maps (Penance, Solitary, High Noon) and I have not seen The Cage, Pinnacle, or any other maps besides those 3 in the rotation since launch day. Solitary being the most frustrating with all the levels and the poor spawns makes a poor experience.

I am hoping they update the spawns and enable more map rotations and fix the spawn locations.
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